DIY Ombré Shoes!

Uploaded by glittergirlz4eva on 20.05.2012

Hey guys, what's up?
So today I'm gonna be showing you how I made these ombré sneakers.
So you want to start off with just plain, white canvas sneakers,
and I got these at H&M for $17.80 so they were pretty cheap
and you want to use new shoes because they really absorb the dye better.
and I'm just using this paintbrush that I got at the hardware store for about a dollar
and I have a container of warm water, just you know, warm enough to drink, just like hot tea warm
and you just want to use that and brush it on your shoes, and wetting the shoes first is really just gonna help the shoes absorb the dye more
so that the color stays and it won't wash off.
So to dye my shoes I'm going to be using these 2 dyes by Dylon in number 15 and 17, 'Windsor Purple' and 'Navy'
So I'm pretty much just ready to dye my shoes, so I'm gonna put my gloves on, these are just plain, normal latex gloves from the grocery store.
and you want to make sure that you wear gloves, because if you don't the dye will stain your hands.