How I Unleashed World War II (war prisoners' camp) EN translation

Uploaded by yessoos on 24.10.2011

Rifleman First Class Franciszek Dolas, 17th Infantry Regiment.
I'm, not French, I'm a Pole.
There. This comes from my uniform.
I've come here to fight against Germans by your side.
But you're completely unprepared for the battle.
And Europe is waiting.
What's this for?
So, you lack uniforms as well!?
Obediently reporting that I'm ready, Captain.
I'm in officially, go and notify.
What do you want, I come officially.
Obediently reporting that I'm ready.
I'm a soldier.
I can't stay idle while an enemy's in my country.
Awaiting orders.
Yes Sir!
Not here?
I get it, these are wires. Yes sir.
To hell with those wires.
You can't encircle the whole desert anyway, sir.
Mine fields would be better.
Back at the camp, friends used to say
that when a tank would get onto a mine...
Don't you make me frighten you.
Bloody five o'clocks.