Maplestory AE Tutorial: Character Set-up

Uploaded by DensleMs on 09.07.2012

typically when animating inside of Adobe After Effects, you're not doing frame by
frame animations. What you are doing is controlling an elaborate puppet of your
That is how this program differs fro Flash and Sony Vegas.
So here's how to do it.
before you start animating in Adobe, you are going to want t get the pieces
of your character.
All the pieces that you need are the; arm,
body, and head.
To get this, explode your character inside of Bannedstory.
You're also going to want to get a full image of your character.
This will be used as a reference it aid you inside of After Effects.
So now you are on the step of character building.
This step isn't necessarily hard but more tedious.
First off, open up a new composition.
You can set the width and height to anything you want.
I usually keep it at a width of 1980 by 1080.
now import your pieces into the project window and they put them in the
At this point you're going to want to hit 'S' on your keyboard to bring up the scale.
you're going to want to scale them up to just underneath the boarder.
before you build your character, you're going to want to rearrange the piece in the
The way it's setup is; arm above the head, head above the body, and body above the
At this point,
just piece your character together.

Before you start masking you are going to want to move the anchor point in the head and the arm.
To do so you are going to want to use the Pan Behind Tool.
Now on your character, you are able to move the anchor points.
All you need to do now is move the arms anchor point to the shoulder, and the heads anchor point to the neck.
now you can get onto masking!
At this point your going to want to separate the legs from the torso.
you'll be doing this by masking.
All you need to do is take the pen tool and draw around the torso.
Make sure you gut off the other hand so you can replace it with the other arm.
You'll see what i mean by this later.
Now at this point you're going to want to duplicate the layer,
you can do so by hitting Ctrl + D,
or copy and paste.
This new layer will be the legs to your character.
now select the duplicated layer in the time-line
and hit M on your keyboard.
Now, delete the mask that is in there.
And you are going to want to redo what you did with the torso but with the legs.
at this point your characters fully cut-up and you're free to DELETE the
reference layer that you put in.
Now you'll notice that your character doesn't have a second arm, what you're going to want to do is
the previous arm
and then put it underneath the body. Then just move it to the side.
There you go! Second arm! That's cool...
so most of you may know adobe after effects is able to do parenting.
so in this stage we are going to want to parent EVERYTHING to the torso...excluding the legs.
down in the timeline
what your going to want to highlight
is the arms and the head. Then,
over to the right
take this little pick-whip--swivel--thing
and link it to the body.
Last step, what you're going to is just move the anchor point in the torso near the crotch that it pivots properly.
and now you'll see...that with everything connected you're able to freely rotate
your body
with everything still being connected.
I should also mention...
If you have a character with pointy shoulders on the arm
how to fix this
is to use the masking tool to just mask around it...
and then you invert it
inside of the time line!
and...urr...skadouche! There you go!
No more pointy elbow.