154 - VL Olli - January 14th, 2013 ( english subtitles )

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Tristan, music producer for Leonie is here.

If you want, I can go to see you in Meppen.
It was just a proposal.
Oh bartender, two coffees!
no mom, on the 24th we did nothing special ...

Yes Andi, Bella, me.
Yes Charlie was there too.
Of course, i still talk to her.
But if you want mom, she is in front of me now if you want to wish her a Merry Christmas.
ok. It was just an idea.
Mom, I gotta get back to work, I'll call you later ok? Ciao.
how is Henrietta?
It's a hassle in Meppen.
(Bella tells her that like it's Christmas Charlie should try to reconcile with her sister)
maybe Christmas is really the only moment to try again.
Olli, I already tried.She don't want and can't forgive me.
I understand her.
I start by making you coffee for you two.
He is very required this guy…
Tristan we can really have trouble if customers smoke here.
make sure they do not then
it would be easier if you did not do it.
and this is a problem for you ?
no. excuse me to be worried
I suspected it, white Christmas!
Mom, there's no more coke!
Not surprising that the guy is so excited.
this guy is forbidden coming back here.
Make it sure that he go out.
with pleasure.
Olli, I owe how much for the coffee?
You are invited. Sorry to do not having time for you ..
how much time is necessary to go to Meppen?
approximately 2 hours, why? ...
Bella I do not think it's a good idea!
I think that the two should talk
talk it is not the strongest point of my mother, you should drop it.
But you do not see how Charlie suffers from the fact that your mother don't want to speak with her anymore?
yes, of course that i see it, but they should settle that together
Thanks for the coffee.
you're welcome.
Olli had a great idea.
if we made ​​a nice afternoon together? 2 girls and a motorcycle!
yes it is a bit cold huh?
(Bella arrives to convince her Charlie will change, tell Luca to take care of Schneider's and returns)
you really want to go to Meppen on a motorcycle?
Yes! why?
you do not want to say at least where you go?
and she will not come?
You have a thermos that you could lend me?
and tea?
if there is one who can succeed to crack the head of Charlie, it's Bella!
yeah, Or the 2 self smash their heads
Charlie hates when we decide something in her place.
just like Bella.
And when she has an idea in mind ...
... we can not stop it. Just like Charlie.
so far none has called to complain about the other not? It's a good sign, no?
I would be better to call them and ask them how's it going?
hi Olli.
Bella hey I wanted to know how things are going?
we have a failure, you can pick us up?
And Meppen?
do not ask.
Dress up warmly, Charlie is not far from having a cold, and she is angry because I wanted to go with her to Meppen.
I'm not angry, I just do not like that I am forced to do things that lead to nothing more!
How you will find us?
it's not going so great
we are towards the forest, heading north.
ok I'll have to find you.
what's happen with the bike?
no idea, it just stopped working.
put you gas?
Of course I put gasoline! Uh ...
ok I bring gasoline.
And do not kill each other during this time, ok?
ok. Hurry up!
I'm late? there are injured?
no, just frozen people!
so, go warm you up, I put gas in the bike.
Everything is fine, really?
yes do not worry.
I tell her immediately that it was a stupid idea.
who knows ...?
good luck, Auntie.
And says hi to Mom.