The 34th Vintage Car Concours & The Glossy Heritage Awards 2010 (with Ironhide)

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I'm Ironhide
I'm here to present you "The 34th Vintage Car Concours"
This event held for 34 times and that meant nearly 35 years
But this event just being held at Future Park Rangsit for the first time
By the way, Let's go see the show
Here at a rented 4,000 sqr-mtr of Alive Park zone
This event held and sanctionized by
Royal Automobile Association of Thailand and Vintage Car Club of Thailand
With the organizer of Thailand International Motor Expo:
Intermedia Consultant Co.,Ltd.
As one great supporter among other sponsors
Over 150 vintage vehicles from around the globe gathered here
From pre-1910 to 1985
But this event is also a vintage car award giving ceremony Awards are divided to over 7 interesting categories
But I just decided to be here Saturday So we can know the cars that recieved in different awards
This one is the oldest 4-wheeler from pre-1910 and it's the winner in pre-1940 vehicles category
You know, some of these also reminded me of some comrades in the past which immigrated here before us
and use these vehicles as Earth mode
If I was immigrated here in that day, I would take this as Earth mode
These old timer vehicles surely fitted with technologies that stunned the planet before, their ways
Whether by appearance or performance
3 Jaguars
Here's Italian row
Only these are Swedish
Another Italian row
Classic Minis of vintage era
Organics call this the 356 from Porsche
These old Porsche cars really enacted in performance right from the start
C1 Corvette, displayed in front of 1 of 3 event entrances
They're old but as the more I see them, I realized, some of them may worth preserving
Because they're not things we can see everyday in our time after all
BMW 503, perhaps this participated this event for many years
This 1958 Ford wins #1 in American Cars category
While this 1952 Silver Dawn from Rolls-Royce won #1 of Post-war cars category
Here's a little souvenir for Bumblebee
But let me guess, if he comes with me today, he would stand with this yellow one for long
But this cabriolet one wins #1 in Volkswagen Cars category
Now let's see heritage cars from Mercedes-Benz
Few vintage vehicles we can say the word "Timeless" loudly
And here's a row of American cars but winner of this category didn't park with this row
This one is Corvette Stingray
Same vehicle name as Sideswipe's Earth mode, only it's a predecessor
The Mustang II
A Pontiac, and this front grille reminded me of Jazz When he worn Solstice as Earth mode
One of 3 pickup trucks in here Only largest and more genuine truck
The 1965 Mustang also here in both coupe and convertible
But convertible one won #1 in another category: Classic 2-door Sports Coupe
And this one perhaps the only one car from 1980's we can see here:
The 3rd-gen Camaro
In a look and color of Bumblebee-wannabe
But I'm afraid this one is the only one vehicle built by vintage concept but completed after the EarthStellarCycle 2000
And it wins in this additional category: Specially Modified
Now for some vintage bicycles and few motorbikes
Perhaps that's why vehicles here can be count more than 150 units
But it's one way among others in transportation of course
Some bicycles of the past has very large wheel in front
They're so called The Large Tigers
I do believe in the past there are clubs of large wheel bicycle users
And here it is, a motorbike based on bicycle
For advanced and faster 2-wheeler transportation reason
Old bicycles are guiding lights to the biclycles in the present day
Well here I am again at this old American Jeep for military use
And it was used by Royal Thai Army in inevitable wars in the past
I actually do like old and cranky things
...just like my own age
And because this event supported by organizer of Motor Expo,
so there are some car brands use this chance to display and selling their new cars outside the vintage car show zone
Because they're also the sponsors
New generation of car lover people should come and see this rendezvous event of automobile legend
They're old but they just become more and more themselves the older they get
Of course this event somehow can tell the evolution and advancement of the automotive world from era to era
And it's surely reflected the automotive world of present day
And as well, some cars from this event will be selected to display at Thailand International Motor Expo 2010
Don't forget, new cars in this very present time will surely become vintage cars in the future
This is Ironhide report