Wish to See You Again taiwanese drama Episode 10 這裡發現愛

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Wish to See You Again Chapter 10
We have a new reporter from the U.S. He's here for some special assignments.
- Has he reported in? - I haven't seen anyone.
Let me introduce to you all,
hailing from the U.S., our on-assignment reporter,
Lu Yi,
I'll have him work with you first.
He can help with some of your special topic interviews.
No problem.
Can I do some of my own special topics?
Of course, just as long as you write well.
Pretty Lady Lu Yi, hope I'm not a bother.
You can just call me Lu Yi.
Are you willing to comfort the unemployed?
To be good hearted enough to invite him to an afternoon tea?
So, because of Ah Hao,
you left Sherwood Hotel?
It's not because of Ah Hao,
that was just the catalyst,
which helped me realize that I wanted freedom.
It's because of Ah Hao.
If he would have stayed,
would you have left?
Xiao Ma,
is this worth it?
With friends, there's no "worth it" or "not worth it."
Honestly, what I care most about
isn't whether or not I leave Sherwood.
But rather, how hard it was for Xu Le and I to find back our friend, Ah Hao, again.
I'm afraid that the situation this time will make him not want anything to do with us again.
You're that close, huh?
How could that be?
You're going to stay with me, right?
If I don't find a job, you have to take care of me.
Nonsense, there's no way you won't.
[Ru Song Chinese Medical Clinic]
Take this three times a day with food.
Okay, thank you.
Next patient.
First go...
I've been waiting for my medicine a long time now...
That's right! Your medicine!
Wait for me a moment.
Medicine...Coming right up...
Don't forget
not to drink really cold liquids.
I need to check-in!
Oh! Check-in?
Please wait a moment!
Come over here!
I've already wasted so many "next" "next" times,
for goodness sake, and now I have to wrap this medicine,
then I have to check someone in, then adjust the next guy's bones,
if you don't find someone, I'm going to go on strike!
If you wouldn't mind, could I have your health card?
Take this three times a day with food.
Okay...come again.
Xiao Xian, what are you doing here so early?
Are you feeling unwell?
If so, I can take a look at you.
That's right!
Nothing's wrong.
If nothing's wrong, why aren't you at work?
Right, what's going on?
In any event, sis needs to find a new job,
and you guys are so busy.
So I quit
to come help for a while.
What's so strange about that?
It's not that, do you have a better job lined up?
Vice Boss was leaving,
so I left with him.
Why did your boss have to leave?
Even if I explained, you wouldn't understand.
You haven't found a new job,
why'd you quit?
It's not like that!
When Vice Boss finds a new job,
he'll definitely take me along.
If not...
I'll just be a servant.
Hey, do you know what a servant is?
Your father and I raised you, put you through school,
now you say you want to be a servant?
Servants have to a lot to do-
they mop the floor, then...
Isn't a servant a "slave"?
The customers are waiting.
Then...this evening...
Invite Xu Le over for dinner.
Yes! Invite him over.
Why have him over?
We've been wanting to ask you,
but you were busy at work;
now that you've quit and have time,
we want to investigate a little more...
Investigate what?
What do you mean "investigate what?"
Aren't the two of you dating?
How'd you know?
What to you mean how did we know?
Do you want me to read it to you?
Go, bring it out...
Let me read it to you.
Right over here.
"Stupid slave, Pan Neng Xian"
Give it back to me!
What give it back?
Call him and tell him to come over.
Why are you his slave?
Is he some kind of pervert?
Let's not talk about that yet.
Call him!
What do you want me to say?
Just call! Say whatever!
Just call! Tell him to come over...
Hurry up!
Hello, Neng Xian?
Hello, Xu Le?
My mom wants you to come over for dinner.
She wants me over?
Do I have to?
Yes... I want to invite you over for dinner.
Do I have to?
I wanted to say...
I wanted to ask you about you and Neng Xian.
What about Neng Xian and I?
Oh, nothing...just that...
She just quit her job, you should worry a little about it.
I respect her decision.
Respect is good...
There's still...a favor we want to ask of you.
Are you coming or not?
It's not that...
Every time I go to your house,
your dad makes me drink,
but I'm not a drinker.
No worries, we won't ask you!
Just come over! You don't have to drink!
Come! Have a little wine! Just a sip!
If you don't drink, you're not a man.
Not a man!
It's just one shot, right?
Just one shot a day
does wonders for your circulatory system.
Great for your body!
It's just one shot!
Only have as much as you can.
Bo Fu never has anyone drink with him.
Just drink with him.
Just one little sip. One little sip...
This, Xu Le...
So, today, the reason we invited you over
actually is to ask you to help...
...help Zhen Zhen find a job.
Uh, yes.
You know, that publishing house?
There's lots of people to choose from, right?
Zhen Zhen likes reading novels so much,
she'll fit right in.
Fit right in.
Then you can help me proofread my drafts.
Can I really?
If I mention it to the publishers,
it should be okay.
Thank you!
Little Xu,
What are your views on premarital sex?
Aren't you being a little too direct?
Is there any way NOT to be direct when asking this?
Aiyo!* Let me ask!
*(Aiyo - an expression of exasperation)
Then you ask!
You should have been the one to ask in the first place!
Bo Fu is drunk.
Who's drunk?
Don't mind him, don't mind him!
Actually, today we invited you over,
because we had a little something for you.
What "little something"?
It's nothing.
It's just...
a small gift.
Small gift.
Then, open it now...
Mom rarely gives gifts!
You definitely have to open it!
What I mean is...
Open it when you get home.
It's my gift to you, open it when you get home, eat dinner now.
Yes, let's eat first.
Come, have a drink...
Little Sister, eat.
Come... Eat, eat.
Have as little or much as you can.
Bye Bye.
Bye Bye.
Just like last time.
Passed out from just one cup.
You should be used to it.
He'll be fine when he wakes up.
Mom! It's a pair of underwear!
You're giving him underwear!?
Hand it over, sheesh, underwear!
You're giving him underwear?
Isn't this from my luggage?
What are you trying to pull, Mom?
I was testing him.
I wanted to see what would happen.
When his underwear was returned to him, see if he would take some responsibility.
Take what responsibility?
What do you mean what responsibility?
Didn't you go out with him,
and then, you know, "that"...
"That" what?
What other "that" do you think I'm talking about? The "that" men and women do!
What other "that" is there? Of course it's that "that"!
What kind of nonsense are you blathering about?
I have that because he left it at the hotel,
and I was just keeping it for him!
It was your dad's idea.
What I mean is...
This...no...just afraid that, what if..
WHAT "what if"?!
Just that two people alone...
could be...
what if...
Scoot over.
Look at yourself!
Jumping to conclusions.
Why'd you make ME ask?
Because you're the one jumping to conclusions.
Nothing ever happened!
Hey, pretty lady,
can I help you?
Could you please give me Ah Hao's address?
Ah Hao?
Yes, Ah Hao.
Ding Yu Hao.
Cabbie No. 626.
Why are you looking for him?
Don't tell me you're...
another one of his high school classmates?
Yes, I'm his high school classmate.
Jia Yi Fu Ren High School?
How did you know?
What kind of high school do you all go to?
Everyone shows up here looking for him!
I should just post his number and address
save myself the trouble.
Do you want me to call a cab to take you there?
Passed out again.
You're awake?
Yeah, Bo Mu*.
*(Bo Mu - polite way of addressing older women not in your family)
I'm going to get going.
Wait a sec!
You forgot your stuff.
Who's underwear is this?
Yours, of course.
It's definitely not mine.
Why do you have my underwear?
You're so funny!
You don't think that while you were sleeping I pulled down your pants
and took off your underwear, do you?
No way!
Our Nancy brought it back.
From now on, when packing your belongings,
do a better job.
I... I don't need it anymore.
What do you mean, you don't need it anymore?
Aiyo, here!
Your underwear!
What's the big deal with a pair of underwear?
Just take it home!
Now do you want me to keep it? Where am I supposed to put it?
Xu Le Ge Ge, write a postcard and mail it to her.
What should I write?
Write how stupid she is and erase this sentence about her looking okay.
How stupid do you want me to say she is?
If you're going to pick on me, I'm not reading it!
That way the deep love between us
will be as natural as breathing, no need to describe it.
The doves flying freely
the lilies gracefully blooming,
the cotton-candy-like clouds in a clear sky
Stupid slave, Neng Xian,
In a stupid person's world still remains a certain kind of magic
that can withstand smart people's stupidity.
That magic is sincerity.
It makes the world more beautiful.
I will wait for the day when yours fully emerges.
Your master,
Guang Wu Gui's Happiness Guardian,
Xu Le.
And I thought
he was going to write mean things,
but actually...
An ever more beautiful song
Mostly, I love your white colored world
Such a comfortable and freeing color
Deeply breathing in your warmth
Who are you looking for?
I'm looking for Ding Yu Hao.
On the roof.
Why is it every time you women come you buzz the wrong apartment?
Could I trouble you to let me in?
What happened?
Tell me! How's your dad?
He's gone.
I know you've said once
your dad really loved orchids.
They easily dry out,
but the ones I draw won't.
The same way, he will always stay in your heart,
never leaving.
All right!
I must gather up my strength.
I can't let my dad worry about me.
Even if he's gone,
I still have his company. I must manage it well!
Ah Hao!
Ah Hao!
Ah Hao!
Ah Hao!
Ah Hao!
Ah Hao!
Ah Hao!
Ah Hao!
This is enough
This is my last try
Your call is being transferred to a voicemail...
Learning what you said was love
In order to make you happy
I choose loneliness
and a very intense love
Coz I believe in love
I'm holding on but it hurts so badly
Coz I believe in love
I thought I'd be happy 'til the end
It's not that I don't understand love's frailties
It's just that I can't let go right now
I'm just foolishly hanging on
I've never let go
I hope one day you'll understand
What are you doing here?
Is that how you talk to people who care about you?
My business doesn't need your care.
If I could, I'd love to stay out of your business
and never see you again for the rest of my life!
Do you know that because of you, Xiao Ma left Sherwood?
He defended you, supported you; and all you said to him
was that you couldn't work with him, and you didn't want to see him again?
Do you know how hurtful those words were to him?
You wouldn't happen to be afraid to see me, would you?
Seeing me
reminds you of what you've lost, right?
From now on,
I'm not going to make Xiao Ma
feel like I can't stand you.
We'll just be like any other old high school friends.
Could you
please not reject Xiao Ma because of me?
Stay with him,
be his best friend.
Do you love Xiao Ma?
Of course I love him.
At least
he cherishes me
and loves me wholeheartedly.
Unlike you,
who, after everything we'd been through
just deserted me, without any care.
Do you love Xiao Ma?
Of course I love him.
At least
he cherishes me
and loves me wholeheartedly.
Unlike you,
who, after everything we'd been through
just deserted me, without any care.
That's right!
Being left by such an useless person is to your benefit.
Now you have someone who will treasure you and love you.
You must be overjoyed.
Whether or not I work with Xiao Ma is none of your damn business.
Let go.
Don't touch me!
You're the one who came looking for me.
I have no interest in you whatsoever.
No matter how strong, my heart still breaks
When her lies become too convincing
No matter how I pray
Ding Yu Hao.
Xiao Ma really cares about your friendship.
Don't disappoint him.
No matter how strong...
my heart still breaks
No matter how I pray, she still hears
Love won't stop, it still seeps out
Love won't stop, it still seeps out
Aren't you Mr. Ma of Sherwood Hotel?
Why do you want to work at our hotel?
I just didn't want always stay at Sherwood;
I wanted to get out and learn something.
But to us,
it's still a conflict of interest.
I understand.
You're worried company secrets will leak out.
I can understand. No worries.
"With passion and imagination: World Renown Reclusive Author Shares: Ye Zi"
Lu Yi,
The article on Ye Zi was very well received.
The readers all demand more,
the best would be to get a photo of him.
But last time, he already said that it would be the only time.
I'm not confident in this. Not only that, he's really hard to interview.
If you can get him to come out,
I'll definitely be able to ask him a few questions.
Okay, I'll give it a try.
At the moment I need you most, I hear your voice.
Aren't you interviewing
for a new job today?
I am.
Is it going smoothly?
Pretty smooth.
But you know,
within the same industry, everyone sees me as a conflict of interest.
But do not worry,
there're still a lot more places,
and I'm pretty outstanding.
Then that's great.
I have a favor to ask of you.
No problem, ask.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Sis, you're back?
Yup, I went to the publishing house to get some manuscripts.
What's with you? You're sure in a good mood.
Run into something great on the street?
Of course I'm in a good mood!
The job Ye Zi helped me get is fantastic!
Have you lost your job after these few days?
I'm doing pretty well.
Dad, this is the first time I get to read so many novels.
But none are as well written as Ye Zi's.
If he would hurry up and finish that new one, that would be great.
All the publishers are incredibly anxious about it.
Did you hear that?
Our Xian's boyfriend, Yan Wu Xu is so talented.
Didn't you hear
he can't come out with anything? What talent?
Where are your ears?
Can't you see my ears are right here?
Then where are your eyes?
Yay! I win!
Going now...going back to work...
Next patient...
Xiao Xian,
This magazine
has Ye Zi's interview in it.
Not only that, but Lu Yi wrote it.
Look at Lu Yi, she's so beautiful,
and so talented,
I'm just a mere proofreader.
Why are you comparing yourself to Lu Yi?
With passion and imagination:
World Renown Reclusive Author Shares:
Of course, no pictures,
because he hates taking them.
He has a hard time believing
he could love someone.
What about me...
I'd better go and ask him to clarify.
I have something to ask you.
What is it?
Let's talk about it in person, not on the phone.
Have you eaten yet?
I'm having instant noodles right now.
Instant noodles again!
Take me out for lunch.
But I'm trying to finish a draft.
This is extremely important.
Hello, Xiao Ma.
Xu Le,
there's something you must agree to,
because this is the first favor Lu Yi
has asked of me since we started dating.
If you don't agree, it'll make me look really bad.
Could you let Lu Yi interview you one more time?
How could you ask this again?
Didn't you already tell Lu Yi everything?
Not only that, but you exaggerated many times over.
You should know what your fans
want to hear.
Your life provides for great discussion.
Then what do you need me for?
What I mean is,
your story has a complex aroma
that requires a few more bites to fully comprehend its nuances.
Just help me out and let her interview you once more.
What's going on?
Let's not start off so seriously,
we should just chat.
You're the one that looks so anxious.
Oh, that reminds me,
my sister really likes the job you recommended.
It was nothing.
Have you seen this yet?
What is it?
The article Lu Yi wrote about you.
Nothing much to read about in there.
Is everything in there true?
Some of it is exaggerated by Xiao Ma.
So, have you really never been in love before?
Is that important?
On the phone you said
you wanted to talk about something very important.
Is this it?
Not quite...
It's just...
So, have you really never been in love before?
Is that important?
On the phone you said
you wanted to talk about something very important.
Is this it?
Not quite..
It's just...
I have to use the restroom.
Sir, what would you like to order?
One cup of coffee, thank you.
Should I ask him?
Will my asking him make him mad?
So annoying!
Sorry for disturbing you, Mr. Xu Le.
This is our Special Assignments Reporter, Leo.
I thought Ye Zi was a woman.
You're quite handsome.
Don't misunderstand me,
I'm not interested in men.
He's in charge of today's interview.
I didn't agree to interview with someone I don't know.
This fellow must not have very many friends.
I read your exclusive,
if you continue on like this,
you'll never get a girlfriend.
He likes to joke around a lot.
Hey, I didn't agree to be photographed.
Just cleaning the lens;
don't be so anxious.
Why are you here, Lu Yi?
We're here interviewing Ye Zi,
sorry for disturbing you two.
No problem.
Xue Zhang?*
*(A way of addressing older male classmates, often in the place of their names)
Xue Mei*
*(A way of addressing younger female classmates, often in the place of their names)
Come here!
You two know each other?
Oh that's right,
Xue Zhang was our school's
Track and Field and volleyball captain.
He was a big man on campus.
She was my teammate.
Neng Xian was the cutest of the cheerleaders.
Lots of guys had crushes on her.
No way!
What "no way." You're so cute! Really cute!
That's right, Xue Zhang,
how come you're here?
I'm here to observe and learn,
my first job is to interview Ye Zi.
How about you?
Seems like you know Ye Zi, too.
He's my friend.
Ye Zi is your friend?
And you're my friend.
Then, that means, Ye Zi is also my friend!
Now we all know each other!
That's great!
Since everyone knows everyone, I feel better now.
I still have another interview.
I've got to get going. Please excuse me.
Bye bye.
That's right, how are your parents?
Doing really well.
I haven't seen them in ages.
How about this then,
Ye Zi,
I'll interview you another day.
I want to go visit Nancy's parents first.
I need to go, too.
Don't you need to finish a draft?
I left something at your place.
my motorcycle only seats two.
Then you can ride by yourself.
I'll drive.
Let's go.
Mister! Do you know how fast you were going?
I wasn't paying attention, I'm sorry.
I just came back from America, so I didn't know.
You're an adult now, racing cars like the youngsters.
Come, take out your drivers license.
Xu Le.
So all this
is to find inspiration for your novel?
This name is so familiar,
I remember now!
Because you had no inspiration,
you ended up in the police station.
Police station?
This is none of your business.
This little lady was there too.
He used a knife to threaten her.
Don't do anything stupid.
Used a knife to threaten?
And then?
This lady was really mad at the time!
She wanted us to lock him up in a mental institution.
Even if you don't put him in jail,
he ought to be locked up in an insane asylum!
That's not the real story...
Officer, can I get an interview from you?
Can I have your phone number?
I guess you don't want to interview me. Use him.
But remember-
you owe me an interview.
I'm home.
Xu Le is here, too.
You're here.
Aiyo, Yan Wu Xu,
you were only here a few days ago,
and now you come over like it's your own kitchen.
You're trying to increase your alcohol tolerance!
There's still one other person.
Come in!
Come, have a seat!
Look who's here!
Back from the States?
Yes...long time no see..
Big sister Zhen Zhen.
How are you? Long time no see!
Everyone still remembers, right?
Xiao Xian's upper classman is called...
What about me?*
*(Their game is done in the Taiwanese dialect)
That's right. I'm yours!
You're mine!
That's right.
This game of yours,
you've been playing it since high school, aren't you sick of it yet?
Mrs. Pan,
I haven't seen you in so long.
I know, I haven't seen you in a long time as well.
I want a hug.
No, there're so many people, it's sort of embarrassing.
Kids will be kids!
Mrs. Pan, I think you keep getting younger.
I bet when you're on the streets,
lots of people are checking you out.
I'm old.
No way!
You dare say such things? I can't even bear to listen!
But it sure sounds good!
How come you're here today?
I just ran into Nancy
and couldn't wait to see you all.
Stay for dinner.
I'm here especially for your signature dish!
Xu Le!
You must know which is
Mrs. Pan's signature dish, right?
Here, Seaweed-a-seaweed.
Seaweed bean sprout soup.
Uh...not that one...
Red Roasted Fish, the kind with lots of bones.
It's Green Onion Smoked Chicken.
It's okay, you can't blame the guy.
When he was here last time,
he hadn't even eaten all his food
and he was already passed out from drinking.
Here...everyone sit down.
Sit down.
Zhen Zhen, come... pour some tea...
Brew some tea...
The food will be ready in a jiffy.
Your body is getting healthier.
I ate a lot in America,
but nothing is as good as Mrs. Pan's food.
Sweet talker!
No, I'm not!
Every time I go back there, I think,
I really want to eat Mrs. Pan's signature dish.
This signature dish,
you still remember it, huh?
Have more!
Green Onion Smoked Chicken!
Leo, this is your favorite Green Onion Smoked Chicken!
Here...eat up!
Good food, now good wine.
This is the one I've been waiting for.
It's been a while since I've had wine with you.
It really has! Too long!
I thought you didn't drink?
Forget it...
Have a shot with Mr. Pan.
One shot isn't enough, 5 is the minimum!
You said it!
Hey Leo,
do you have a girlfriend right now?
You don't?
You're such a great catch, how could you not have a girlfriend?
I used to think you were pursuing Xiao Xian.
Even though I didn't before, it doesn't mean I can't now.
Is Neng Xian...
With someone?
Didn't you have some things you wanted to interview me about?
Do you want to get it done all at once?
Don't be so antsy,
talking about work while sitting at someone else's dinner table
isn't very polite.
Come... Eat!
What interview?
I came back to Taiwan
to do special assignment reporting for a magazine.
He's the one I'm reporting on.
Leo, you're so amazing!
Leo, I'm Leo!*
*(done in exaggerated Taiwanese for humor)
Come...have wine...
Here, one more shot.
Come... Drink wine.
Second shot...
Eat up!
You don't drink, huh?
If you have any problems with this apartment,
call me anytime.
There shouldn't be any problems, I like it.
Thank you.
Then I'll be heading out.
Take your time.
Uncle Wang!
As for helping you with your job search,
your brother deliberately left me in charge of
getting you to come back to the hotel.
This makes everything harder for you.
That's okay.
Thank you for your help, Uncle Wang.
Bye bye.
I won't let this discourage me.
Even if industry colleagues and acquaintances can't help,
I still have a lot of options.
Look at you!
Here...have some tea.
Here...hot tea.
I still have some business to take care of at the office.
But Mrs. Pan, you don't have to worry.
I'll come see you often.
And when that happens, don't get annoyed!
I'll never find you annoying;
you're always welcome...
- Thank you so much... - Careful on the road.
Thank you...
Okay...thank you, thank you.
When you interview him,
if you find any dirt, you'd better tell me.
Just do it!
I'm going now.
Bye bye!
Bye bye! See you later!
Bye bye!
See you later! I love you guys!
Be careful!
Mr. and Mrs. Pan, excuse me,
I think it's time I head out as well.
Right...it's getting late...
You be careful on the roads, too.
First have some tea...
Didn't you have some thing to pick up from my mom?
What thing?
It's not important, never mind.
Ah! I remember now!
Good thing I didn't throw it away.
Hold on one sec...
Bo Mu...
I don't need it!
I'll have it in a sec!
No hurry on that...I'm going now!
Isn't this it?
What am I supposed to do with his underwear here?
Old Pan,
Have you found any suitable jobs?
It's alright, there aren't many.
Going back to the taxi company isn't a bad option.
On Holidays, we can go have fun together.
We'll see.
Ah Hao, you MUST come over for a moment.
Why did you ask me to come here?
Ah Hao,
I have to tell you about something.
In my heart of hearts,
I've never asked you to work with me out of pity.
To me, you are my best friend.
Ever since we were young, you've stood out amongst the crowd
I want us to work together,
give our all together,
just like when we were kids,
when we would share everything together,
no matter good or bad.
Why are you saying all this?
I never said we weren't friends.
Really? Will you support me?
Of course.
Ah Hao, Nancy!
This place is where the three of us
will work together.
Ah Hao,
I know what you're hesitant about.
I guarantee you
the same thing won't happen here.
I've already talked to them about it. I can bring my own team in.
Of course, I will respect your decision.
If you can't accept it,
I'll let this opportunity pass,
because we are a team.
That right, we're a team.
Ah Hao, just agree.
Don't you think
working hard together with your friends would be pretty great?
Vice Boss.
In the past you've said
Ah Hao is your most important friend,
your most precious third.
What precious third are you talking about?
You deem him so important,
but I see that
he doesn't feel the same towards you.
Vice Boss.
In the past you've said
Ah Hao is your most important friend,
your most precious third.
What precious third are you talking about?
You deem him so important,
but I see that
he doesn't feel the same towards you.
Ding Yu Hao,
Xiao Ma really cares about your friendship.
Don't disappoint him.
If I allowed someone who cares about me this much, to be disappointed,
then I, Ding Yu Hao, would be pretty bad indeed.
Seems like I'd better accept this.
Otherwise, I'll have caused you to lose your job twice.
But before it all begins, let's get this clear-
if its not a good fit...
You can leave at any time.
Woke up one day and discovered love
Waiting for you in a crowd of people
In Taipei,
whenever you lift your head,
you will regularly see Taipei 101.
It has already become a regular part of life for Taipei's denizens.
Taipei 101 represents Taiwan.
It isn't just a landmark to be gazed upon,
but rather a symbol within everyone's hearts.
Taipei 101 has been able to become a part of the national landscape,
largely because of the management team behind it. Their ideas, blood, sweat and tears
are the key to it being what it is.
This lady is Chris.
Her primary focus is administrative affairs.
Hello. Pleased to meet you.
When people need to contact the firm, they look for him.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you...
And then there's our receptionist, Vivi!
Okay. Alright. Bye bye.
I use up my strength to write
I'm waiting for you here
Discovered love
The 101 building
has a convenience store, post office, laundromat.
Next door even has a dry cleaners.
Clothes, travel, food, drink, entertainment, you name it,
it has something for everyone,
able to meet everyone's needs 'round the clock.
It's a 3-D vertical city.
Emotions keep piling up
The sound of the deepest part of my heart
Wow, what a cute mail box.
Everyday, when the sun sets,
the top of the 101 skyscraper is lit up
with a special rainbow colored theme.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple.
Everyday the color theme changes,
and on special occasions, it'll take on the colors of that Holiday.
From the outside, it assumes a very unique characteristic
or pattern.
Therefore, 101 Taipei at night
is this city's most beautiful nightscape.
Waiting for you everywhere
Woke up one day and discovered love
Your reception and introduction was great.
I'm really happy
it has left 101 with a deep impression.
Jason, you found some great public relations talent.
Thank you.
Being here for you at this beautiful juncture is our honor.
See you next time.
Thank you...
Work must be busy, are you adapting well?
This is my dream job environment.
A place with personality, fashion,
creativity, vitality..
That's great, then keep up the good work.
I've still got some work to do, so I'll be going.
Take your time.
are these flowers available for delivery?
Gift from your boyfriend?
That means I have no chance?
Quit messing around.
I should be asking you about
how you are progressing with your Ye Zi interview.
Very well.
That Xu Le fellow
is extremely interesting.
Oh, really? How could that be?
He's the hardest person I've ever had to interview.
I don't think so.
I have my classmate, Pan Neng Xian.
Neng Xian? Why?
the best way to make a man lose control
is a woman.
Are they an item?
I don't know.
Whether they are or not is not my concern.
Because that Ye Zi/Xu Le guy
won't win against me!
Okay, I'll go work on it.
Nancy, have you eaten?
Yes, I have.
Eh, it's that cute mailbox.
In a stupid person's world still remains a certain kind of magic,
that can withstand smart people's stupidity.
That magic is sincerity.
It makes the world more beautiful.
I will wait for the day when your's fully emerges.
Your master,
Guang Wu Gui's Happiness Guardian,
Xu Le.
Which should I use to send this?
I guess it should be...
Sending a postcard?
Vice Boss, you scared me.
Which one should I use to send this?
I guess it should be...
Sending a postcard?
Vice Boss, you scared me.
Sending a postcard to your boyfriend?
No, just a regular friend.
But I very clearly saw - you were about to put your postcard in the "Lover" bin.
You're mistaken.
Am I mistaken?
Fine. If you're not going to send one, then I will.
I'm sending one to Lu Yi.
To tell you the truth,
I actually want to put it in the "Family" one.
for now, I'll put it in the "Lover" one.
Aren't you going to send your's?
Aren't you mailing yours to Xu Le? Hurry up.
It's just because he sent me a postcard from Alishan.
So I'm sending one back to him.
You two went to Alishan together,
why would he send you a postcard?
Because you both fell in love there!
That's great, that Xu Le fellow
snatched away my most important co-worker and didn't even tell me.
You're supposed to share when these things start!
Like when I fell for Lu Yi, I told him right away.
That Xu Le really...
Maybe he isn't sure yet.
He told me you wanted to go to Alishan and then went with you.
What do you mean "not sure?"
At that time, nothing had happened yet.
So you admit it now, huh?
Actually, liking someone is nothing to be ashamed of.
Come on! Let's together send it to both of our loved ones.
1 2 3
Xu Le has you.
Ah Hao has Neng Zhen.
I have Lu Yi.
And now I have this job.
I'm the happiest person on earth!
I'm too happy! Have to celebrate!
Thank you.
Thank you everyone
for coming to celebrate my new job.
In the first place,
I am so thankful for
my classmate, Ding Yu Hao.
Having him stand up to me
led me to having this outstanding team.
Then there's Nancy
for her faith and support in me.
I can't forget about Xu Le
who has always very
silently cared for me, his friend,
through his very special, writer ways.
Lu Yi,
because I have your love,
I have the strength to face everything.
Thank you, everyone.
My friends, and love of my life,
you're the best
thank you all.
I hope you'll always be with me.
Xu Le,
who is the most vivacious?
Uh, Xiao Ma?
Who is the most loyal?
[Speaks in terms of a code of loyalty and sacrifice within brothers]
I guess, Ah Hao.
Then, who loves me the most?
This definitely is not me.
Does anyone want to stand up and admit to this?
Lu Yi,
do you want to raise your hand?
In this game,
can I stand up, but leave my hands down?
I'm not letting you off the hook that easily.
I'm just too happy,
was this a little too enthusiastic?
Xiao Ma!
Look here,
you just found a great job,
have a woman you love tremendously,
and have so many friends supporting you.
This must be one of the best
moments of your life, right?
Do you envy me?
How about you propose to Lu Yi?
Yeah, Vice Boss,
propose to the woman of your dreams.
If you're a man, don't be so wishy washy,
unless you're not sure.
Of course I'm 100% sure.
Don't joke around so lightly.
Lu Yi,
you must know.
Xiao Ma has liked you since high school; that's a long time.
Being able to be with you now,
is like a dream come true.
But then, when proposing,
isn't it sort of awkward without a ring?
You...Why do you have that ring with you?
I just happened to have it with me today.
This was initially meant to be given to my girlfriend in the States.
But later, I realized she wasn't the best match for me.
If it's not too weird, please take this.
I better not.
You could give it to your current girlfriend, Zhen Zhen.
I'll buy a better ring for her.
Can you accept your friend's most sincere blessing?
I can't accept it.
Lu Yi?
Xiao Ma,
I want you to give me a ring you bought yourself
I don't want someone else's
forsaken love
weighing down my hand.
Ding Yu Hao,
I hope you don't mind my words.
Right...Lu Yi is right.
I should buy my own,
but then Ah Hao...
still, thank you.
I don't mean anything else by it,
just wanted to express my blessing, that's all.
I know.
Lu Yi, Ah Hao is my best friend,
he really didn't mean anything else by it.
Oh, really?
I don't mean anything else by it,
just wanted to express my blessing, that's all.
I know
Lu Yi, Ah Hao is my best friend,
he really didn't mean anything else by it.
Oh, really?
Excuse me, I have to pick up this call.
Everyone, I'm so sorry!
An interview suddenly came up, so I have to go.
At any rate, consider this as a start.
After I get the ring ready,
and the proposal night arranged,
I'll invite you all to witness
Lu Yi nodding her head in reply to marrying me.
Okay, Ah Hao.
I'll need you to drive my car and drop Lu Yi off at her place.
Xu Le, Nancy and Neng Zhen..
I'll take them.
Great, then I'm off.
Bye bye.
Bye bye.
Xiao Ma, I'll go with you.
I'm just going to the office.
You'd have to wait for me to finish with the reporter.
I think it'd be better if Ah Hao took you.
Bye bye.
Bye Bye.
I don't want someone else's
forsaken love
weighing down my hand.
So before Zhen Zhen,
you've never really loved anyone else?
No, I haven't.
Lu Yi,
I was sincerely giving my blessing to you and Xiao Ma,
Who I am with,
what ring I'm wearing,
is my business
and has absolutely nothing to do with you!
And you are just an old high school classmate.
My life is not for you to decide, up to your every whim, do you get it?
I never intended to jerk your life around.
You did!
You did it in the past!
You've made me to endure so much pain!
I almost lost myself, almost couldn't live any longer.
"Not the best match" for you...
The things we said to each other,
the dreams we dreamt together... It's all nothing! It's all gone!
No matter how much I begged,
no matter how long I waited...
You just pushed me away!
I'm a stupid fool!
A stupid fool that waited for you for 10 years!
Lu Yi,
let bygones be bygones.
Then why are you still carrying that ring?
Is it to remind me?
To mock me?
To insult me?
How could you treat me like this?
I'm sorry,
I didn't intend to hurt you.
What did I do to make you treat me like that?
You didn't do anything wrong.
You did nothing wrong at all.
I'm the one who was wrong.
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