Raytheon shows off the XOS2 Exoskeleton robotic suit

Uploaded by networkworld on 01.10.2010

Raytheon unveiled its second generation Exoskeleton or XOS2 robotic suit this week.
The suit gives the wearer superhuman strength and this latest version is lighter, faster
and stronger than its predecessor. It also uses 50 percent less power.
Rex Jameson, XOS2 test engineer "You're incredibly strong and interesting
thing is that doesn't feel any different if you put 150 pounds on the back or if it's
There are two main targets for the suit, both military. One is a combat variant, which would
be from the waist down and could support a backpack to lighten the load that soldiers
have to carry. The other is for logistics operations.
Because the suit does the lifting for its operator, it can help reduce strain and exertion,
lessen injuries and speed up operations, the company said.
Raytheon claims the hydraulic-powered suit enables its wearer to easily lift 200 pounds,
that's about 90 kilos, several hundred times without tiring and repeatedly punch through
three inches of wood
Rex Jameson, XOS2 test engineer "If you push on the board, you think 'I'm
never going to be able to break that," but then you wind up and do it and away they go."
Perhaps the biggest problem Raytheon faces is how to power the suits. That's reflected
in its development time-frame for two versions of the XOS suit: a tethered version that restricts
its user to a certain area and a fully contained untethered model.
Fraser M. Smith, vice president of operations for Raytheon Sarcos
"We'd expect them to appear in-theater in about five years for the tethered version
and perhaps three to five years after that for a non-tethered version."
Martyn Williams, IDG News Service.