January 2013 - Suburban Plein Air Painters - Artist of the Month

Uploaded by prairiecenter on 14.01.2013

I'm Irene Peterson. I'm an artist living in Schaumburg.
I'm a part of the Suburban Plein Air Painters group.
I also am on the cultural commission for the village of Schaumburg and involved in
and coordinating
the Prairie Plein Air
competition and show each spring.
The Suburban Plein Air Painters are a group of artists west of Chicago.
We have all kinds of people.
Older people, younger people, young mothers,
people that can only paint on weekends because they're working,
people that can actually get out during the week-- they'll be painting any time.
For those of you that may not know, plein air painting
is just painting outdoors. We're really trying to capture light, angles of light, shadows.
It's a really quick painting process.
We try to capture a particular moment so you're painting very quickly. There's not as much
detail as you would find in a studio painting.
But it's very
And people just love to do it.
It's very addicting. Groups like ours form because people like to paint together.
Painting is a very solitary event, and having a community
of people that you can just go out and paint with
is a wonderful thing. We may not be painting right next to each other, but we know that we're there.
And we'll meet beforehand, compare paintings afterward, and really just have
a good time.
Plein air painting is a lot different
than being in the studio and having a
photo for reference.
When you take a picture with a camera it really edits it for you
But when you're outside it's almost overwhelming all the things you could
possibly be painting.
You really have to edit yourself and really decide what particular little
piece of nature you're going to paint that day.
Everything in our exhibit, of course, is plein air. A lot of it is in Schaumburg,
based on our competition here in the spring.
and a lot of it is just pretty much north suburbs, west suburbs,
nature centers, forest preserves... The plein air group
for the suburbs is more nature-oriented.
You capture more
naturalistic, realistic settings here. There's a lot of impressionistic
paintings. That's where plein air got started. Our exhibit runs through
the month of January. We also have a reception January 18th from 7-9pm.
If you'd like to stop by, I think
all the artists are going to be here that night. So it be a great opportunity
to see the paintings as well as
talk to these artists about how they capture their paintings in the
plein air setting.
If you'd like to start plein air painting, this is an excellent opportunity to also
talk to people that have gone through what you would be going through as a
first-time plein air painter.
We also have a Suburban Plein Air Painters facebook page. If you'd like to
become a member, just ask to join as you go into facebook and I'll make sure
that you're a member.