Defqon.1 Festival 2011 | Villain, Ruffian & B-Front Interview

Uploaded by Qdancedotnl on 19.06.2011

Nice. - Nice - Yeah, nice. - Really nice...
Welcome at the Defqon.1 barbecue (pre barbecue)
Will it be as nice as Defqon.1? Will it be as good as Defqon.1?
Will it be as tender as Defqon.1? Will it be as smokey, as Defqon.1?
What can we expect? - My first mainstage performance!
But I heard, you'll perform at different stages?
Yes, that's right. And I'll have to say; I like the idea.
Yes, it's not the usual!
Ok, maybe a strange question.. But who will "do me"?
Who will "do you"?? (laughing) Well, let's get it started..!
Who wants some meat? - Yes, please!
Yeah, I like the idea. Everyone will perform somewhere else.
It's nice for the crowd as well. Not listening to the same MC all the time.
So, you want some more? Come and get it!
And what do you expect? It's a new location of course.
I think it's exciting!
Well, I ordered the sun. I offered €35,- to the sun machine.
€35,-? - Cheap ass! You will never get sun..!
Nope, not gonna happen! - One moment please..
It's my mother... - Ask her to come by, we've got some meat left.
Defqon.1 is a statement. - Absolutely! European, I even think World wide.
About the new location; it's Q-dance.. What do you think? It's always well.
It's a tripple A brand. - Just like the meat!
(B-Front takes a sip of his beer) OMG, there's a cigarette in it!
There was just a little sip left. I thought.. Damn, look!
Oh no, that's disgusting!