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Hey guy's i'm so excited i finally have a date for valentines day.
My hand
err awkward, but there are a few things about valentines that i just don't get like
like why is this day even needed, It's just a day where you treat your partner the same way
You should treat them the whole entire year i mean you don't even get the day off. Not to mention it makes every
single person feel like crap
and all the money people spend on roses & Jewelry & movies and other materialistic things
that don't grow a relationship in anyway
then you get people writing tweets and facebook status's like
Oh my god i have the best boyfriend ever i love him soo much
Shut up, I mean good for you but shut up. Is part of being in a relationship writing
a facebook status every week telling people how happy you are and how much you love each other
I mean
that's your business , not ours
iv'e deleted like twelve people because of this , and it's not because i'm bitter
Maybe a little. I just think that when people say there's someone out there for
everyone, my someone got a psychic reading, saw her future & jumped off a cliff
should i keep tossing my line in the ocean trying to get her back? God comparing fishing to dating is such
a good comparison i mean whether we catch a sea creature or a woman at the end of the night
their still gonna smell like fish. It would be so much easier if i lived in india mean
i could just give her father a cow and a iphone and it would be done and i really hope she would come
with a manual because no offence but you women are really complicated. it would go
something like
how not to piss me off
volume one, Anyway to all the single people out there. Happy
single awareness day. Enjoy your sappy movies , enjoy your chocolate and most importantly
enjoy your porn, My name is richard and hope you've enjoyed your dose of dick. Be sure
swallow and i will see you back here with a new video later this week. Chow
I seriously should just copy and paste bloopers
eh i can't be bothered
Hope you enjoyed the video