Food City Kitchen with Chef Walter and Jan Charles - Walter's Spicy Ham and Black Bean Stew

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bjbjBrBr Walter: Soup. Jan: Good soup. Walter: Is this a day for soup? Jan: Yes. Walter:
Before you got here, in this big ol' pot, I put a big onion, some olive oil, cooked
that onion, some garlic in it, added some Cajun seasoning. I use VKW s Cajun rub because
I like it. Some pepper, hot pepper sauce and all that's been cooking for a while with three
cups of stock, chicken stock, and three cups of water. Jan: That smells so good, makes
me want to use it for perfume. Walter: Now that may be going a little far, but it s close.
Jan: Not in my world. Walter: Yeah. We're going to add some black eyed peas, and 'm
using frozen ones. Jan: Always a good thing. Walter: And, by the way, I give specific amounts.
Don't get too hung up on that. This is stew not brain surgery. This is some okra, frozen.
Why frozen? Because I'm lazy. Jan: You could use fresh though if you wanted to? Walter:
I suggest using fresh, if you want to. This is ham. Pre-cut up, in the meat case. Jan:
You can get it already cut? Walter: You can get it already cut. Jan: Nice. Walter: Comes
in a 12 ounce package, which would really be enough of this. I said a pound, so I bought
an 8 ounce package and augmented the two since I do all stews twice. Jan: Yep. Walter: This
is a can of diced tomatoes. And see how complicated this is? Jan: Yeah, I'm watching. This is
hard work. Walter: And this is some hominy. Now, in truth, if I were doing this at home,
I would put in the black eyed peas, let it come back to a simmer, the black eyed peas
and ham, let it come back to a simmer, cook for a few minutes and then start adding the
rest of this stuff. Jan: Let your flavors come together. Walter: The black eyed peas
need a little more cooking than the rest of this stuff, which would kind of lead us into
the middle of The Young and the Restless, which is not a good thing. Jan: That wouldn't
work here. Walter: Now, some place in this you have to decide how thick you want this
when you re finished. If you want it thicker, add another cup of stock, add another cup
of water, add another cup of each. Finally, when it's boiling again, this is collard greens.
And you can now buy collard greens or kale or some other things in the produce department
at Food City pre-washed, pre-chopped up, in a bag, ready to put in your recipe. Jan: And
I ve got to say, that is a short cut I will use. Walter: It is, well, getting greens cleaned
and getting all of the grit off of the greens, gritty greens is not a good idea. Jan: It's
not lovely. Walter: Not lovely. And this won't need to cook, once you put the greens in,
this will need to cook about half an hour. Now take a look at the centerpiece. This is
one of two pretty things we have to show you today. Take a look at the centerpiece. Jan:
There was a sneaky tiger in your centerpiece. Walter: Oh, that's both good looking things
at one time. We re going very up scale. Look at that soup. I ask you, have you ever seen
anything prettier in your life? I bet you'd like to have the recipe and know how to do
this, wouldn't you? But it's easy write to Chef's Recipe, 6450 Paper Mill Drive, Knoxville,
Tennessee, 37919, sending a self-addressed, stamped envelope. Or you could just go to
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