How to Make Earrings from a Bangle Style 1

Uploaded by ikologee on 27.08.2012

In this video I show you how to make these earrings from a metal bangle.
Going slowly, you can completely make these in about a slow 15 minutes.
You'l need one metal bangle, 20 glass seed beads and two large glass beads, two coils and 2 earring fishooks and 20 guage wire.
These are those metal bangles that come in sets of about 6-12
So cut one bangel into two equal halfs.
Take a small tube - something a little larger than a pencil - place it in the center of the half bangle and
squeeze both ends together until they touch.
Because they are already curved they will look like this when squeezed together.
If one is bigger than the other trim it to size.
Like these.
Squeeze the hoops until the ends cross - When you stop place the tips of the hoops together
Then place the tips of the hoops together
Take your 20 guage wire and wrap twice around to start. Thread your first bead.
Wrap the wire twice around again...
and continue that way until you have wrapped four beads.
After the fourth bead wrap the wire once then add threee beads one after the other.
So thats a seed bead , followed by your large bead then another seed bead
then contiune to wrap the wire twice around the hoop after each bead until you are finished.
Next make two 3/4" coils - and seperate them in the middle by gently pulling the middle a little bit apart.
Fold each coil over
and place them over the ends of your earring hoops.
If the coil you've made is not a snug fit you should dab a little metal/superglue on the ends of your hoop before inserting them into the coils.
Because you seperated the coil earlier you will see a single coil in the middle through which you can thread a
jump ring.
Just like these.
Finish with some fishooks and you have a pair of handmade earrings that are sturdy and quite lovely.