Halloween Series 2012: Vampire Look

Uploaded by SatansDolly on 18.09.2012

Welcome to the Halloween series
I'm finally back
and yes... Finally it's a make up video
You told you missed them
and here I am. You have asked me to start with the halloween series
it's seems soon to me, but I do it quietly this way
and I'm uploading several videos
Today's look...
I didn't want to make a vampire look again but I think it's unavoid because it's...
the alpha halloween costume
it`s inspired in Elvira (Mistress of dark)
and whatever...
I hope you like the tutorial
and in the description box I will write all the materials I have used
You know that you can follow me on twitter. I've got mobile again and I have twitter too
And also facebook, I have a little abandoned but whatever...
a little kiss to all and see you soon!!!