Rock & Roll, Inc. Episode 5: The Manager (Season Finale)

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>>JIMMI: So we're gigging at this little shot-and-a-beer joint called The Glass Donkey when I met Springsteen.

One night, he says to me. "Jimmi, you're too good for this place, man. What you need is a new manager."

And I said, "Boss, what I need is a new song!"
So, he says, "New song? No sweatski."
He picks up an acoustic and, right then and there, sitting at the table, he plays a song and says, "It's all yours."
I said, "What do you call it?" and he says, "Born in the U.S.A."
And I said, "Boss, you are the man, I'm your biggest fan, and that song..."
Sometimes the thinker ain't working so good.

>>JIMMI: Hey! Sleepin' Beauty's here. It's 11:30, man, you okay?
>>LEO: Dad, I met a guy.
>>JIMMI: I didn't get that. I thought you said, "guy".
>>LEO: Dad, he's awesome, he's a manager.
>>JIMMI: Well, I guess if you love him, that's okay with me.
>>LEO : Dad, no, not for me - for you.
>>JIMMI: I'm a happily married man, son. To a woman. And her name is "Your Mother."
>>LEO : Dad! He's a talent manager, for you - for Iron Oar.
>>JIMMI: Oh man, not that again! I already told you! Things here are totally manageable.
[Doorbell rings]
>>LEO: I'll get it!
>>JIMMI: I told you. I can totally manage without a manager, for cryin' out loud!

>>LEO: Hey, Dad, this is...
>>BARRY: Jimmi Klim! I'm Barry Neisbaum; I'm your new manager, Jimmi Klim!
Give me a hug!
>>JIMMI: If you touch me, I'll punch you in the nose.
>>LEO: I was at The Golden Palomino. And I was wearing this vintage "Iron Oar" shirt
And this super important professional guy comes up to me and he's like,
"Hey, are you a fan of Iron Oar?"
And I was like, "No this is the only clean t-shirt I have."
>>BARRY : And I offer him a hundred bucks for the shirt.
I figure I could get 150 for it on eBay, right?
So, I come to find out, this kid he's the son of the main guy from Iron Oar!
I mean, this kid is the son of Jimmi Klim, and that is who you are.
>>JIMMI: Yeah, I know.
>>BARRY: So, I have taken a certain liberty of making a few phone calls... advance, on your behalf, and I gotta tell you that you are clearly on the cusp of a major comeback.

And I want to be the driver of that cusp.
>>JIMMI: I'm not really sure I need a cusp-driver.

>>GRACE: I am the love that shields Jimmi from harm.
For example, there is a very tenacious bug going around, so this morning I made Jimmi a seaweed milkshake.

>>JIMMI: Ucch. God, that's like sucking on a tree.
>>GRACE: I take care of him. I'm the caretaker.
>>ERIN: I am the official caretaker. I pretty much take care of everything.
>>BARRY: And I take care of everything, okay? It's gonna be a blast, man!
You go on Jay Leno, you go on "Glee;" you record a new album...
you do a tour, you do a live DVD, then the Hollywood Walk of Fame...
then the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame!
>>JIMMI: You can really do all that?
>>BARRY: All by myself. I can do all that.
>>ERIN: Jimmi, can you sign this?
>>BARRY: And the beauty of all by myself is that you don't need anybody else.
>>JIMMI: I don't know, Mr. Noosboom; I got people working for me, they're like my family.
Two-thirds of them are my family.
>>BARRY: Family is nice, okay? Family is nice for a family picnic.
But you try to mix family with business, you are trying to mix oil and water.
>>LEO: So. How're you two getting along here?
>>BARRY: We are getting along ike two oars on the same boat made of iron, my young friend. How are you?
>>LEO: Great.
>>BARRY: Y'know, Leo, a kid like you...
You shouldn't spend your whole life cooped up in some rinky-dink little Mom-and-Pop operation, you know?
You wanna get out and see the world. You wanna, you wanna be free.
>>GRACE: Here you go, boys.
>>BARRY: Thank you very much.
>>GRACE: Something for everyone.
>>BARRY: So, I'm assuming we have an agreement?
All you gotta do is put the entire operation exclusively in my hands and you got the biggest comeback since Izzy.

>>LEO: You mean Ozzy?
>>BARRY: I mean Ozzy!
>>ERIN: Here they are, just in time, just as I promised...the new "Iron Oar" t-shirts!
>>JIMMI: Oh, yeah,whip 'em out, man!

>>ERIN: What? Oh.
>>GRACE: Well, it really is a lovely design.
>>LEO: Yeah. Maybe we can just change the name of the band to "Mayan Oar."
You know, capture the whole the Conquistador market.
>>BARRY: Yeah, the "Conquistador market"!
Or we could accept the fact that it isn't the name of the band that needs to be changed.
It's the person who runs the band. All by himself.
[cell phone rings]
>>BARRY: Oh, I gotta get this.

>>ERIN: So, it looks like you don't need little old us dragging you down any more, is that what I'm hearing?
You're gonna sell out - to the man.
>>JIMMI: Rinny, this guy can take me straight back into the bigs.
He just needs some space. Without a lot of people distracting him.

You guys don't need this aggravation, right? And for me...
Man, this is opportunity knocking.
[knock on the door]
>>JIMMI: And I'm wondering if I should answer it.
[more knocking on the door]
>>BARRY: JIMMI? I got "American Idol" on the phone, babe. You gotta let me in.

>>JIMMI: You guys, I've made a decision.