Air Bag Installation in the Dodge Pilehouse Pickup Truck on an S10 Frame at Eastwood

Uploaded by EastwoodCo on 09.04.2012

Hey everybody it's Matt from Eastwood again with my project pilehouse just to give
you another small update the last video mentioned that we were going to be doing a cheap
uh... budgets type airbag setup on on the truck
uh... just got done doing the rear suspension
on this so we got it moving up and down just with the air compressor were i
had some uh... management later on
but right now we just did a cheap
uh... bag on board set up
plus some universal parts off of ebay
just to get everything fitted up because this isn't something that's just
a bolt on affair we're doing a
body on a newer chassi like this
so welded up some brackets
got a bar stock welded that into the chassi and we have everything so it'll
move up and down and i get into the ride height
so I can drive around
and maybe even tow something and also get it dropped down to sitting how i want
next series we're gonna show you how to rebuild and refresh the front
suspension on the S10 chassi and so we're also going to add some bags to the front
and again, some universal brackets
and uh... make the front go down just like the rear