Reid Discusses Priorities for 112th Congress

Uploaded by SenatorReid on 05.01.2011

Do you solemnly swear to
support the constitution of the United States against all enemies That you will bare true faith
Do you take this obligation without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion and you will do well
as regarding the duties of office upon which you are about to enter
So help you god. Congratulations.
happy new year to all my colleagues
those returning to the senate
And those taking office today for the first time
Iím honored, humbled and will forever be grateful that the people of Nevada have trusted me
with another term
as united states Senator
i'll continue working hard to create jobs for the people of my state
And our country
And get our country back on track
also grateful for the continued support and confidence of my caucus which has
given me the honor of serving as its leader neither title
or majority leader
is responsibility I take lightly or for granted.
they say you can never step in the same river twice
new water flows in replacing the old and continuing renewing the river the senate
is the same
this body never stops changing
every two years occasionally and more frequently
new senators take their seats in this chamber
they join the senate family
And this every evolving team of one hundred
tasked with moving the country forward
but our fundamental responsibilities and traditions anchor us in that river
our respect and reverence for the people we serve in this institution
never waivers or changes according
to academics
and congress watchers a 111th congress
the last congress was the most productive in American history
Of many challenges and opportunities still lie ahead
for this new congress it starts today
we have to do even more to help middle-class families
To create jobs to pace our energy and independence to improve our children's education
And to fix our broken immigration system