Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle | Corporate Film V3

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The strength that greed in success in the midst of infinite competition
Technological expertise that leads the future
Relentless passion for excellence and management
That is mindful of people and the environment
Global "Full range of Commercial Vehicle" company
Tata Daewoo embarks in a grand challenge to become the light that will illuminate the world
The Great Challenge | TATA DAEWOO Commercial Vehicle
PH.D. Jong Shik, Kim - President & CEO : Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle is a corporation with core values set on integrity, customer focus, environmental responsibility,
passion for excellence, innovation,
and corporate social responsibility
Based on these core values,
We work together with shareholders, customers, suppliers and channel partners, employees,
and the community to become one of the most admired companies in Korea
through relentless Drive and Innovation
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle was formed in 2004
with 100% investment from India's Tata Motors
By catering the customer's needs, we 're pioneered the global market
with unit products, and they've achieved continuous results
And with our humiliated technological expertise
We launched our premium truck "PRIMA" in 2009
And we've awarded the Good Design award in a truck category for the first time in Korea
In 2010
We also launched "The 2011 Prima EURO V"
Writing a new chapter in the history of medium heavy trucks
We have brought about innovation and amazing results for independent management structure,
and methodical of globalization strategy
These values and business ethics stand from Tata Group
With its 140-year history
Established in 1868 by Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata
Known as the father of Indian industry
The Tata Group is comprised of approximately 100 companies in 7 business sectors
Including Communications & IT
Raw materials
Consumer goods
and Chemicals
In keeping with the company's commitment to social responsibility
Tata Sons
Tata Group's holding company
Donated two-thirds of its shares to establish a charity foundation
And by establishing national institutions and science
Medical research
And the Arts
Tata Group has formed the groundwork for India's key industries
Another modernization
growing into India's most admired company
Established in 1945
Tata Motors is now India's largest automobile company
It was the first Indian automobile company to be listed on the New York stock exchange in 2004
Has been among the world's 4 largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles
Truck / Bus
And India's largest automobile maker
After the launched of its first automobile in 1954
Tata Motors has expanded its product lineup
with "Tata Indica"
Its first passenger vehicle developed with 100% "in-house" technology
And mini-truck "Ace"
"Tata Venture"
And most recently has developed the world's most innovative car
"Tata Nano"
To cater to the low-income population of India
"I just want to say: that is because a promise is a promise" (Ratan Naval Tata - Chairman, Tata Group)
In addition, Tata Motors partnered with Jaguar and Land Rover, England
Italy's Fiat
Spain's Hispano
Tata Motors Thailand
Brazil's Marco Polo
And Tata Daewoo Korea
To lead the global automobile industry
with relentless innovation
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle is continuously striving to become a global commercial vehicle company
The relentless innovation
The R&D Center, the core base with the development of commercial vehicles
Cooperates with global Tata R&D Centers in the UK, Spain, and India
To create products and cater to customer needs
In our domestic production plant
We have established and automated system
Rating "Top-Quality" in tough value as a global brand
From the Body Shop
Paint shop
Frame shop
Assembly Shop
to the Final Shop
In which vehicles are put through rigorous testing
To achieve exceptional performance unique to Tata Daewoo
We are equipped with the best facilities to produce flawless products
Kim Kwan-kyu - Director of Technical Center: For the past 5 years, we have invested over 100 billion won
and made great efforts to create a premium brand by developing commercial vehicles
that respond to the desires of our customers in terms
of fuel efficiency, convenience, and style
Our super vehicle "Prima"
Korea's first ever European style vehicle
Those amazing power & fuel efficiency
Heavy stylized according to personal preferences
And makes driving enjoyable
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle has a lineup of various vehicles that you can choose, according to your needs
From the Prima Cargo Truck
Your partner in success
Prima Tractor Truck
The new name in cargo transport
Prima Dump Truck
With a bold style and remarkable performance
Various special purpose trucks
To the highly durable Prima Medium Duty Truck
The Prima, equipped with accumulated technical expertise
power & fuel efficiency
We move forward towards the future
To become "The World's BEST"
We made it possible to maintain Top Driving Performance
The various engines including: the 560-horsepower eco-friendly engine
And the CNG engine
Which can be configured according to driving conditions of each country
We've also increase the amount of choices in manual and automatic transmissions
To provide better customer satisfaction
Along with Tata Motors
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle is striving to become the Global Market Leader
of the commercial vehicle market by 2021
We're currently developing a full-lineup of vehicles in our medium heavy-duty truck production line
To include: compact midsize trucks and buses
In 2010, we launched the Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Sales and Distribution Company Limited
And have secured the 30 distributors, 70 service centers
And a network with sales of parts comprised with 110 dealerships around Korea
Our advanced "3S System" provides a One-Stop-Service for Sales
And repairs
And we're doing our best provide excellent customer satisfaction
With our 24-hour Customer Service and Emergency Services
We have expanded our customer service with partnerships with SK Energy's Netruck House and Shinhan cards
We have overseas manufacturing facilities in India and Pakistan
in an effort to actively pioneer overseas market
And we're expanding our market by exporting our products to over 60 countries
Including the UAE, South Africa, Algeria, Vietnam, Russia, Iraq, and India
Raising our status as a global brand, a top manufacturer of commercial vehicles in a global arena
Based on Tata Group's highly respected "Ethical Management in Code of Conduct"
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle who also considers a culture of voluntary community service
And sharing with marginalized members of the community as a significant part of its corporate philosophy
Tata Group's employees actively participate in volunteer activities
Improving exchange with the regional community
And creating a brighter and healthier society
We breakdown seemingly impossible barriers
To create the best commercial vehicles that the world dreams of
Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle's great venture to become the most admired company in Korea CONTINUES ON!