Brochure Design -

Uploaded by pgprint on 24.08.2010

PGprint video Tutorials This lesson is on designing Brochures with
Adobe InDesign
First we will go to the website and download the templates
Select tri-fold brochure make sure to download BOTH the inside template
and the outside template as the panels from left to right are different sizes.
This difference in sizes is due to the fold-in panel being shorter than the front and back
panels when folded to final size.
now create a new document in InDesign go to the File menu > New > Document
Facing Pages off, set the page size to letter, make sure the orientation is horizontal. colums
set to "1" Set your margins to a minimum of 1/8, I like
more than that so I will set mine to a quarter inch (.25")
Now click the "more options" button if necessary and set the bleed to 1/8" (.125) and click
Now place both the templates in your document so you can set up guides, First place the
inside template. make sure you line up the template with the bleed marks in your document.
If you are not using a program that allows for bleed you will need to set up your document
to the full "template size" so the bleed will still show in the document when we receive
it online. Now place the outside,
you can see on the template the dimension for the fold in panel is shorter. on the inside
the fold-in panel is on the right, on the outside template it is on the left.
after placing the templates turn on high resolution preview so you can see more detail and go
in and set the folding guides, I will also set a margin on the inner folds so my type
doesn't get to close to the folds inside the tri-fold. Easiest way to do this is to draw
the fold guides first and then set your zero point to each guide and set your margins at
.25 on either side of the zero point.
Do the same thing for each fold on the inside panel… Now go to the back panel and do the
same thing, setting up your fold lines and your margins at each fold line. Without these
clearly defines margins your design looks sloppy and unfinished, no designer wants that!
Remember Margins are your friends!
you will also note that our templates show a small clearly labeled illustration showing
how each side folds.
Next i like to label my front and back panels so I don't forget which page in my document
is the inside and which is the outside page. You can see in the illustration that panel
A will be our cover when folded and panel B will be out back side. label those in the
pasteboard in the non-printing area outside the bleed
Always double check your size, to do this just pull back the corner of the template
and make sure your document bleed matches up with the template bleed. Now you are ready
for your layout.
In conclusion… you now have a nice tri-fold template with guides set up. Don't forget
to do a save as and select inDesign Template so you only have to do this once! Keep designing!