Wirecast for YouTube Test and Tutorial

Uploaded by georgeanton on 25.05.2012

Hey Now! credit: www.HowardStern.com
On the Laptop outside on the same WIfi Network with the Desktop.
The desktop computer broadcast a recorded audio/video feed through the wifi connection.
Wirecast for YouTube Test 2 cams connected
Integrated web camera + USB Logitech webcam
You CAN run with HDMI connection full HD 1080p
Go Live
Go Live
with Various Shows
Change TITLES Live.
Laptop + wifi + simple USB cams Quick Quality Broadcast
Laptop + wifi + simple USB cams Quick Quality Broadcast
Wirecast for YouTube software GO LIVE !
configure device
1080p too
and changing the shoe here
Wirecast for Youtube | SET UP HD PVR MACBOOK - YouTube

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Solar Screen Cover

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