Among the Best - UConn Soccer

Uploaded by uconn on 17.10.2012

your university of connecticut huskies
let's go uconn, let's go
i think our team plays soccer differently than anybody else in the country and that's
why we have the reputation that we have right now
the most important for me is keep that
try to be number one every day
carlos alvarez
makes his approach drives it score
since i've known this team has always been an international team
my name is andre blake
and i'm from jamaica
soy adria beso y vengo a espana….
i think we brought a lot of diversity to the university
we've travelled all over the world to get the best student athletes, the best players
we're the goal patrol we're the student section for the men's soccer team
u-c-o-n-n, go huskies go
we pretty much so anything that we can get away you know just try and get in the goalie's head
distract him a little
let's go huskies
i would say the goal patrol they part
of our success
it's a great group of young men and young ladies that really make our guys feel special
it's mamadou one on one in the box makes his move, shoots, and scores
every game it's like
our last in this life
right now i'm just looking forward for my teammates you know and for myself
like just winning a national champion and trying to bring it back to storrs, connecticut