Pacific Rim - Trailer 2013

Uploaded by WorldCinemaNews on 16.08.2011

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After 5 years of absence, Andrew Niccol
returns to direct a science fiction movie with a great style.
'In Time' is set in not such a distant future,
where the gene of aging has been neutralized.
But due to the risk of overpopulation,
time becomes a kind of luxury that people have to pay as a real tax.
In the cast young Hollywood stars like
Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfriend, Oliva Wilde and Alex Pettyfer.
The busy Guy Ritchie
is determined to make the film adaptation of DC Comics 'Sgt Rock'.
The British director had already started the project in 2010,
but left it because of commitments related to Sherlock Holmes 2.
The film will be set in Europe in the '40s
where the Sergeant Rock faces nazi troops.
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