How to Shop Safely

Uploaded by rainforestalliance on 16.09.2011


It has been a bad day,
but if Alicia values her sanity, she'll follow the frog.
Notice she has not followed the frog.
Alicia realises that deforestation is not her style
George is the decisive sort, but when faced with the consequences later,
he'll see he should have followed the frog.
George has learnt about biodiversity - the hard way.
Terry's wife
is a hard taskmaster. He has too much on his mind to follow the frog.
This oversight will result in unsustainable coffee farms,
cranial bruising, and memory loss.
Following the frog results in better conditions for farmers, workers
and the protection of forests.
Not following the frog leads
a higher rate of avoidable accidents,
such as not watching out for the hole.
And so in conclusion, I think we can all agree that,
for your personal safety and the health of the planet, please remember to follow the frog.