Assorted gems, 12회 EP12 #01

Uploaded by MBCClassic on 22.03.2012


Can I have your car key? I have to get sober before going home.
You can get sober tomorrow morning.
I might smell of alcohol to my brothers.
Why don’t we take a spin?
Aren’t you tired?
I’m fine since I take a nap during daytime.
Also, I’m a man. This is no problem.
Let’s go.
What are you going to do with the money you earn?
I’ll give it to my parents
What a good son.
You are a good daughter.
Even though I kicked out my parents?
It’s just living separately, not kicking them out.
You know, women in these days… including my friends,
They’d rather stay single than marry a RP.
What’s RP?
Risen from Poor family.
No matter how brilliant a man is, if his family is poor,
a woman has to support in-laws.
So whether he is a lawyer or a doctor,
they say they won’t marry a man from poor family.
I have to establish my family fortune, so that no one treats my brothers as RPs.

You said you would marry, right?
When you have a girlfriend, show me.
I’ll observe if she’s a good fit for you.
What kind of woman do you think is a good marriage partner?
First, diligent. And character’s important too.
I used to despise a lazy woman but not anymore.
If there are many lazy women, it means the probability of my success goes up.
Nowadays, I feel good when I see a lazy woman.
‘Be lazy, but I will work hard.’
From tomorrow, get up 30 minutes earlier and have breakfast alone.
Do you think I’m wise?
Yes. And manly.
A responsible man is a manly man.
That’s a compliment.
Do you know what kind of women attracts men?
Sure. Someone pleasing to their eyes.
She has to have a pretty face and shapely legs.
But her character is the last one men look at, right?
Unwise men look for things you’ve mentioned.
How about wise men?
Do they look at her heart?
Or intelligence?
< They are attracted by an uplifting woman.>
They are attracted by a soul mate.
That’s true. We can’t resist a soul mate.
I talked too much while you rarely asked me a question. Isn’t it?
Did I?
You always answer briefly.
My dream is to become a drama writer.
I’m very much interested in people and the way they live.
I see.
Please tell me whenever you hear a funny story.
Oh, do you know the story?
If a woman puts her handbag above her head in the rain…
It’s a fake, but if she holds it in her arms, it’s a designer label.
Do women really like handbags?
Well…As for me,
I think I’d be moved by a man who presents me a puppy instead of a bag.
A puppy?
Yes. There’s so-called Westie.
I know.
You do?
With a scut-like tail, and it looks like a mixed Schnauzer and Yorkshire, right?
Right, that’s right. Isn’t it so cute?
It is.
If someone presents me a Westie puppy, I’ll dedicate myself to him.
Don’t speak carelessly. What if someone really present you that puppy?
One with a good pedigree values several thousand dollars.
And it’s rare in Korea too.
Who would present it to me? I wouldn’t tell him.
But you just told me.
I really enjoyed drinking tonight.
A pleasant drink is good for health.
There’s one thing we lack here.
What is it?
If you were a woman, we would be real good buddies.
You are a good conversation partner.
Don’t draw a line between genders and just treat me like your good friend.
Oh, I remember Kyle once said conflicts stems from distinction.
Dividing and differentiating…
Oh. Really?

Come here and sit.
From tomorrow, get up 30 minutes earlier and have breakfast alone.
Why? I can’t get up that earlier.
Your dad could find your eyelash thing.
Don’t worry. He doesn’t know. I’ll eat my hat if he finds it out.
If you get caught just once more, he’ll surely stop your schooling.
It’s not in my destiny. Don’t worry.
So your destiny led you to be caught at the theater the other day?
You make your own destiny. Don’t be reckless.
How could he know when even you didn’t know?
I was distracted by the thought of your brother.
Is he your only child? Pay more attention to me.
I do now, but do you ever listen?

Dad is home.
You don’t look that drunk.
You might have a tummyache.
It’s ok.
Of course.
Oh, spoiled girl.
Cuz I’m the youngest. Don’t expect too much from the youngest.
Seems you have something to tell daddy.
You just checked his mood.
What is it?
It’s about Younggook. A matchmaker found a real good woman for him.
A JBS anchor woman.
It’s none of your business.
Tell me. I won’t spread.
Hashil Park.
Oh, Hashil Park.
There’s no rush. He can see her next year.
She’s pretty popular these days and we can’t make her wait.
Call him in and have him see her just one or two days, please?
I saw her host a program. She looked sophisticated and pretty.
She’s an extreme makeover.
How do you know?
Her original face is on internet. You wanna see?
I don’t think you can recognize her.
What? Do not spoil?
How can I sit back when it comes to my brother? I’m against any artificial beauty.
Don’t you think so, daddy?
But women in these days all get some surgeries.
I don’t.
So you did…
I don’t want a public figure as my daughter-in-law.
Take your time to find a modest girl.
When a matchmaker introduces another girl, ask for her high school album.
We need to see her original face.
It’s better to see her 10th or 11th grade picture,
for girls usually get surgery at 12th grade.
Mind your own business.
Don’t allow him to live separately after he’s married.
I want to watch over my sister-in-law. Ok?
If you don’t run wild to marry before your brother.
I’m not interested in a man.
Can I trust you?
Why would I lie? I prefer a girlfriend to a boyfriend.
Don’t waste time listening to her. Why don’t you take a shower?
It’s already midnight�