Info By Phone 612-373-3333

Uploaded by mymetrotransit on 08.06.2010

You can get everything you need to ride
right over the phone.
Call 612-373-3333 to speak to a transit expert
for help planning your trip.
Representatives can help you plan your trip,
check on lost items, reserve a bike locker
and provide information about employer
and rideshare services.
With our automated phone system,
you can add value to your Go-To Card
and access NexTrip.
Nextrip tells you when your bus is arriving at your stop in real time.
NexTrip real-time information also is available on the web,
handheld devices such as a BlackBerry or iPhone,
and on signs at key locations.
Service for the deaf and hearing-impaired
is available over the phone.
Metro Transit offers travel training and support
to those with special needs.
You can find out more by speaking with a
Customer Service Representative.
Call 612-373-3333 for details.
Metro Transit employees are here to help.