How to Add a Featured Video to your Youtube Channel 2012 (Tutorial)

Uploaded by mibfilmsHD on 04.01.2013

Hello youtube, in about 10 seconds you will see how to create
a featured video on your youtube channel.
The first thing you guys need to do is
to click on your name icon right there.
Click on my channel.
Now hit channel settings.
Go to the tabs tab.
And change the feed or uploads to the featured tab and check this box.
Now hit done editing.
Click add a featured video
and you can do whatever video you want. You could do the most recent video
or you can choose one.
If you choose one it'll be there until you change it. If you change it it'll change
every time you upload a new video.
And i highly recommend you check these two boxes and hit apply.
And there you have it a featured video
on your channel.
So, please hit the subscribe button right under the video.
Like this video if it worked for you
and comment if it didn't work for you.
Have a happy new year and thanks for watching!