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This is where you start.
I put a hole in the middle of that backyard.
One hole, one shot, one ball, and one club.
Who will go first?
I'll go first.
Will she be able to shoot through that fountain, with just a 8 iron?
The 8 iron should have no problem with that fountain
This looks like its gonna be a fun game,
What's that?
She's going to shoot with that putter club?
It'll be too difficult with only a putter.
Why are you surprised?... Steamed bread
If I want to get it in the Woonam Temple, I have to hit it over that tree.
I'll have to angle the club so it'll go higher.
There are too many obstacles. It'll be too hard to make it in with this putter.
Up to here, there were no difficult challenges.
Even if shes Min Heryung, it's impossible to make it over that wall with a putter.
Your 2nd shot was good, but this one seems a bit off.
What the... It's impossible.
Now, shall we see your skills?
In this stage, I may be in more trouble than Min Heryung who is using a putter.
But even still, I'm a step ahead of her.
I have to make the tee shot. I must end the competition here.
No way...
What is she doing?
Theres a putting line there too?!
She may be the great Min Heryung, but shes still going to have to take at least 2 shots.
No way...
I can't let this end here.
I can't lose to those arrogant people now.
I heard you're going to stop golf.
It might be a good decision
You can only win yourself in golf, to win the the real golf games.
Anyways, good game
you're going to...
give up on golf like this?
What do you know?
What do you know...WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU KNOW?!
What is that sound?
Is someone opening a bottle of keg?
Isn't that Misoo?
Why is she like that?
What? Misoo?
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Father, I'm sorry.
I want to continue playing golf..
I want to continue playing golf, Dad.

What is all that?
This is a new caddy bag!
- What the... - Mother!
Tae Gab!
Oh my, Tae Gab!
Tae Gab! How did you get out?
Dad came and paid the bail fee.
Your dad did?
But, where is dad?
I'm sorry what I said pierced a nail into your heart.
But, I was sincere about it.
For our family...
I couldn't understand those rich games you play by sticks.
I actually still dont understand
I wanted you to give up golf, for our family..
but since you cannot live without it, I lose once more..
But I'm afraid this might be the last favor I can do for you.
I hope you be firm and do real well on what you are doing.
A new set of golf clubs..
and also a clarinet
I want to give you everything I can, but
I am ashamed of how I can only satisfy one of you.
I was a father who was always rough and very lacking.
I will be back soon.
Please take care of your mom.
I will become a pro golf player.
I will succeed!
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Misoo, try hitting it several times. That's how it will come to it's own senses.
Mom, we came here so many times now we know the way so well.
Let's just turn this navigation off.
No, we set it so that it can show me the short cut.
We might be late if all the contestants and their families come at once.
So I told you that it would be better to hurry up a bit.
Oh, stop nagging.
Mom, turn right after 20meters.
Read this.
Its the right answers to the questions that will be asked during the press conference.
I'm sure this is the short cut
The road is a bit strange.
That's right...where is this place?
What's wrong?
What's wrong with this?
The tire fell in!
What do we do?
Mom, there's only thirty minutes left!
Misoo, hurry up and push from the back.
No, actually, you drive. I'll do it.
What if you mess up your swing because you use too much strength now.
Mom, you have no power to do that.
Don't ignore the power of Korean mothers!
Hurry up and step on the acceleration
Hurry up and get in the car, you're going to be late!
Get in!
Hurry up and push!
I'll push, you step on the gas pedal, okay?
What are you doing, not pressing the pedal! Press the pedal harder!
What's the reason for coming back to Korea to become a pro
by rejecting all the best world competitions?
The world's best competition?
Isn't that competition in Korea?
All the best LPGA players are all Koreans.
I wanted to play a real game at a place where those great players have been made.
Especially, this selective competition will be shown live on TV, don't you feel pressured by that?
Well, I don't know.
When I'm on the fair way, I only look at my ball and where my ball should go.
I understand that you have left all the best coaching staff in the states and returned to Korea alone.
How will you be trained in Korea?
I think that person should answer your question.
There, who has the lowest shot record in the US PGA
He is a world's best golf coach as well as a course tester.
John Lee.
34, Sung Misoo.
Hey, you have 15 mintues now. Hurry up.
Oh, this cooked egg and rice balls.
You should eat once in a while.
What is this?
If you wear this, you will win no matter what.
Don't say a word and just go and change!
I went to a place where everyone said is good!.
It's worth $ 100!
It's all for your best!
Fine. Nothing more?
Go home and wash up mom.
No way!
I will just wash up a bit in the bathroom and will cheer you on in the club house.
I'm going.
Hey, Misoo
Sung Misoo, Fighting!
You had a wrist injury, has it completely healed?
Are you back in Korea for good?
You were in the same camp with Min Heryung and was particularily close to each other. Is that the reason why you decided to coach her?
A word please!!
Chief, this is Park Eunjoo.
There's a big news!
John Lee is here!
Yes, that John Lee! Lee Jungwoo!
I didn't recognize him at first because of his hair style.
I could't figure out his whereabouts after his wrist surgery, and now he appeared as the coach of Min Heryung!
John Lee...
Then, that mop is Lee Jungwoo?
Today, you were supposed to get the spot light. Why did you bring John Lee into this?
I'm actually thankful that John took away some of the attention that was on me.
I should get going.
There are a lot of people from KPLGA, so I should go around and greet them.
Good luck with today's game.
Hey steamed bread!
You seem to have some luck with your competition parties today.
I think I have more luck than her.
The only golfer I know in Korea is you
Its seems that we should make the roundings together.
Then, would this game become a rematch?
That's not funny.
You two talk.
I'll be leaving first.
I'll see you in the field steamed bread!
Why are you obsessed with her?
You continuously stimulate her.
Am I?
Yuna. How many years have you played golf?
12 years....
12 years... I see...
The mountains would have changed once, and even a bit more.
You started playing golf since
Park Seri won in the LPGA.
How much money have I invested in you for those twelve years?
620 mil won.
Yes that's right.
And I have used another 1.2 mil won here and there
So its 621.2 mil won.
Repeat after me. 621.2 mil won.
621.2 mil...
Did Yuna go somewhere?
621.2 mil won!
Don't forget.
If you play as well as Park Seri in LPGA
and win the competition
you will have no problem in making ten or twenty times more than that.
Then we can be a good children to our father.
Yuna, you are our family's hope and what?
What's the winning numbers?
69, 68, 67, 66..
Just make below 70 shots!
From this year, only ten people will be able to become pros.
Yes, I know.
You have to get in the top ten.
You know that your father is watching you.
Please get out!
The player can get a minus point.
Yes! Thank you for the great information
Do well.
He hasn't changed.
If he isn't like that, I get more anxious and scared.
Wow, you put some effort into how you look!
I put some things on since we are on live now.
On live?
You didn't know?
There was a press conference and now everythings on live because of Min Heryung.
Everyone is all running around.
They said that there is a new golf drama.
What is someone casts me as an actor after seeing todays competition?
I'm nervous!
I feel so unlucky to be in the same group
I didn't like her since she was interviewed in the States in English.
Isn't she such an idiot, if she can't play that well, even when she has such a great parents?
Here comes Min Heryung
Hello, Min He Ryung Unnie.
I'm your fan.
I am so excited to be in the same group as you.
I can't believe I am playing with you.
I'm really honored!
Can you sign this ball for me?
I'm gonna play with this ball today.
It's the first time a qualifiers match is broadcasted
Yes, if there is Kim Yuna for ice skating, there is Min Heryung for golf.
Mi soo..
You must at all cost,stick to it and pass this time!
Yes, that is true.
Many viewers seem very excited about this game
Please give a brief explanation about this year's qualifiers.
The qualifiers last 3 days.
It's a stroke play with a total of 54 holes.
Only the top 10 will qualify.
If you play over 90you're automatically cut off.
A total of 6,156 yards.
18 holes with a pair of 72
Four players will make a team
There will be no personal caddies.
Each group will be allowed a house caddy provided by the association.
then to everyone, FIGHTING!
The first round of the KLPGA qualifiers has just begun.
The winds are soft so it is great weather for golf.
Finally Group 8, which included Min Heryung, will begin their match.
It's a group that consists of Min Hae Ryung,Sung Mi Soo, Oh Yoo Na, and Na Na Mi.
Na Na Mi's tee shot.
Aww and in goes into the bunker.
Min Hae Ryung player. She looks very serious.
You dont need to be nervous. Just hit it like you practiced.
Mi soo player
This is the 3rd time shes tried out for this.
That is an amazing distance.
Good job!
Isn't that over 300?!It's probably more!
I think this group will outdistance all the other groups.
Let's move forward.
We can just watch it on T.V. at home. Do we really have to go to the clubhouse to cheer?
Tae Gab wants to just stay home too, but you're making a bigger fuss.
Do I have to go to the golf course on my day off?
She'll get encouraged if she sees us after her game.
and why wouldn't they let us in in the gallery?
If we head over we should run into Mom too.
That's right!
Mom's there too, right?!
Our mother is so amazing.
Don't you think, Tae Gab?
"Our mom?"
You don't think she'll over do it and ruin things
because she's playing with Min Heryung, right?
That's our Misoo.
"Our Mi Soo?"
The tee off is probably over, right?
Players are moving to make their second shot.
They all look very eased.
Min Heryung made on green.
Yes, she made a birdie chance on her first hole.
The winds are low so it's a good day to compete.
Sung Misoo player also made it on green.
Its way too far. It's not a joke..
It should be hard even for someone like Mi Hae Ryun.
Lining up, Min Hae Ryun
Yes, a clean putting.
It's a birdie!
It went in?
As usual...She read it right.
Forget about her. Just focus on your game.
Sung Misoo player also made a birdie.
She gives a big smile as she gets her ball out of the hole.
She got it! She got a birdie!
Yes, the tee shot approach. That was brilliant.
The conditions today favor that.
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Sung Misoo also made a birdie in the nineth hole.
Yes, at the point where the first half of the game is over
she has three birdies and two bogeys so her total score is -1.
Goal! It's a goal!!
What's the score?
It's a birdie. A birdie. Not a goal!
Min Heryung also scores one under par
Yes, since the first hole, she is finishing all her games with a par.
Golfer Sung Misoo's driver shot
Yes, it looks great.
Min Heryung shows not much change in her facial expression through out the whole game.
She is scoring par for straight twelve rounds.
Yes, the ball bounces off. What a lucky break!
Had it not bounced off, it would have overextended.
Sung Misoo player is lucky today.
I envy you. If you just close this one,
you'll finish with one under.
I'm just lucky today, that things are strangely falling into place.
Final 18 hole.
Golfer Min Heryung is one under par.
Yes, since the second whole untill now, she has finished them all with a par
To score par straight through out sixteen holes is an interesting record.
Her swing is so clean it has no fear or hesitation.
Her distance never exceeds the average of 250 but her driver shot is always accurate.
She bothers me...
You are toying with Steam bread, aren't you?
No matter how you see you, you are toying with her. You can obviously get the birdie if you want.
I see. I see it all.
Is that so?
Wow... landed on the bunker
It'll be hard to get a birdie.She would have to end the game with a par at the best.
Oh, it's in. It's a chip in.
Sung Misoo is a nameless player that really didn't catch our eyes
I didn't know there was a long hitting player like her.
I raised her. I raised her.
She has a great shot sense and also some luck fallowing her.
And now she at least can make a joint first place.
Mom, this is only the first round.
We need to see how things go.
What are you talking about?
If the beginning is good, then it will be like that till the end!
That's right!
Thank you so much!
Mother, you've worked so hard for this.
She is definitly a dark horse.
Yes, Sung MinSoo is quite formidable, isn't she?
Yes. It's been unusual for Min Heryung to be in the short end of the game.
Maybe she is used to the fast green in the states
so she might have hard time adjusting her shot distance.
I still expected her to get used to the green quicly
But it seems there is a unusual condition today with Min Heryung.
Oh, it looks good.
Oh, and it goes in.
It's a birdie!
Yes, for sure, in this last hole, that was brilliantly displayed.
They are saying that Min Heryung is also in first place.
Huh? No, that can be. Misoo is number one.
Of course not. Misoo is number one!
Sung Misoo! Sung Misoo! Sung Misoo!
The two of you saw that, right?
Oh my, oh my. How could that wench not even care to greet us once?
She pisses me off...
Probably its because she has to share her number one place with a nameless Sung Misoo
Her ego must have been hurt.
Yeah, they are both tied,
but why do they only show her on TV and not Mi Soo so much?
That's because she's the reason for the broadcast.
And Misoo gets to be on television thanks to her
Anyway, the hardships of Mi Soo's mom are all over now.
Of course!
Yes Misoo, let me recieve some benefit!
I will raise the tuition fee from next month.
For sure, golfer Heryung is a world class athlete.
Every shot was textbook!
And she didn't miss a shot.
From the first hole to the final 18 hole...
Every one is guessing the her shot difference with other players when she wins.
It's Min Heryung!
What is this with the tie.
Even so, please encourage her.
Why don't you call Heryung right now?
It is after all, her first game in Korea.
Just encourage her. No matter what. Got it?
You know that, right?
You wench!
If you have eyes, look carefully here. Your name is nowhere to be seen.
Your name is not even in the list!
So what are you going to do?
There is tomorrow. Tomorrow!
Look at this wench, talking back.
In golf or life. There is no certainty of what will happen tomorrow. Don't you know?
I know. Tomorrow, I surely will!
What do you think you're talking about?
Oppa! Oppa! It hurts!
You must be happy, Steamed Bread.
Well...I'll first say that I'm thankful
That because of that strange match up, I've improved and not given up on golf.
Rather I'm more grateful to you - for continuing to golf.
You played too lazy.
You will get cut off if you continue playing like that.
Wow, just beause I was nice, now he is abusing my graces.
Oh man!
Misoo, I knew you could do it. I knew it!
Do you know how loud this mom was yeling?
I didn't even know how embarassing I was at the club. I was just jumping up and down.
Were you that happy?
If you continue playing like this, you will definitly get in the top ten.
Of course, who are you! You are my daughter!
Of course, of course!
Your father would have liked to see this so much.
I can't even call him and tell that his daughter made it to the first place since he is in the middle of the sea.
Oh, it's over there.
We could have gone home to sleep, why did you rent a room?
Coming and going for one hour. I'm pressed for a rare second.
Eat well and sleep well, so that you can be in top form.
Wow, what's all this food?
We congratulate your first place finish.
Where did you have the money to buy all this food. Is not like you have so much.
The folks in the community wanted to feed and support you when they found out she was competing so they collected some.
Mom, if Misoo makes it in, you have to throw a party.
Got it.
Because then, even if I go into debt, I'm going to throw a big village party.
You guys...
Why are you doing something I didn't ask...
Misoo, why would you talk like that?
I'll go after her.
Sung Misoo. What's wrong?
Seriously, what's wrong?
Don't you feel good finishing the first round in first place?
At times like this, I just want some distance.
I just want to focus on the game.
It's hard enough with the family.
The hopes held by the folks in the village...
Mi soo...
I'm sick of it
Gong Sook and Tea Gap, they are all here to cheer you.
Don't you know?
We are all hoping for your best.
Your father on the ship is also hoping for you to pass this competition.
Do you know what I think about when I'm golfing?
I have my family's life in my hands.
That if I fail to make this...
...that everyone would die.
Thank you. But I think our MiSoo will need some rest tonight.
Jungi, let's go.
Tae Gap, don't miss your meals when you are alone, okay?
Don't worry mother, I will take care of him.
We'll go now.
Mi Soo, We're leaving.
Bye. Thank you!
It's the call from the president.
Sorry for giving you hardship because you met disqualified parents like us.
So you need to try harder.
You should try harder and live better than this.
You know, I once in a while dream of you with wings and flying up high in the sky.
They said that your dream will come true if you wish for it sincerely enough.
I really sincerely wish for it.
My Misoo will definitly make it.
I trust you.
Let's cheer up.
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I should get a birdie in this hole.
A birdie.
Here's my ball.
You might be disqualified if you can't get out of here.
I can do it!
Misoo, you are alone. You are playing on your own.
I can't stop here.
I should get out of here.
i have some people i want to see.
Are you here to see Misoo?
Long time no see.
Are you interested in being a caddy?
She bothers me in a weird way.
I want to raise a player.There is a little less cooked steamed bread.
I saw the notice for caddy sign up...