Empathy Circle 10.5: Twelve Steps to a Compassionate Life: Mindfulness - 2013-01-18

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Here we are Empathy Circle number ten. This is for our 12 steps to a
Compassionate Life
and today we are on January 18th, 2013.
We are on chapter 5 of Mindfulness.
answer to began with monster resigned pension which is the info stern
a culture of empathy and compassion and so that means empathy and compassion
within ourselves and within the circle and within the larger
world that you need so
that their intention here old hindi intention later
uh... can
andy field
moon right
all right then we weren't going to learn on my phone s are
practitioners of connections uh... reduced the
close our eyes
and just kind of can act uh... with ourselves
and we take a few depress uh... really just feel into our body
status now is a very sensational it's in in your body
family to your
through your feelings and
and settle in and one of those sensations
indicate that sensation
into the
motion i removed man
you can share with the group
just kind of practices trying on stand
and and uh... patco and
instantiated stand behind bar so
dealing into our sa
olson approach
connecting to delaying
handle paying legalized back
and uh... search s coming back into the circle
accounting found that feeling that we want to share
an open your eyes and let's come back to that circle
so i'm actually carrying out a lot of anesthetic in the background not sure if
it's not quote your computer mark a
market would you be willing to just uh... new years for a second see if it's
you were here
uh... came
now after phil camp
um... unnaturally tonight sure stemming from the after market uh...
silly another community o'shaughnessy
no it's its market
make capable of doing it again okay
n_b_a_ here
man there's a lot of uh... background yourself how tronic has done so
uh... on tend to take my anyway
i've been on the screen
alacrity minnesota for
feedback here
that that
okay so let's see how that goes hand so i do now is to ensure aaron reflect our
movement so like uh...
i'll start and minus kinda like time like this it's dealing with all the
background i since her and i'd be glad to have a crashing in my
here's the
honest kind of static in
material crazy o mistake
uh... that said
the man like had anything
completely cut
monthly decline
thank you
will remember that one and mine is that has opened for different meticulous and
crime uh... but not to take a look at it by doing it and then saying that
techniques in
it'll every in
the in
him and movement
but that's alright and
both hands
he does legalize the montana freemen newton including untangling the gate
that the other thing you know that wanted to desire not to the president
clinton literally
comes in
i'd just came in at the ripe moments with daniel that that that that
people who who
and that
i'm okay so i go to our are reflective listings
now and a m
and in that car it's it's archiving brady at you get any amiga my when
you're not
okay and all the way down
unexplained unit
unity in the style you can get a few uh...
if you could denounce the pointer over your com
video series the microphone air possible on the upper right hand
anything if you click on that actually meets your money
tao instead of the rights of honesty
pierce unique back but i do enjoy what you want to speak you can just keep
returning on the g_o_p_ and
here in you stuff
okay so com
the chapter the happier capture five and it's really
short chapter
sa sinking in maybe could spend the first half hour just talking about
reflective listening because uh...
nearby american are working on my
the guys at four explaining how you do reflective listening
or will come
you can spend a half an hour just getting everyone's kind of feedback
cutest your comments about uh... that
and then come
uh... then we can transition over to the uh...
for the uh... mindfulness chapter that work for everyone regular thumbs up if
that works
uh... hot
okay and the other thing is is uh... ah yacht club
policies at the top of your hand and he directly here began turning up
about scientific
so anyone like to uh... start just what's your uh... kind of big experience
with uh... reflective listening coercion uh... of three the empathy circle
i'd be happy to start
uh... i've been talking about is experienced and rock d angry speaking to
just rent and people people i know friends are not only speaking at the
is it like and talking to my car
as though i n youth myth
iconic active listening is uh... have eight busy experience has been
life-changing for me
ari consists of having this opportunity to
go through this stack
uh... not just
minus any listening to somebody but also having to repeat that works out this
other person just sort of
to check and that if he backed off the other person whether there will be her
regarding art
jet lag is experience
to everyday life
many bassett pride
uh... when let my children i've been a better listener
uh... i have been wanting these next step which is ask them to be better to
standard spec
not make the decision to be a better listener myself
end on
i've also talked a lot of people have talked to two uh... somebody latch last
night who is a teacher
yai until then we have too much to lose weight belt calif
day but a deal that any great
document and but the
they're not going to happen
on infested with the station but now i understand you want to be reflected
the allegheny
somalia you say
and uh... that uh...
these experienced was
was ally i a life changing anything he said for you speech was very influential
o'neill for you
that speech was different for you to uh... not just uh...
to listen to music to get to the president said for
whether or not he understood
and he said that you've been using the two if you are
student and he said
and that you feel that you're listening to them better
uh... i think you said uh...
enough so that you've been hearing in there
i'm not sure if you think that this was the family came into the conversation so
did elevator do you think that's fine
it was
uh... setback about did so and i think that client being mindful using active
listening with them
i'm not sure yet how it too
b_h_p_ chair of active listening two words my children or other people
but the the police expire
my own experience that mindfulness has been very well taken because i've had
the chance to experiment
i'm mindful listening
through uh... throughout what we're doing here
so you're saying that you had inching fiftieth monthly for me
and that he was very valuable to you
that yoga gifted with the children
but usd pondering i think he said
are to be it each year hot too
teach them how to do it
and maybe it's not only pondering because it's so when you take me
at maybe and just and indicate where acquiring
advocates kill myself
and i'm looking forward
to the next step which is
uh... be able to teach it's bill
solely in ninety eight when doing uh...
uh... because you know if you don't need your acquiring new skills so you're the
causes of equating to feel that you're looking forward
to the next step to the next phase
if they had a terrific twenty cent
and i've been looking are acts life
uh... conversations whether political conversations on t_v_ or everyday
conversations that i heard encounter
i've been listening differently
and uh... often being frustrated acts arun at how people are encouraged to
act stepping
interrupts had in their own
arabs resignation in all our way out
not not
deterioration of our continuing
whether it would be sell much more
what's the word
it would be intimate building uh... and much more constructive leaking went back
to our
lengthening them
still you've become much more aware or
listening to other people in with the people listen to each other indeed
become frustrated noticing how
people tend to champion with their conclusions on there
already interrupting into his singing well
to each other and how much
he said
the world will be williston bennett each other is this with the same
armormax were constructed romans would be
if we get that breaking the law
and you know just how much love constructed the moment between people
will be
if the issue
needs using the tools that you think
you've used in the killing
i feel for the hurt
thank you mark a
and we talked to pty
unlike the last time restricted
yes indeed
all came here again
yes monkey citizen hillary
militant k
aki and he is so late in life you are here in the room
for some reason it was a piece of legislation
i feel that um...
because it's an area that and you need
new two meetings senator nunn he's not
whom he says that to me to meet in just two thirty eight p they can't afford
to heal the body
i mean defeated the exercise of the reflective using is so important and
he's going to fall into the player
benefit that it should be pa
part of the flocking to in maybe not the whole
home how
needs to be
me uh... reflecting their
that will keep say to each other
i kind of feel that um...
i don't feel so indigenous independently today
absolutely still pages there is anything that has something important in motion i
want to see you
we want to exit poll
or whatever you want to if you know that the kind of stuff that you listed with
us you know agreements to remain this kind of fun experiences that we meet
doing in terms of studying or reading a chapter it is less important to really
spending close to meet
so that's my experience
still in the one hand you enjoying the reflective nixon
that's at the same time you saying you have some frustration when phillips
and that comes should companies tend to uh... amb
needs new but i'm also using it in my profession
you feel that need need would be better if we wouldn't spend for circle
in an effective listening
and a half just reflective listening can be very helpful and useful and we have
emotional content to sharing
tests when we are hanging
i think tanks of compressed nation meaning effectively cities not wasted
and their way to do that elected recently
me who's been
you thinking
still uh...
it seems to make this is again is that we may meet with the frame to really sit
down with people who
which had been doing for them to see in england supporting you need anything
weakness in the twenties you need a refund
continental discussing the a few days very much
possibilities from
richness of in terms of use of take on it without into reflecting bandages to
if looks could kill the station still hoping that i will need both of these
in and wouldn't that be the one thing that i need those within my field
to remind him to come
when you're with friends you have something really
emotional are important to share then the reflective listening
is very beneficial for you
backed swimmingly
sharing comptons like we do here studying tech to save the book
many scenes that may be conversation creepy
abetted style
me to say well we can have bulls louis reflection
yeah going to be
you can't get to the plan
hanief unions yes
mhm okay
unduly distressed union
with miami mark i hate to see because you need to win
one man was to pin down
so i'm practicing meeting then doing a in demands and needs inconvenient me
investing in houston
and uh... uh... she'll say the benefits of
their listening to athens
but then i'm not
sure how i can
teach my children to be messing with me
i think that's a very insisting pouring unit now
that's how do you
teaches children are two people you work with two all seem to be sent to you
after you shoot that enticing to date
and i'm thinking that something we couldn't recanting
weeks that would be very interesting
to do more with in these circles
you were of
resonating with stone
i hadn't bulk about what they were saying i saw satisfaction about the part
uh... handing over the echo baccarat christchurch
yeah i'm going to hang out in the event speaking
uh... so it's uh...
if he gets it uh... if you're speaking for example i think uh... by uh...
mentioned uh... with three children mistake or or just anyone effect how you
can listen to them but then how you get down to listen back to you
effect that part it is clear what you're looking at and you're thinking that
maybe this is something that we can and exploring the circle to that dynamic
of uh... speak lifting of someone bent and having them listen back
as well
yeah i'm teaching specially like ms with children you know teaching eating the
weight without now
need to do it this way and only this week
simeon i think that would be interesting in and
m i'd also resonates with will marcus is about
painting different
i'm supposed i you know
in the embassy circles
and nbsp
conversation and but i thought
couldn't physician on the contents of detectives to meet a reflective
listening also helps
on the contents of detectives because we we carried over to abstract because so
interests it sticks with me more easy
so arafat to crack so you're saying the first part of our children is like how
do you can teach that to you
the uh... listening and reflective listening to children's and make it
tough time um... for them as well
and and the other car was side blows
uh... the
corrected x
pig in the chapters on the reading a chapter dot having multiple ways
of of context lorenzo's the reflective listening and maybe just freestyle
discussions of having multiple later of discussing
uh... so i kind of like uh... mates resonated with you uh... and
that and actually looking at the tractors
uh... in terms of uh... doing reflective listening of the chapters that actually
works for you because you can like hearing
the contents twice in the sky like sticks with you more deeply
selling the alexa
i feel it
that and
one more thing that i noticed about the reflective listening to me
is that in changes my mind sets like it does was this mindfulness pricked
to release them
ensue having that reflected me singing
formats in our circles
i feel it's worth it makes me more open
more aware
you'd need to focus attention and circles
due to
the strictest is constant pressure tips
when we had to open conversation
my focus season is far less presents and it's not always a problem it's i've
noticed that it is that way
yeah there's a the overcrowded and when when we have that kind of freestyle
talking that com
mother anand came last row that i heard on track
uh... effective precision extending the reflective listening that you have it
deeper sense of precision in terms of the kind of picking up it what's being
and that the uh... when you're doing just kind of a freestyle discussion we
don't have that sense is of precision encounters
uh... five hundred baptists or something
their that you have with reflective listening
i think it was a smart to it well olson equal next
to bt i feel more more opened to rescue people in the circle
margaret up more is needed reflected financing
uh... reflective listening creates a sense of hope in this three other people
within the circle
and uh... i'll speak to right out front
does a lot
but to reflective listing a lot of different aspects of it
really interested in exploring these different stages are aspects to facets
uh... reflective list tanning
it you know i think that there are a lot of the current
at stake reflecting the thinking you know that the you know the people of
traffic dot
yet is how i can crystal
you know if the crystal has a lot of different planes to it
and uh... so the reflective listening to me as has a lot of different planes and
aspects to it just like a crystal that's
so it's kinda bad too
you compare it to
proof that the case of a different faces than profits going to be the same as the
ticket listening you'd like to be a brooksville or the different parts of
the presents an uh... exactly
and so this is the one facet is that when on
maya was talking chosen a real role really excited to cashier
and she could you just kind of kept going
but keeping her energy was blocked by having to speech in short
uh... births that dunlop ok could reflect certain changes the energy bear
crumbling are very engage sharing
too happy to share a little bit
but then really stock and then wait for marketing reflects the changes the
uh... of the of disco of the sharing
so ones that
he it
if there is something about the technique reasoning that is the second
yet but i was very excited about it and she was one level it in a sense
but because of a defective pieces at the syllabus self doubts about the in
reflect what she said
and that kind of was naked
perhaps we've got mixed up different also it has a different kind of an
that's one aspect that you are thinking about this
a present
but he didn't say it but it kind of it because it's about the cause that kind
of the energy handbook moving slowly because if it isn't too
because of the
contemplating this is an abuse of the increase talks it's always been the
meets no yeah subject
there's so there's that dynamic but effects it's infanticide always sonoma
luck my equity share the full
all content of her
urge story without being interrupted
and it's like there's a lot of people like my mother's specially if they get
started on their story winners like no end to the story
writers like again i don't care about you know i don't care if you are step by
historical right story in the healthier transfer the
so in some way so it's a it's it's kind of dynamics of this is like saying stop
he is not the person you're talking to
actively seeking a handle all that stop you for or against you know hampering
hysterical elected
needed it seems like a kind of contains a good in the day the threat
knowing that what the company that that
boys volleyball tournament doesn t book the hotel is the lead acumen you'll have
that effect
there's economic that if you listen
maybe it's too much and yet another leads coming in you but then again she
was going to this story
so savagely could be good really helps me with style that they are not only
that does not reflect about what you said that the overall install a calypso
started naked aval
so be kind of people and that it does need to historical available handing out
having a fitting that dole out of the spending by thursday
so it could happen again
uh... element
naked lady actually we could be very helpful yet it's almost like the element
is the relationship it's really you know i'm miss one our relationship in keeping
that relationship arm
an alert on the other person
so it doesn't make the particularly want to let the senate it really is
the it really is that the idea that the agency between the two
were and the people you have any kind of a kind of it
in there that night the variations seep there when mister probably old doing in
space together
in so that's that's one major affluent that certain
i feel heard about that
lo and fully heard for now there's there's many staff
wherein again i a m
would like to explore every or more of those facets but feel her to this point
foley urged
okay i
intel is about the fact that that'd
so i went up the matlab that's important
it doesn't think of anything that will be
in ankara have another
but they haven't had a full myself
is the
you know it
so when someone talks to me
or when i got the sound of the enrolling engaged
but i think i think the kind of seeing women other people talk to other people
i decided hey hey hey productivity depleted because i don't think that that
mike tyson gay's rather than instead of having interesting for me too
reflect on it so
necklacing that maybe we could say united radio here is the only collect
against ms there's no other legislative summit it'd be great now i got the issue
where you're going to be corrected and so that's good and that it reversing as
he said so edgy and it's really kind of fair
an audition myself anyway when i'm not the one that was
couples excellent is there
you need to have you seen make
uh... cake
uh... still hockey is saying daddy uh...
before reading listening to it made me do u
want to ask him that the other thing is it
but didn't you
uh... shared a as you listen to a big daddy talking in we share the plots
any one of the things that you realize you think clean
you're talking you feel very engage end
you remember the conversation between you and the president
they repeated but
i think people talk you find yourself mean into the key is engaged in there
for they're inflicting pain
but i didn't think isn't to be helpful to you because you effective security
standing next week
you feel exactly the way
that uh...
geary e_t_ game east timor
here in the meantime understanding and t_v_ like that
the benefit to the same that you raised
or no evidence that the credit that
is that
so at basically just reflecting is coming up so
i can see the benefit of p and a and i think it's a very important
it up
gretzky still had to be a whale kills said that the other
and they make sure that it is not a deeply
but he definitely had an element of based on what they were
and as i could say and well the latest on level i think that if you would look
at these engagement
ever accept
and i think i'd be reason that this looks like i said before i think it
would be different
ended the war
really couldn't get to
old smoking among critics croatian
eleven contradicts release them
they because and i didn't think that the clinton seligman isn't it
that something about this in the end of that and and and separating a baby but
not when i go and some of the talks to me
having anything to that list
anti-gay disengaged anti-gun began laughing through the content because it
kind of like there's something there again because that's the creativity
it but the middle benefited by the other email
you would like to know is that the thing that people didn't think it would be a
including u
and convicted in the political parties in the neighborhood need more difficult
tunisia because um... because it was just a thought that you were talking
until today
caught twenty more sane david uh...
division and things to the issue of the time
not exit monthly boy do that uh...
maybe disengagement he said maybe uh... that's and that you feel that maybe
twenties content
happening upon continuing people's lifted with other people instead
sentences hospitals for
solely to keep your attention on each
even though you also said he thought that he telephoned some other ways to
maintain the but he's also
mortally wounded
p lauren
eugene satan people needing money as they were doing more than an intended
for use in ten people
and the
and it's been
night man
so i think you have uh... i can feel that you here
if you're
he helped you started and ended
you are not yet
i think you youth with fewer
multitude of season up that process
may not get any hit the second part of what he said when everywhere
and then
i think we should in
starts working on the check to be considered in lansing
we wanted you
when i hear great
transition has just looking at the time to
so they do that then transition to
that the chapter baca
unless you have something else to say on this topic
andy field
is important
over that it was my turn to
speeding because if it looks to me
honor on and the
immediately and delete alone
on his feet in the front lines and we think it's appropriate to most of the
is that uh...
so it might lead to the can't get
people last week
who is being their hands and uh... feet and even the president in an attempt to
so i would like to pass the test
uh... you can speak to someone and to reflect a reduced sentence ki
well farquhar
uncertainty luke art the infamous with me
fifth amendment
that we really need military salute
wanting to know what it is about so i think they would like to gasoline
somebody else
it you maybe you
to talk about that
today something about it
whether you want
them at that you know are aren't database apparantly effected chapter n
and why are cara
you don't remember content by baking you'd like to tax h_i_v_ so if it
and he handed me a debate he can pythian atlanta and chatting as well
bank and
as i remember that that was
any m eighties
itni that anne
it was a lot of make sure you know that's not very familiar
at least speaking to
well that's right
not knock knock out start there
and give it back to you at your end
exacting l_l_ fuzzy
did spend on hold while since he read the chapter and you've been traveling
and have a lot going on
but i don't remember having
adam connect the dots in this chapter on mindfulness
and selling out
that if there were a lot of things that sounded familiar
laughed at it specifically
how accurate on starting talks about being mindful about the self
and not beating oneself are
so uh...
year terrorism
lucap connecting at the top so i think at the your mentioning with this chapter
online unless you know is uh...
that they care abstract talked about being uh... icon mindful of ourselves
and not being ourselves uh... oh
and the reason i connected the dots is because
we've been doing
in more reading ex parte arc that compassion tax
it's that
and taking
on mine
nets and ourself contraction
and having
at the mindfulness and the south connection
and is that compassion sorry he really connected and this chapter
uh... so good to me
so you've been a taking other classes or other workshops and it's been about
mindfulness and and so there's something about that connecting
the uh... self compassion and the mindful it's that kind of those with
thoughts that were kinda coming together and
that seemed to be kind of a
resonating with era making sense to hear ur
yes something
it resonated because gary armstrong talks about
being mindful
uh... or
what warren it's feeling two-word oneself
and not and be mindful about
i would not constantly
uh... being negative about one
his emotions and he didn't
uh... surfactant about uh... mindful is about what's going on inside of
ourselves so it's gonna be mindful
of not just come by focusing on the negatives a parts of ourselves
uh... and b
stumbling camp
yes it just like karen armstrong's
talks about
imported it's are looking at our south compassionately
the other work better the other work that i've read about felt compassion
also raises that saying issue
uh... engine down their invoices in our hands that is self-criticism
and sort of enjoyed the little things off my
for what they are
so it's not fair awstrans talking about that's kind of what you're referring to
scare mccarran starts talking about is that we've become so out
catholics out
action out for ourselves
watson compromise on this
and leave her
we don't focus on the places that are kinda like uh... negative been critical
and judgemental but on the
unfounded kinder or if you don't use that word kind of birthday
any other voices other
coming up
yes so net net self-criticism
and what kind of things that compassion
to require self
and more enjoyment of the simple things up
uh... so that uh... focus on the criticism
uh... back and more on that kind this to be mindful of gardiner kindness
and the uh... joyful less in life and have a mindfulness on that part
i can't believe her
okay den nha
i'll speak to uh... gifts to a jaja
elite c mindfulness uh...
i'm a little and cleared there's a lot of talk now about and my phone that's in
and uh... haven't cleared what happy pleasing and i have a look
the league into the nature of mindfulness
so i don't have a
real sense of clarity
in a real sense of what is meant by mindfulness
earth though that either the ferry ignited beneath the bed
and i think you could be these kind of thing
a explaining it because they figure the local talk now about my enquiries
and you didn't get enough to be paid only limited but the just wonder what
how people use it can be fun quebec's status
if you look at them that's what they had the same
yanked the smartest understanding what people mean by thank you
to take the word intend to are
to really associate it with uh... whatever the found whatever the
experiences within myself so it's kind of on clearly i was hearing my if
say that for my fullest
is uh...
trying to shift your attention
uh... from canadian self-criticism too
you know finding
at an awareness of kindness within herself and kind of bring your attention
to that finance
and intently more miranda well about enter ending or what it really means
neil clothing ect
because not only by the senate but understanding for you what to do this
what means that they prepare for you meant
hounding lawyers have mapping hears the word mindfulness here's my experience
that is a two relate to your ears we found that in my own experience what use
my influence in the words mindfulness
character to you experiences
if the pure idea idea here is staggering intial hahahaha gates that you
specifically what you have my asst
is how it relates to hit
it's a gift from obscurity
into chapter is it gave nine police will have means
who we know these let me because that could be kind and dianne being all kind
the allstate
you know
and i'm looking at mindfulness uh...
like uh... parents michael is related empathy
i'm not sure really treats on that
likely uh... from eight a it's about relating to others as well as myself so
the mindfulness there is a mindfulness of
of being aware of my experience
and what's coming up within my experience and the authenticity
connected to what's coming up for me
and to be able to talk with the cliche that was someone else
uh... so from my iphone this truly has to be
homeware not distracted not it
we connected to whites uh... what my experiences
at manure from cents or something
who kind of a president that he could be considered
mindfulness whether a particular empathy for them to and then you go back to
talking about the lower experience in thing
and you're basically saying my goodness the you'll be something ok craic when
they feel safe in our grant and highly connecting your sent
what comes up you know and and
but because the me intellectually says seems to be part of the next billions if
you had
admin user weather where does that mean
that's a picnic
evident that the few men behaving that become away a
of what your experiences and i think it's the latter
uh... again it should be aware of what might like to feelings are that come up
alabang town center like with my mind she just kind of wonder
and to be able to follow that wondering
uh... somehow is
and profit the cliche that
imperative that i must emphasize that it's not only
that what you experience that
and and and how you see how it you talk about
that the fed to experience the kind of
again and then let the because here just to clarify the its billion that you
alley feel it's not going to think about the eleven and one of the what feeling
their eyes and how and that you can see a it's an important we knew
yet authenticity notice as part of it so now artillery tanks
you infinitely
delayed the pictures that was a dedicated to helping to be a good thing
to do it is
now because in the speaking to you
uh... also kind of thinking
ended up about mindfulness in b
a decade
editing that is a lot of gifford's ways it immediately
told and i think that when people
hate it because
it happened only to
a cat and mouse one book because
i think gave in
you know uninsured say you have a yahoo
so as he said in the chart here
is all out the way
ito isn't the stuff that so far it makes it seems
india they didn't ban
or does that mean
yet what my statement
stumbling so quickly because did not want to feel safe
date anyway
nexus wm
teamsters union
and it has a
won't about mindfulness anthony's travel what concern is writing about
mindfulness here because you see
what she
same detective
is isn't
is is nineties insisting his is cheese and learns woman then you can see it so
it makes sense but it's also easy he said that in them
and that's what you need to be a teeny cellular smallest joking about you know
connecting mildly to yourself but how do we do it
you know if you know
an argument
it's like at some of the work is that is the miki what they say
she cut off talk about
she does say it was like these
sings league ball and you'd become all the way it will contain inflicting on
our lives
and she also that statement gain
you have to live in the world and she said my goodness it's not about going
all to benefiq i've been in the woods in being a mannequin
in in practice
but she doesn't actually say
what rockies in the world is
x if he's not that i understand i mean
except for that becoming a where and how do you know what become aware that much
at all
she talks about
depicting a six-month fuhrman's and she says sightseeing will return to practice
it in the roads and not as is
and he will be on the mountain or a monkey making
need for in houston mail
but then she doesn't explain
how do we and we go about practicing mindfulness
so that is
what you are missing
example thing
if you become motorway a
so how you become aware of these displays at the new collected till you
see that theory
you wake up one day i say i want to be molly where as my edamame
national except for that she says that
becoming more aware is quite easy
that didn't mean that you can understand what he means christensen maintenance
easy to mean to make sure weighing in school
we need to be meetings in the ste
cousin is still
or proposals there
karen thank you
you can see at people you know i think you know if if if if there is a
the cake when people tell you the that
that's interesting because from me
this last time i met this book this was the chapter when i started
karen armstrong on have twelve steps
and this time i noticed again when i met this chat artists
indeed in resonates with me
and the first thing i need not understands isn't too it's of
chicks step five deacon mindful
you know for me first we meet them and i think and then they become mindful
although we do need are
so far i mean this was earned from sorry karen for the contents as it is so is
inland prominent teach
turned in her broke
things like you
over there that the more than once had and that those that you know it's it's
out there that the kind of like the
yields they can and white baking that manual a big game
they use the kind of phoenix
of the except the link between somewhat disconnected from karen order fills the
you don't understand how
black limousines hedge bank if you see by permitting
elects it by
and its oil revenues that suicide was that and the defense and then you get my
belief is that dragon
dispatched six look as if they hadn't it's going to take care
earhart president-elect moves
that kind of economic make sense you yell if you decide
and so what you just sends amounting
yes in on tuesday the esteemed remains high
then that remains in eight
by a clue how to which is something that i was expecting from this book because
it's two twelve steps titel
the house too
i don't feel like he's taking
me through the steps
mori taking me through the concepts then through the steps
and how to arrange the steps in helped
would be and very nice exercise i think and and i think that we will also say
it more intimates
when we go through the rest of the cities that we will get more and more
okay yet also right
you know and see what what the depress chicks
lucrative bearing
say yes they not survey of the ingredients are there aback the human
that expected from the twenty two steps
about them
back out to look at practices but not so much love the idea behind the product is
the end
but thank you hope you may think that victor
and get their any every night because i've been told that the lesson with you
it may be a single little within the next trapped there
it's obviously come maybe i didn't i mean i was something that you can
i don't know if you think makes a or maybe it is that i i wasn't clear that
you mean
the final
they are we we started with the moral
what you mean led zep
a_t_m_ both feet we probably will struggle is eat more than i think that
we will show
i believe that she is touching upon most of the contents
to become more compassionate
and therefore we could have slowly certainly could be arranged these steps
and then see what would be excellence in terms of taking practical steps when do
we start and what do we do next yours and then my first vote we be and least
of mindfulness before embassy teams unit here
uh... myth
i would definitely be called did give you the moment than xp
i would like to respond other than the flake but at the gate men
so you've listened yet probably a week ago
everywhere commingle kinda has to do with it is that because there is more
she she catches up with a different kind of like that i've not seen electorate
out there
but maybe we can really figure out cause them to build support is that all of the
kinda what
what how can you make it basically
use wouldn't they
uh... and friendly colored people in
for sure you would like to see
avian empty mindfulness before empathy elected maybe defense victory brazilians
as big a problem
so the truth
just when one more thing then handouts the mindfulness practice itself
you know i've been doing i've been studying mindfulness and and looking
into it from that site that has also been doing mindfulness courses and
practicing it and also in the buddhist buddhist context
mean practicing used for a while
and i think that in mind for use the the open the windows is reading mindfulness
preethi so it's a very basic meditation practice
and we can take up that is what i understand when cullen says we can take
it into your wounds is that these open the way i mean it's
being dead in the moment again and again and again and being aware of what is
that is definitely a practice down the candles not that difficult world we get
distracted till the time but you can
but then when we take it into the world tonight doing reflective listening with
their children then it becomes only scale but
so this is what i understand as as the mindfulness practice
you have studied it enough to fight with me feel good about the pygmy practicing
and the
you are thinking that the opening awareness is predicts the basic of
and the the
was over there and i think they if the package that the lady and critically
it will feel safe in space basically and it is important to billy
in the world
because i don't think that that renewal date is ken they're not that i'd like to
another delivery and and and use the polanski asleep at the picnic
reasoning and others
but that's all
based in this all pregnant women
minus thank you
uh... h
i hope i says that that would be nice
military including protected
your something are not going to take your cruise so no
uh... into brady back
nearly perfectly
meant that don't have it up to date friday failure at the field boom
having a good weekend and are pleased with the group they
live mixing anyway
i didn
the internet i think there was a little bit about the vote in the interim
head of the area that that is needed to be mindful where and extremely
need immediately
and i and what was that played that they
it would you like the book and that it can be very frustrating
even enroll and he's trying to get away from that pain
and they had to include the mouth
how's that
but doesn't make it seemed so easy all just become aware of
maybe not kind
you did that uh... i befriended me does it opposite
do you feel that you agree
no week price cut out
now you can hear me
yes i do think that you do not have much to do and i said about the book
and instead uh...
what works for you realizes that there is a difference between
people of being mindful in it to you do need to look teaching how to do it
and what u
worried about is the details to be easy when she says just doings
and he keeps putting off people
is this what you think
the people that are predicting a beloved if you think that you want to become
blind knows that and then
the body politic deployment skinny
and that is a hard look at it goes with experienced nothing more what's that
critical because it's not going to be eighty six x
puppy because and for the simple doing it's business difficult practicing
attorney and bonita
he feels he has lived until easy
uh... given the way we can talk about it in the boat it will lead to frustration
injured reading the opposite result to control or
when clinton
went by
i agree with the with what you're saying that as the israelis was also
relate to review their chapter
you know you have to read it eases shut after
andy field taking care of your speaking bacteria
as speak to
delivering come
under the reflected a sissy
aimed at uh... listening to you and he took me to remember again what the
chapter is about
pang in few net uh...
that uh... maybe while that
the big you can be found
some of your with me
now about my information and defeat more than the average person and therefore it
seems like it's lacking that there's something lacking in the book that
it's just misses is that it is not really continue whole and uh... i think
that's going to look for most people probably
it should between several years ago i in terms of floating portrait that indeed
we have to go and she had to do it by themselves
located in
mhm so
after that you sent to you say it again
i said today in listening to all of you and and it reminds me of chapter in
agree with what you guys as saying
that uh... spine felicity prior to entry fee
and uh... that they should be no
or uh... crap i mean their criminal practice of the entity
stuff inability to close to me
maybe this vote is not for people who is knowledgeable is most of you are
hui he practiced
these things
and so uh... and maybe just for people who um...
and looking into it for the first time i really think you know that the most
recipe book
this is what's important about economy armor
local council meeting lifeboat we don't have enough details of practice
of the integrity of so it gets its own our own and other people to go in
eighteen do it
so he repeated the hypnotist chapters that
this can be uh...
and we're we hear how far out more experience
mindfulness and uh... npc
has captured as and down
clarify that speak to pass or something that uh... it's maybe more general
people who aren't so it's really here and this is just kind of catching on
ahmet and uh...
that people need to cut go out and get their own had experience with my finds
this is just kinda like
starting have a starting point for something like that i won't hurt
and i'm not going to go through the hindus and the foot of the kids that are
not critically low
anything that you know not people can read a book about the cause theirs
both alcoholism thing they have to go and do it it seemed to do it every
so i think the whole well for me
he could to get there
important points that are relevant to creating compassion
made me feel that in some areas they need to going they're not to exceed
delete mindfulness
roaming the field
so i'd
i think it's a valuable book but maybe on some levels it's not enough to some
of us or
and those of us with more experience than not including myself and it will be
present an excellent experience doing mindfulness meditation that some of the
way really
you feel better
there's not enough practical stuff here
but um... deans and i think this is an important bookkeeping salter
ending for the reply from a compassionate live together into one
case in a lot of people
after reading this week or two more
details impractical levels themselves
new so needed might be critical about the book but do you think it it has a
lot of uh... really and material it's about that compassion
and harm
down priming my memory sound somehow my memory is kinda like i'm having
difficulty cannot remembering stuff on the line is so it's italia yet
evaluation of compassion she principles that can help us
leading compassionate life
dishes really laying down the principles and the underlying principles subs of
uh... i would be more compassionate actually have a compassionate lifestyles
his principles that are monkeys laying out
here was saying the plane of for people who heated debates will stay at of
alcoholics anonymous
making me getting a lot about it that they also need to practicing every week
for the year is
so maybe this is a critical risk that leads you to practice
affair amherst new york i'm saying at this prowess are alcoholics anonymous
that there's power these facts and that's the kind of practice tax pretty
actually have to do it began a lot
unique actually goes to dispatch and start doing activities raphael actually
to do the processes all meant to be changed vending he manages to become
so yes you have to do something do these practices to you
and become more compassionate you can hardly wait to read about your son there
do some kind of activity
f_a_a_ lately
not speak to my own leader by internal power
five inches noticing myself democrats drug claim with hearing
uh... unfair
pants about wine beer people
and i think that and c_n_n_'s is making the
find it difficult to your people
you feel the canceled millions into people answering the trying you feel
that maybe
struggling to reach any d_n_a_ might actually block
and from
you're still at the mo
yeah i agree camp extranet the ear and mike
i guess i'm looking at at my own list
things like how how am i listening and how can i listened repeat witty
and i'm noticing some different way you know
little bit of a struggle with less listening you know
senior what you do me seamus heaney team here
and uh...
it looks like considering your front look like that was not the best method
cancer news that you've got
you're working with different types of defend mis-states of listening
a new looking at each end and you noticed that these differences between
they'll leave she tried to fix it
stamp one play it feels like i'm kinda more cognitively trying to listen
antennas listening collected altman
listening i'm having trouble merging the two n_b_a_ thank you can see some i'm
trying to get a lot of listen more deeply
but i'm having trouble with my own
internal makeup somehow listen deeply in
and see how often i listened more deeply so it is really being said
when hens yahoo co markedly seemingly you really working with debris mini and
then you have been more pple
listening to at least andes tour date you struggle with combining the both of
them so you really want to
more deeply that you're looking for ways to
for maybe a balance between minorities in the choice between them
finding that space where you can reduce cindy
well that's great that
i think
pbionline features cut
i think that the tobacco company www forgot we have to go through it
uh... magnetism that now
it's interesting
uh... yet so there's a lot more there
and i think it relates to my unless it's like how are we might will and
there's a there's a mindfulness with increased diocese through mindful
actually went back on my enclosed reset on that uh... you know the buddhist
mindfulness iraq
kind of tax from people in your own mind i find it extremely boring like i cannot
do it it's just like
but there's another mindfulness which is fans relational mindfulness which is the
impact that
mindfulness and for me it's a lot of fun
so for you know it relates to mindfulness you see the these two types
of mindfulness as well mindfulness which is really working with yourselves
detaching from other people and not
mindfulness you covered there buddhist mindfulness planet
that intranet david boren expected the bindles the he and the medicinal as
critical of the impact that mindfulness would prefer not to try and sort of
instead mindfulness in relationship with with p
at that site and and i feel that the in terms of how to learn mindfulness
i was i think i have a subject i think is reflective listening actually is of
practice for learning mindfulness because we are trying to be mindful and
present with each other
yeah and you feel that they're effectively sydney's anyway
to practice not mindfulness because what we're doing is trying to be mindful
and i feel for her and i think you file
men onto trimming
but also outing
and that's being mindful formalin we've got
bear mad because we didn't close the circle and then somebody in me wants to
share something before we close
so that's taken to start the new moments to feel what's going on inside ourselves
medi-cal mindful
in this moment with esmtps
nancy if what do you have sense enough credits
detained in cheese sandwich
yes i was just a little seamlessly
you know i i hear you had a moment deployed ingratitude because in effect
i have so much to be understand it
doesn't have a good most of the constantly so at does good like that
and a primate farm because i did they think they
very advocate and then i think they had my birthday the way back into my
birthday palace
and for everything had out the
uh... yes i am vannatter but in its to each other and to understand and to take
it to the next level
and united not everything was said at the end internalized in rocks and so i'm
very thankful at this moment and profit
predicted that berlin
immediate anyone surrendered ahead
cleaning up the economy
it's ten stuff
it's different of the individual endlessly
monday twentieth th that in wanting to stay with them
relation in line for mister
plan was emotion just sitting up straight and turning on zero nine steve
neither corinne soooo making meals circle
what do you feel that sometimes you feel it is listed moments where i really sits
next to me
hadn't been from in
it so and it's very witty list that we need
maybe a little sound
a no
come out
hackers informal they work
uh... reliving endure that mark and louis hine fiction that's that they
could be preferable our intentions constantly being cash in on the world
and blow that out into
row how ones women
they acted
in thank you very much thankyou kyun
and hit his head