První setkání (2/3) / Meet for the first time (EN subtitles)

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Let's go!
Dammit! I can't shoot from this position.
-Thanks for saving me. -For nothnig.
We'll encamp here, because travelling in the night is impossible
-OK. But at first we have to clear this place. -Let's do it.
Look! My machine gun.
-Won't we freeze to death at night? -I don't know...but the Russians have some coats.
-Let's go for them! -Let's go for them!
Next day, 6 a.m.
The fact that we've stayed here has one big disadvantage
The patrolling will kill me some day
-Look! Russians. -Oh really!
-Why are they runnig away? -It may seem strange to them, that your machine gun aims right in their mugs
Get up! There have been two Russians and they've fallen back. I think something going to happen
-Where are they? -There's something wrong. Wait here.
Dammit! I thought it. Bruno!
-What's up? -Look, they try to flank us. Swines.
-I hear some gunfire. Look what's happenig!
-Oh shit! Russians. And there are too many of them. We can't make it up!
-We have to fall back! We will pick them up on the way.
Hey, hey, a lot of Russians are coming from north. We have to fall back! Let's go!
German soldiers
Russian soldiers
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