Remote acces blackberry

Uploaded by zeusok on 12.12.2010

Well we are looking at how to control the Blackberry 9000 from the computer, as you
see here in the monitor and here is in the actual phone, now we are going to move the
applications, you can’t see it as clear since the resolution on the screen is not
good but we can see it in the monitor.
Now we are going to place a call…
For example to *333 (information)
Well we do this with software in which we can obtain access to all the applications
from the blackberry and if you can notice you can’t detect absolutely anything, that’s
all, we can also see from, images, and put music on….
Well, the was a little something of what we can do with the Blackberry 9000, lets say
it’s a good option to get a remote assistance, or make other experiments, thank you and good