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Welcome starting another program abacabas.com
I am speaking here directly from one of the greatest monuments of the city currently
that is the great bridge, the bridge that connects the capital of Amazonas, Manaus
until Iranduba, that municipality is developing
as Manaus celebrates its anniversary, now this weekend
24, October 24, we will honor the same.
abacabas of us, we must honor our hometown.
and I'm here with the great and doctoral Fabrício
I do not know what he is master, what are you? Doctor?
I do specialization in orthodontics and implant dentist and I am
He is a dentist, he said a lot of things but is a dentist
let's make a challenge Fabricio, I asked him for what?
the challenge is running across the bridge, you and me. Accepted?
Let's try bro, see if you can stand my physical.
this cool, had already crossed the bridge?
yes, however the car, never walk, never had the courage
will endure, you will take?
'll do anything
very good, stay on the abacabas are only beginning
good, so here is the start of the bridge from here to Manaus should have, we are on the side of Iranduba
I, Bruno Rocks and our doctor here that will help us if a problem
Here is this man's hospital, who came to help us
let's run, run camera ensures us?
so lets! The first to arrive wins a brunette. Come on.
one heineken
the last to arrive is the wife of the priest
Films Fabricio running
meanwhile the cars as they pass not even there for us, guys running crazy through
thankfully here has room to run
Friends, do not know if the camera to see, but the river is too dry
continuing our journey here in Manaus bridge - Iranduba
Then as I was talking, the bridge cost a total of over 1 billion reais
know that?
No I do not know that
dude, that was a lot of money spent here
but it is considered after the Theater Amazonas, the monument that has more fantastic here in town
had to be
the money that was spent, I think she is not to bring
and the material that was used on it, concrete, iron and cement, remembering that 1 million was used
sack of cement
gives to build two stadiums maracanã
you did not know this information, can you build 2 stadiums maracanã
this new stadium they are building for the world cup 2014
wide, it is 22 feet, so I was looking over at Google, there in wiikepedia
and there in the middle, if Paul can shoot there, we'll get there
but Paul can give a look
the maximum height that is there is 162 feet tall
from abseiling to make a pretty crazy there, a jump bang, whatever
but he jumped from bridge here, a guy who had jumped from parachutes, was very crazy
which he recorded
he jumped over there even peak?
no, I think he even jumped off the bridge
had some guys who were watching him for him not to jump off the bridge, but he jumped anyway
Another curiosity of this bridge is that when there are times of storm, rain
in Manaus when it is rain my friend, can tie your home
Here is interdicted
interdict the guys here, no car passes here because the wind that gives the city
is different wind giving here on the river
because it is opened
our river're very dry, do not know if the camera to see, man, do not give it?
is very dry
Natiel let the man pass
let him pass here
Brother passing here on his bike
hey bro, already enjoyed abacabas.com?
not yet?
was cool
whole architecture of it, everything was planned, according to the security measures of the forest, understand?
guys ... oh my brother!
my brother makes a noise, does not see that we are working
there is still another
the face of the woodpecker, as did those guys in the barrel falls
so ...
Here are some curiosities, because we're doing this program to honor the city
anniversary of Manaus, the 24th she will now doing 343 years, 343 days I would talk
343 years, is brand new, if you compare it with some cities in Brazil
as São Paulo, whatever, Rio de Janeiro, Manaus're very young
nothing like the bridge to signify that another year of life, I remember
when I was kid, when they opened this bridge was last year, Mayor Dilma. came here
mayor looks
President Dilma, together with Your Excellency Mr. Inacio Lula da Silva
men guarding the bridge, shows that our bridge is safe, are exactly 1:00 am
and here we were walking on this bridge, it is non-abacaba bro!
at least we know we're safe here, remembering that we have a SAMU medical
if we have an attack, he's here to help
just will not do mouth-to-mouth
flamengos´ fan club
that's it, is there another curiosity do you know about our bridge?
Bruno Rocks?
no, we still have yet to meet
and Fabrício?
have any curiosity?
I do not have no
I blurted out something there without you knowing?
the bridge was started, its construction began in 2007 and was completed and opened
I think she was ready weeks before
but she was inaugurated on October 24, 2011, on the anniversary of the city
historic show, very historic, the guys stopped here, had
Skank, Titãs, had they?
no, but I think it was calypso! only that which has
good?! a bridge too beautiful! If you do not know Manaus
she draws attention from afar, even if you are flying, look! has a lamp here
making signs for us to communicate with creatures from the outside world
I hope you enjoyed my history that I got from google
was cool huh?!
still halfway there
'll run
seems that not is too high
is hitting against the light?
here is cool
the chipped Natiel
arrived at the halfway stage, this place is too beautiful
Paul has already made a shot, a good close
hey should show here, as is the panel color change
makes clear there again
the panel here, where is all the colors, is looking there?
so personal, that you're seeing in Brazil and throughout the world
probably in the next few days will have a caption in English here
and even on Mars, to assist people in the universe, even recording by the city
or whatever cops
City Hall filming, staff, the bridge is very beautiful, we got half of it
're dead now, my heart is to get out through the mouth, but I have a warning to pass
has a promotion in emerging abacabas.com if you are
if the guy fix the exhaust of the bike would be good
if you're a fan of lord of the rings, we're giving away a book, but who can the details
is Bruno Rocksl, what do you think?
in partnership with the bookstore capital, we will sortear 3 books lord of the rings,
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to enjoy the abacabas page gives a little help to us, who can draw more people to enjoy
will win, the top 3 will win, books
Lopes only one question: is the trilogy?
the whole trilogy is the complete book.
Lopes did not here the right numbers
'll put his picture here
'll sortear the book for you
remembering that our partners who help us here, the bookstore capital of the largest companies here in Brazil books juridical
and here we lunch at my sister's sabores da terra, which is very good
Fabricio! have something to say? Flamengo?
what did you think of the race?
in half, this quiet?
is not thirsty or hungry?
no, eating a little while ago
even wanted to bet with his friend, to race with us
I'd beat him because he is a smoker, would win easily
says his name
Felipe Antonio
and another thing, which is 1 hour Iranduba we left running out, our camera is dead, let's continue?
looks fabricio was gone
let's hope he comes here to finish it too
closing another matter here suffocation 1.0
desafio 1.0
finished Desafio 1.0 of many that will come out there
could arrive alive crossed the bridge of almost 4000 kilometers, 4000 kilometers?
4 kilometers
4 kilometers was badly .... 4000 kilometers
fabricio wanted to thank you .. not by invitation ... participation in the program, what did you think of the episode that you participated in the abacabas
very good, and gave it up to see that physically I'm fine, I'll do this again sometime
I appreciate the invitation and anything'm here
prepared for this new challenge?
look that only comes radical challenge is sandwich is abseiling, your heart flamenguista this cool?
this tranquil
prepared for the downgrade?
drawdown is the camera
bruno rocks thank you for participation, send a message to someone?
let's enjoy the page, tanning on facebook, follow on twitter, subscribe on youtube and let it abacabas are only the beginning
I wanted to thank all who support this idea, to Paul that this filming and the 334 people who like our page
Are few but they are of heart
in the future will be more
will be more
a hug from skinny and is vasco Champion 2012
excuse the mistakes in the translation, we are still at the beginning