The Tweekly News - Post Office Queues and The Real Jon Daly

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JASON SKLAR: Today on the show, Judah Friedlander, and
will the real slim Jon Daly please stand up for another
installment of Behind The Tweet.
It's The Tweekly News, and it starts right after the Blue
Angels fly over the green screen studio.
Look out.
RANDY SKLAR: We have a budget for that?
But now we actually don't have any money for a joke right
here, and we need one right now.
RANDY SKLAR: We really need a joke right there.
JASON SKLAR: It would be so great if we had a joke.

Welcome to The Tweekly News.
I'm Jason Sklar.
RANDY SKLAR: And I'm Randy Sklar.
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We are @Sklarbrothers.
RANDY SKLAR: And we're taking time out from verifying the
birth certificates of the Chinese
women's gymnastics team.
JASON SKLAR: Our motto, if they can remember Y2K, then
they're OK.
Let's start, shall we?
RANDY SKLAR: Let's vault right in.
It's time to relearn.
And just like EX helps people relearn life without
cigarettes with its free quit plan, we relearned this week
that the Olympics isn't the only institution in London
embracing Twitter.
The UK Post Office has its own Twitter feed.
JASON SKLAR: Here's a quaint little exchange between a
disgruntled customer and the royal post office.
"Old Street Post Office sucks.
I hate queueing every frickin time."
RANDY SKLAR: The UK Post Office then tweeted back, "Hi,
sorry to hear about the queues in branch.
We will use your feedback to monitor
and improve our service.
Thanks." See, that's the beauty of Twitter.
You have no idea if the Post Office is
really being sarcastic.
JASON SKLAR: That's true, but it's actually the double
whammy of Twitter and the English accent.
RANDY SKLAR: Here's a totally different read on the same
tweet from the Post Office.
"Hi, sorry to hear about the queues in branch.
We will use your feedback to monitor
and improve our service.
JASON SKLAR: When you say it that way, Ran, it makes me
never want to send another fan letter to J.K. Rowling.
RANDY SKLAR: And you've sent so many to her.
JASON SKLAR: I have sent thousands to her.
RANDY SKLAR: And you sent them all to Gryffindor.
JASON SKLAR: Because that's where she lives.
RANDY SKLAR: She does not live there.
JASON SKLAR: Yeah, I think she lives there.
He's crazy.
RANDY SKLAR: Now, even though each tweet maxes out at 140
characters, a cool twitpic is worth 1,000 characters.
JASON SKLAR: This is Pic This.
RANDY SKLAR: 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander tweeted out this
pic with the caption, "I went to Second Choice Haircuts
JASON SKLAR: Yeah, you, Jon Gruden, and half
of the Indigo Girls.
RANDY SKLAR: Now, periodically on this program we like to dig
deeper and take tweets to retweet to the next level.
JASON SKLAR: One of our favorite writer performers to
follow on Twitter is Jon Daly.
Not that John Daly, the other Jon Daly.
And he recently tweeted, "Senior citizens are pretty
cute until you pee next to one."
RANDY SKLAR: See, the trick is to keep the Rascal dry.
JASON SKLAR: And when you say rascal, you're talking about
that electronic scooter, right?
RANDY SKLAR: Uh, yeah.
Recently we had a chance to sit down with Jon Daly.
Not that John Daly--
JASON SKLAR: The other Jon Daly.
RANDY SKLAR: --To find out more about his Twitter stream.
JASON SKLAR: And any other stream that may come out of
him, for another installment of Behind the Tweet.
RANDY SKLAR: Welcome, once again, to another edition of
Behind the Tweet.
We are, of course, in an undisclosed location.
JON DALY: This is Burbank
RANDY SKLAR: With us today is Jon Daly.
Not John Daly the golfer, but Jon Daly the Jon Daly.
JON DALY: The comedian.
RANDY SKLAR: Now, you have a fantastic Twitter account.
You definitely tweet some great stuff.
JASON SKLAR: You tweeted about peeing next to old people.
JASON SKLAR: Did that come from a real experience?
JON DALY: It did, yeah.
That was JFK at about 5:30 AM.
The older people get, the more time they take and the more
noise they make when they urinate.
RANDY SKLAR: It's not just noises coming out of--
JON DALY: No, not just the loud, loud pee of a man who
can't control his bladder.
That combined with the [GRUNT]
It's a very sexual thing.
And old people having sex, I think we can all agree,
shouldn't happen.
JASON SKLAR: Oh, I was going to say, is awesome.
RANDY SKLAR: Now, you brought a photo with you.
This is you, as Jon Daly, being John Daly.
Now, can you explain to us The John Daly Project?
JON DALY: How it came about is, his
name beats me on Google.
RANDY SKLAR: What is Google?
JASON SKLAR: I'm not familiar with that.
JON DALY: It's a little bit like Bing.
RANDY SKLAR: Bing, gotcha.
Now I understand.
Now I know exactly what you're talking about.
So he's beating you on Bing and you need to upstage him on
some level, or at least merge your images with his images.
So this is my attempt, in a very positive way, to outreach
to him and merge with him on Bing, and
Google, at the same time.
JASON SKLAR: Don't know what Google is.
I'm still not sure.
JON DALY: Again, who does?
RANDY SKLAR: Also on the 23rd of 2012--
JASON SKLAR: Which must have been a very busy
Twitter day for you.
RANDY SKLAR: --You tweeted this, "Jenny McCarthy is the
sexiest anti vaccination propagandist in the
JON DALY: Yes, that's true.
RANDY SKLAR: Now, did you tweet that as
John Daly or Jon Daly?
JON DALY: That one in particular was as Jon Daly.
JASON SKLAR: I knew it.
I told you that.
JASON SKLAR: You disagreed with me.
RANDY SKLAR: I'm man enough to admit it.
JASON SKLAR: Apologize to him.
RANDY SKLAR: I'm sorry.
JON DALY: It's fine.
RANDY SKLAR: I thought you tweeted that as John Daly.
JASON SKLAR: I told him you treated it as Jon Daly.
RANDY SKLAR: You treated it?
JASON SKLAR: And tweeted it.
I told him you tweeted it as Jon Daly.
He said--
RANDY SKLAR: OK, I said John Daly.
Jon Daly was terrific.
JASON SKLAR: He was great.
RANDY SKLAR: Not that John Daly.
JASON SKLAR: The other John Daly.
Hey, thanks for checking out The Tweekly News, and don't
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and bonus content from our interview with Jon Daly.
Not that John Daly, that Jon Daly.
JASON SKLAR: Thank you.
Look out, they're coming over.

JON DALY: Grip it, and I'll rip it.