110308 - Hyper Report

Uploaded by HyperReport on 08.03.2011

Hello, this is Scott... And this is the Hyper Report for March 8th
of 2011.
Gold is currently trading at 1434.93 Silver is at 36.39
The Silver to Gold Ratio is 39.43 Oil is at 105.23
and the US Dollar is at 76.70
Traders ‘Short’ Dollar As currency Loses Attraction
The rising oil prices and US fiscal deficits are the main factors behind
hedge funds and forex dealers betting records amounts against the dollar.
In contrast, speculators expect the European Central Bank will soon raise interest rates
to head off inflation. Increased interest on European debt is what
the PIIGS do not need now.
Greece Slams Rating Agencies After Moody's Cut
Moody's downgraded Greece's debt grade to B1 status, or junk status.
In addition, Standard & Poor has warned that it may lower its view soon from its current
BB+ rating. Greek 10 year bonds are now trading at 12.32
percent with Portugal close behind with yields above 7 percent.
It appears that it will be an interesting month for the euro; however, things are not
rosy across the atlantic.
February $223 Billion Budget Deficit Largest Ever
Forget fiscal responsibility from Washington. While personal debt is going down,
Washington has racked up a record breaking deficit of 223 billion dollars in February
alone, which is larger than the entire 2007 deficit
of $161 billion dollars. Time to get out a phonebook and pick 500 random
names to run the government. They could not do any worse.
Federal Reserve's Lockhart: Oil Shock Could Lead to QE3
Atlanta Fed President Dennis Lockhart announced that if oil prices continue to go up,
then the Fed will make a new round of asset purchases.
The current oil prices are a direct result of QE1.
We have not seen the affects of QE2 yet and now the Fed wants to make the problem worse?
Shut down the Federal Reserve!
Demonetized Currencies
Take a look at the linked chart showing demonitized currencies from 1024 to present.
Out of the nearly 600 currencies, 147 were destroyed by hyperinflation and
the rest were destroyed either by either war or mergers such as the euro.
US Farmers Fear The Return Of The Dust Bowl
U.S. farmers are fearing the return of the 1930's dust bowl conditions in the great plains
of the US. The great plains produce 20 percent of American
grain and corn; therefore, the collapse of these markets would lead to
starvation in Africa and anywhere else where a meal depends upon cheap US exports.
Want Education Reform? Start With Higher Ed
Reduction of the Texas higher education budget provides an opportunity to rethink education
in fundimental ways. It is time to reduce the non-student orientated
expenditures. This may make education, in Texas and the
nation, more relevant and responsive to the students needs.
No Silver? No Problem
In running low on silver, the U.S. mint announced that it is requesting public comment from
all interested persons on factors if they would accept brass, steel, Iron, or Tungsten
coins instead of silver. And silver is still below $50?
Finally, Please prepare now for the beginning of the
economic and social unrest. Good Day