ELF Cosmetics Haul

Uploaded by evaMarav on 27.02.2012

hello beauties
today this video is about elf cosmetics
or eyes lip face like we know this brand
I bought some products for lips
lol My dog shakes the camera
i bought 5 lip glaze
i will show you all one by one
and I bought three liquid lipsticks
I'm very happy with my purchase
is my first time that i order from elf
came in a very clean carton box with bubbles
not to break something than it had inside
were all in a cardboard box with their names
everything was perfect, I had no BROKEN
I had seen in some videos, saying that the products came damaged
some crushed
I did not have any problem with my order
i ordered them Monday and they came next Tuesday.other words in 7 days
shipping costs EUR 4.5
if you register in their site,they send you newsletter
about special offers
first is the plumping lip graze
makes lips look more succulent
in color
the color look like hot pink
at one side is the lip glos it not have a smell
on the other hand has a transparent material with mint flavor
I like the mist leaves over my lips
perhaps it make some more inflatable look
the color is look like that
this is the swatch
second is
The letters are very small and is hard to read them
in color...
is coral with gold Undertones more then peach
this is the swatch
the Color is very beautiful
long lasting
third product is
is one of my favorites
is pink with orange and gold Undertones
this is the swatch
The colors I have are pink and orange Most
i'm in orange mood this month
fourth is
Perfect color, pink with pink gold Undertones
is very soft color
is easy to wear evey day
last one is
this is the swatch
is brown with orange
this lip crazy is very pigment
and continue with my 3 liquid lipstick
is too moisturizing
long lasting
I have tried these two
leave that for you to demonstrate how that comes out from within this product
The first is
I have it over my lips now
brown natural color
is beautiful
the second is...
pink with gold undertones
last is ...
this is the way which raises the lipstick
twist this 10-12 times
finally you need twist 15-20 times
15 times
i have a giveaway for you :)
if my video reach 1000 viewers in a week
the 1000th viewer will win a product from elf
any color wants
just you must leave me a comment"im the 1000th viewer"
you must be a subscriber
kisses see you soon