Meet a BMX Racing Prodigy - Chris Christensen 2012

Uploaded by redbull on 19.09.2012

Every time I walk towards the gate I always think that it will be right. However, when I am actually standing at the gate,
I always think that I am going to fail. It feels like the inside of my body is on fire.
My name is Chris Christensen, and my goal is to compete at the Olympic Games in Brazil.
I like the fact that I myself can control and do what I want. No one should tell me what to do and what not to do.
That is probably also what makes my mother a bit displeased with me from time to time. I decide how things should be done.
It requires hard practice, but I think it is more important that you enjoy it. Those people who practice only to get the result…
and to win makes no sense in my world. You have to enjoy your training, and do it because you like it.
You feel free, like nothing can stand in your way. You are in total control of what you want and what you do.
That is what I like about BMX, you are free when you are on the bike.