Apprenticeships Sector in the Spotlight - Creative Industries

Uploaded by ApprenticeshipsNAS on 15.01.2013

I've always had an interest in the media.
I've always liked making my own short films
and it's always been a hobby of mine.
So I knew that I wanted to be in the creative sector,
so I just did a bit of research online.
I found out about apprenticeships
through the National Apprenticeship Service.
So I just looked for the criteria that I wanted to apply for.
In my application I really wanted to prove
that you have passion for the media
and really prove that you wanted to get into it, which I did.
So many things that I like to do.
It could be Performing Arts,
it could be Video Production, it could be Writing.
When I walked in on my first day to the company,
I was feeling rather nervous.
I didn't really know what to expect.
I was so shy, I'd be like bright red.
I think that obviously working with people every day
and loads of different people, then it builds your confidence
It took me a couple of months to find my feet
and sort of learn the process of how things work.
When that happened, my learning started to move a lot faster.
I was doing so many different things.
Sometimes I was working with the art department;
sometimes I was writing and stuff.
You learn on the job. You're always in that workspace.
I've just gone from the basics right up to where I am now
from the camera and the lights.
You're not getting yourself in debt by going to university.
You can test the waters of loads of different things.
It's building me as a person as well building on my work skills.
I love the technology side of it. I love the people side of it.
I enjoy seeing a project literally to come from nothing
and expand to this massive project
with all different people working on it.
You get such a view of the industry
and you just get to know about everything.
After a few months of working there,
I realised that the social aspect of work was just huge.
Apprenticeships are very good at introducing you
to such a huge range of people and building your network.
I think because of the apprenticeship,
I have found my role and my passion.
It makes me feel as if
I am on the right path and going somewhere
and I can see my goal at the end of it.
I just can't imagine my life without the apprenticeship
because it gave me everything that I've really always wanted.