Newsies on Broadway - Harvey Fierstein Opening Night Interview

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We made the decision to bring it to Broadway.
We all said this will be another
chance to get it righter.
And everybody ramped up their game a little bit.
I did some sharpening here and there.
And Alan did some sharpening there in dancing.
And this theater is so gorgeous, 'cause it's an
intimate theater.
It's only 1,200 seats.
You're right on top of it.
And from upstairs!
Hey, best seats in the house in my opinion, upstairs.
I watched it from upstairs, 9th row.
9th row upstairs.
It was like a command performance from up there.
It was like, just put on the show for me!

People forget the power of art in our everyday lives, but
especially in politics.
I mean, the whole Revolutionary War wouldn't
have happened unless Paul Revere--
You know, everybody remembers Paul Revere taking his
midnight ride?
Paul Revere made a drawing of the Boston Massacre, and that
drawing got published in newspapers, and that's what
started the Revolutionary War.
You've got to come see Newsies on Broadway!
Get in there!
It's so good!