Who else wants Star Wars Battlefront 3

Uploaded by gustavo1bilhao on 05.12.2012

so guy's today iam here to announce
and tell you guys
there's a page on facebook from star wars battlefront 3
so if you want to join us
go to the page in facebook
and write who else wants star wars battlefront 3, we need likes for this, i heard
last week that lucasarts
star wars battlefront 3
it's ninety nine percent complete, what the hell lucasarts
i ask myself why the hell they did that
join us please we need likes on the page, the links will be in the discription so you're
not going have to
listen to me talking and talking again to understand what i am saying, alright?
just join us okay?
just try to imagine
star wars battlefront 2 with better graphics, better scripts a new campaign, everything cool
lucasarts destroyed that dream, goddamn lucasarts why?
that's it, there's nothing i can tell you too much, just join us alright?