Desmundo (2002) - filme completo

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Come on! Lower it.
Let it down! Come on!
Keep your head down. The sun will burn your skin.
I've written Your Highness about the lack of women in this land...
to marry the men, so...
they can live to serve Our Lord apart from the sinful life they live now.
Send as many orphans as possible, and if you can't find as many...
send us women of any kind...
since here, white women are so rare...
that any kind of them will be good for the land...
and for the men.
I don't read very well. I'll give it to the abbot.
I see no women here.
Maybe there isn't any.
It can't be true. Who would bear the children?
Men, if it's God's wish.
- And how'd men deliver them? - Through the armpits.
Boys through the right, and girls through the left.
- Are they healthy? - Yes, thank God.
The boys are in the church.
It says here you were a nun,
but you've laid down with a man.
They took my child from me. That was the worst punishment of all.
Maria, come wash yourself!
Old women wash only their face.
Where are my flowers?
Where are they?
They are so beautiful.
They are so beautiful!
I will not allow them to marry.
I want them all for me.
It will be very nice.
We'll go to the mass.
We'll embroider.
The church is almost ready.
Smile, girl...
Like this. Like this!
Strong, good...
What's wrong with you?
Why are you upset?
Lady Oribela is sensitive to heat.
She'll get use to it. I'm sure she will!
She came from a convent. She is very religious.
If you could find her a devotee husband...
A devotee husband? There are no devotee men in this land.
Don't worry.
Married life is easy.
You just have to live by the men's rules.
Never show too much trust, or there will be distrust.
Never bite your lips, that means anger.
In the end, the first to lie down...
will be the first to die.
I'm praying.
Ask the father to send me back to the convent!
For God's sake!
How can I help you if I can hardly help myself?
Satan tempts us...
to believe that we have virtues that we don't have.
Go to bed!
Are these the Tupinambás... who've captured the white men?
My poor husband!
It's so hard for him to control these people!
Come! Come!
Out of the way!
Tell him to bring the white prisoners.
If they are French, they can keep them.
What did he say?
"We'll kill the white men.
Since the white men arrived...
we haven't eaten half of our prisoners."
Forget the Indians, call the orphans.
Take the Indians and wait outside.
There will be trouble.
We'd be better off if the king send us weapons for our defense.
The orphans!
Let's see these beauties.
I prefer the savages!
- I'd like to take one of them. - You'rejust a poor man.
Cristóvão, the widowed!
Approach, Mr. Cristóvão Borralho!
Lady Tareja de Sande.
Thank you, sir.
Lady Giralda Teixeira.
I brought it... for you.
Thank you.
Dom Alfonso!
Dom Alfonso Soares D'Aragão!
Lady Oribela de Covilhã.
So, father...
didn't they come from the convent?
Out of here! Take this girl out of here!
Just like a chicken, you want to fly and you can't.
You are a fool.
Nine... You're hurting me!
Be quiet! Keep your misery for yourself.
Not even a drunkard will take you.
Maybe they'll send me back.
All these girls...
are welcome here.
And thank God...
they made a safe trip.
Women, give the hand to the grooms.
The spouses will rule over...
their wives and daughters.
But, shall not live in lust.
Do never lie down...
with your mothers...
or your daughters.
Do not behave like the Indians...
the natives...
the Brasis, who live like savages.
May you be blessed by the Holy Matrimony...
and may your children be blessed...
with white skin.
Who are you?
Francisco de Albuquerque.
Thank you, lady Oribela...
for coming from so far to marry me.
I'd like to offer you a real bed, but...
- there's no lodging house here. - Where are my belongings?
With the load I'm taking to the mill.
Do you want to pray?
I want to sleep. I'm tired from the trip.
Lie down, then.
I don't know you, sir! Don't force me!
I'm your husband!
I'm your husband!
I need time to know you,
to learn to like you.
I'll accept you, but be patient.
I can wait some time...
for you to be acquainted with me.
Where are we going to? I don't see the ocean.
Shut up! We're almost there.
Lady Oribela, this is my mother.
Are you hungry?
You really don't want to eat?
Where does she come from?
And the dowry?
Two cows.
Couldn't you choose another one?
Fatter? With larger hips?
I liked this one.
Lady Oribela.
Your blessing.
It took you long to wake up. It's late.
Did you sleep well?
The heat bothered you?
- No. - Really?
I got used to it during the trip.
Do you have sleeping clothes?
I've never changed my clothes to sleep.
Sit down, lady Oribela.
You're very welcome in this house.
Francisco is a very good son.
He's renounced many good women.
He has always cared for me.
- Good morning, lady Oribela. - Good morning.
Come with me.
Get on it.
Lady Brites said your father was a dealer,
that you came from Covilhã.
You better get used to this life.
You were offered as remainder.
As someone nobody wanted.
I'm not some leftover.
I knew it as soon as I saw you.
Forget about what's out here. You'll stay in the house.
I'll send for furniture and cloths for you.
I can hear you breathing.
Can't you sleep?
The air is healthy here.
Are you healthy?
I'm not very healthy.
Why lady Branca got upset when I looked at the child?
Viliganda is my sister.
She is ashamed of the girl's disorder.
Ximeno Dias!
I've traveled for two days only...
and my legs already hurt.
Not many.
It's been hard to deal with them.
They don't want utensils anymore.
They rather eat them than sell.
They don't want utensils but they do know gunpowder.
Everybody understands that word.
I brought it from Açores.
I won.
- Yes, sir. - Come here.
Pick something. Do you embroider?
Choose anything.
I want these.
These used to be worth two or tree men.
Now they don't want anything. They don't trust anyone.
May I go, sir?
How much?
I didn't do anything!
- He laughed at my misfortune! - He is a Marrano!
A New-Christian.
- I did nothing. - A Jew!
I did nothing.
Despicable... false Christian!
Look what I found!
Sir, take me on board.
Let me go! Let me go!
For God's sake!
- Give her to me! - Let me go!
- I found her! - How much do you have?
- Let me down! - Get away!
Let me go!
For God's sake! Take me back.
- How much do you have? - What?
I have no money. I'm desperate.
There's nothing in here!
Pedro is desperate too.
I beg you!
Little whore.
I'm the wife of...
Look! Look!
You stole my boots.
God will punish us with anger.
Francisco, forgive me.
I'll never do that again.
Get me out of here!
Let me out!
I'm not an animal!
I'm not a hunted beast!
You coward! You shit!
You damned! Beelzebub!
You've really upseted me.
If I was a cruel man, I'd never let you stay here.
I'd whip you with a hog's leather lash...
in the village.
Don't be fool trying to escape from me.
- I'll never run away again. - Lf you do...
I'll kill you.
They're all yours.
Good afternoon, Francisco.
Have you been in the woods?
Good afternoon, father.
If they were only nine or ten... But there are many more.
There are many, but I need...
each one of them to work.
Your blessing, father.
You should have called me.
The Brasis need to be catechized.
- We were going to. - Sit down, father.
We'll start to build the chapel.
It's about time.
They're Christians. They can sit with us.
How do you say?
- Excuse me. - Excuse me.
Not here.
Ximeno was here selling natives. We didn't buy them.
We are building a school.
Your blessing, father.
Good evening, lady Maria.
I'll take some with me to be raised like Christians.
Some of what?
Some of your new Indians.
Father, would you like to eat?
That's right, father, get some rest. It's a long trip.
Tomorrow we'll talk about natives.
I'll take some of them.
We teach the children and then they teach their parents.
But not many. Two or three of the small ones.
My dear!
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to wake you up.
Do you want to lie down with me?
I have to go. Francisco may wake up.
Go and get an older one.
I wanted so much to talk to you.
It wasn't easy for me to come.
I need an older one to fish.
Bring the animals. It's time to go.
Bring the animals.
Navarro, take the boy back.
I offered you a bride and 2 cows as dowry...
and you deny me an Indian?
This one is old enough to work.
- What do you mean? - Father, for God's sake!
If you want savages, go get them!
These ones are mine!
Francisco, this is a disgrace for us!
You'll pay for this.
You'll pay a lot for this!
Come, Maria!
- Why do they argue? - For no good reason.
They should cut the Indians in half.
Each Indian you deny me, nearer you are of your damnation.
Your husband has a bad reputation.
You talk too much! Go help!
Don't think you can escape from the law hiding yourself here!
Go inside.
Greed and cruelty, nice match!
The kingdom is close, closer than you imagine.
You'll pay for your sins.
Who do you think you are? Have you lost your mind?
Affronting the father like that!
- I care for my belongings. - Your head belongs to you!
I want more than that.
We're not absolute, we have nothing.
This is a great land.
If they bother me, I'll go further into the woods.
What do you intend to do?
Become a savage?
Do you like the chest?
I could buy you another one...
with the natives the father took.
One is enough.
I'll give you a veil to pray in church.
The church is too far.
Long ago...
I wanted to go into the woods...
after the treasures...
there are beyond the forests.
But that wasjust a dream.
Have you seen a ghost?
Is it because of the girl?
Forgive me.
For what?
Were you imagining things?
You think you know everything.
But what do you know?
- What do you know about life? - Nothing.
I left Portugal 15 years ago.
Alone. By myself...
with my son.
There were no houses here...
no beds.
We slept on the floor.
Nobody is innocent...
especially you.
My name is Antonio.
My name is Paulo.
My name is Paulo.
I'm Paulo.
My name is Paulo.
Ximeno Dias!
I'm Antonio. I arrived from south today.
I heard you're a dealer.
I want leave on the next ship.
- Lf it's not enough... - I don't deal with that.
Don't worry...
you'll be well paid.
- I can't help you. - For God's sake.
I'm sorry.
Mr. Ximeno, just one day!
Get rid of that mule. People know who owns it.
I want to talk to Ximeno Dias.
Where is he?
She's been here for too long?
- Was she riding a horse? - I didn't see.
For God's sake!
I need a place to stay for a while.
Just until the ship arrives.
Your husband is in the village.
I have two gold coins.
- Go back to him. - I couldn't even if I wanted to.
And I don't want to. I need you.
Go or I'll kick you out!
It's all yours. Whatever you want.
Take! Nobody will ever hear from me again.
Francisco is outside asking for you.
Be merciful!
Go to the port.
- How can I help you? - Somebody stole my animals.
- Cows? - Mounting mules.
Do you think they'd come here?
Maybe they went into the woods.
I'm not after the mules.
I'm after the thief.
I can get you some mules.
Don't you understand me, Marrano?
- Weren't you going to Açores? - I'm thinking about.
There is time before the next ship.
Maybe I'll stay in the village for a few days.
I'll recover what they've stolen me.
- Do you plan to go to the woods? - Maybe, in a few days.
If you do, let me know.
I may need you.
Order you some things.
What did you say?
Don't walk. Don't talk. Don't make any noise.
Stay here...
and don't touch anything or I'll kill you!
Where did you get those clothes?
From Francisco.
This moistness makes me crazy.
Bring me a basin.
Why did you run away? Who was your father?
I'm not one of yours.
What's a New-Christian?
It's nothing.
When I get back to Portugal, I'll ask for shelter in the convent...
in the house of the orphans.
I have faith...
I'll serve some madam.
Servants also live in confinement.
They're not allowed to go out.
Your beard...
has grown longer.
I'll bring some water.
Are you taking me?
I'll bring you some water.
What are you doing here?
Good afternoon, father. I want to talk to Maria.
What about?
I want to ask her something.
It won't take long.
If you had any honor, you wouldn't be here asking anything.
You're arrogant! Vain! Proud!
If I knew what a low character you were,
I'd never give you a wife.
You'd be praying with the Brasis,
who are not so savage as you.
I know, father.
No, you don't.
Let me talk to Maria.
Be brief, Francisco.
I want to talk about Oribela.
If your wife needs her, forget it.
She's in seclusion.
My wife... ran away.
Where is the ship?
There are three villages south from here.
Two of them are Portuguese. The third one is Spanish.
There won't be any ship for the next 3 months.
I can't hide you for so long.
Are you coming too?
You prefer the savages.
There are too many Holy hangings in Portugal.
It's a Spanish city.
People are happier.
Stay with me until the ship arrives.
I'll stay a few days.
Follow me.
Don't make me shoot.
Go away!
Francisco, for God's sake!
I just want what's mine.
I'm not going to kill you, or him!
Let her go!
Let's go.
- Let's go home. - I'm not coming with you!
We are tied to each other.
Tied by chains.
Go away! Disappear!
For God's sake, Francisco!
I will not punish you!
Go away! Just go!
Out of the way!
Don't make me shoot!
For God's sake!
Go away! Go away!
Come on! Out of the way!
Let's go!
To my mother Fanny and my aunt Fernanda, New-Christians...
late baptized at the ages of 15 and 13. And in memory of the superior mother...
from the convent of St. Chamond, France, who has saved their lives in 1942.