Refrigerator Repair- Replacing the Evaporator Fan Motor Kit (Frigidaire Part # 5303918549)

Uploaded by partselect on 14.02.2012

Steve: Hi, it’s Steve from PartSelect. Today, we’re going to show you how to change the
evaporator fan motor on your refrigerator. It’s a really easy job. All we’re going
to need is a quarter inch nut driver, and may be a pair of wire strippers and crimpers.
Let me show how we do it.
Now before we begin this repair the first thing we will need to do is disconnect the
power to the appliance, simply pull the plug from the receptacle. Next we’ll open up
the freezer door and remove any shelving that’s in the way, so that we have an empty freezer
cavity to work in.
Next we’re going to remove two quarter inch hex head screws that secure the evaporator
cover to the back wall. Now grasp the top of that back cover and tilt it forward, fair
enough that we can reach easily in over the top and disconnect the harness connector in
the top left corner, just depress the two locking tabs and disconnect that harness.
Now we can lift that evaporator cover out of the freezer and put it on to suitable work
Now with the evaporator fan cover on suitable work surface, the next thing we need to do
is disconnect the harness from the existing motor to prepare the motor to come out of
that housing. Now following the instructions that came with that kit you will quickly determine
whether or not you need to remove the complete harness or whether to modify the existing
harness on your refrigerator. Now this particular model will allow us to completely remove that
harness and replace it with the new one.
Now the first thing we need to do is to remove the cover from ice maker connector from the
backside we depress two plastic tabs, and we can pop that cover off through the front.
Now we need to pull the wire harness connector through from the back, so we need to depress
two locking tabs, do one at the time and located it on the side of that connector, press one
until we can get pull back behind the panel and do the other one, and we can pull that
harness ready.
Now we disconnect from the motor the two wire harness and ground wire that is attach to
the motor frame with a quarter inch hex head screw. So we remove that screw, and we can
discard the old harness. Next we need to remove the fan cover this held in place a six locking
tabs, located three in the each side, we simply need to depress those and push them through
the front. And there were two hinged tabs at the top, once you’ve release the locking
ones, we tilt that cover up and it should slide out of metal back panel.
Firm strip around the back that may have stuck to that, so we free that up, make sure you
don’t break the plastic tabs, we can set that aside. Next we can pull the fan blade
off from the front. There is also a small spacer washer that is on that and we’ll
reuse that. Now the bracket that holds in front of that motor on it held in place with
two quarter inch screws, we have to remove those through the front opening. That allows
us to take the motor and the front mounting bracket free we’ll just drop those out of
the opening.
We’re going to reuse the front mounting plate. So we’ll slide that off of the old
motor and make sure comes with the little rubber grommet. That will slide over the new
one and in the position. There is also a grommet at the rear that need to stay in that rear
bracket and slide that up in to place, make sure the motor seated firmly in to that rear
grommet. Now reinstall those quarter inch screws and make sure both screws are tightened
securely that motor rocks freely in that metal frame.
Next we’ll install the little spacer washer and then we’ll install the fan, it need
to be push down to that shaft until it bottoms out, that will provide the correct spacing.
Now at this point we can reinstall the cover. Again we’ll hock these two tabs at the top,
make sure that fully inserted in to metal plate, and we can tilt that cover down in
to place, lay it on it face, and snap all six of those locking tabs securely.
Next we’re going to reinstall the ground screw. There is a existing ground wire on
the new motor, so we’ll use the eyelid terminal and installed in the same position that previous
one was, tighten that securely. Next we’re going to install the ice maker harness and
simply going to pop in to that rectangular opening, make sure both locking tabs fill
through, and we’ll put cover on next, and make sure it snaps firmly in to place, and
now we’re ready to reinstall the whole assembly in to the freezer.
Now when reinstalling the evaporator cover we need to make sure that we tuck the air
inlet opening to the fresh food compartment properly in position, so we’ll make sure
that fix down in to the opening, just get it started in there. Next we’re going to
reconnect the wire harness connector, make sure locks in the place. We can tilt the cover
back up in to position, and then reinstall the two quarter inch screws. Now we’re ready
to reinstall the shelving, and reconnect the power and our repair is complete.
I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for watching and good luck with your repair.