World of Tanks. 'ASAP' Show. Episode 7

Uploaded by WorldOfTanksCom on 22.12.2012

I’m Chris Keeling and I’m a senior producer here, in I’m mostly in charge of westernization of our products.
I have worked in several other games before this, including “Panzer elite”, “American’s Army” and our own “Oder of War”.
I’ve also taught game design at Full Sail university. I love military games and I have twenty three years of active and reserve service in the US army.
You’ve mentioned westernization. What improvements have already been made, especially for the western audience?
Just this past summer we changed the matchmaking system, we narrowed the tier spread. Mostly it’s based on feedback from players on the West.
And that has had some great impact on an entire player base, worldwide.
So that kind of lets us know how good it is to respond the player feedback.
We’re also considering some other things that will appeal to the western market like creating a dedicated Mac version of our games.
And what about tutorials, will they come back?
So we tried a tutorial system earlier this year. It didn’t go over so well. So we’re rebuilding it based on a player feedback.
We want to really improve the experience for new players, especially in the western market.
So this new tutorial system is going to be fun and it’s going to include a lot of goodies like special bonuses for new players.
Is there a set day, when “clan wars” is no longer going to be in beta?
Well, we’re hoping for sometime next year. Right now we are not sure, because we have to unify all the sever clusters in clan wars.
And once it’s complete then we will release clan wars from beta.
Will there be any additions to clan wars in upcoming months?
We’re considering several interesting changes, including seasonal campaigns and historical mini-campaigns. We’ll be adding these over the course of the next year.
These are designed not only to improve the experience of clan wars players, but also bring the new casual players into clan wars, because some of these battles will
actually be restricted to more low tier tanks.
Can you tell us about Wargaming’s plans for multiplatform support?
Well, we are definitely interested in bringing our game and our brands to multiple platforms. I can definitely say that sometime in the next year you will see our games on different platforms.
Right now, I can’t say which ones it’s going to be.
Any chance we will see matchmaking taking to account player skill, when setting up a game?
No way! This is a core aspect of the game. The game is based on skill and teamwork. If we balanced out player skill, it’s going to take a lot of fun out from game.
Are you guys going to introduce an automatic loader for Soviet tanks? If yes is the autoloader going to function differently from French tank.
Well, autoloaders weren't actually introduced into Soviet tanks until the T-64, which actually counts after our timeline for World of Tanks. So we don’t really plan on introducing that.
Also soviet autoloaders were actually slower than good human loaders, so really there is no reason to bring it in.
Are you going to introduce the wider variety of equipment like reactive armor etc.?
Well, reactive armor was actually introduced as a response to guided missiles, their heat warheads and keeping them from penetrating the tank’s armor.
This is also outside the scope of current range of World of Tanks.
If we are to add up to tier 15, then, yeah, we will include guided anti-tank missiles and, no, we’re not going to add five more tiers.
What’s WG’s official stance on gold rounds? Are they happy with the way they are currently implementing in 8.1?
What about the repercussions from heavy armor lines being much less effective?
So far we’re very happy. However, we haven’t had a lot of time to analyze the data across all gameplay. As far as heavy tanks go… Well, they’re going to have to worry a little bit.
Before anyone could still it had premium ammunition. Now it’s just a little more common.
My recommendation to heavy tank’s players is to team with another heavy tank and avoid medium tank wolfpacks.
Will we get a free garage slot with the Chinese tank like we did with the Brits?
Well, we’ve given garage slot with every tier one tank so far, so I don’t see, why we wouldn’t, it’s just another bonus for playing.
So you’re a player yourself. What is your favorite tank?
Well, I prefer the German tank destroyers and my favorite tank is actually the JagdPanther.
It’s not necessarily the best tank to play, but to me it’s a lot of fun. I tend to prefer to play historical tanks and try to avoid playing prototype tanks.
What tank do you hate to play against?
I hate to play against anything with autoloader.
I just can never tell whether they’re actually stopping to reload their ammo cassette or if they’re just waiting for me to come out so they can light me up.
One-sentence advice for our audience?
Well, no matter what tank you’re playing or what map you’re on, communicate with your team, make a hasty plan and stick with it and you’ll win. �