Monday Brief: Our Post-CES Favorites

Uploaded by MobileNations on 14.01.2013

This week: A look back at CES from the Mobile Nations team! This is the Mobile Nations Monday
Greetings mobile delegates, I'm Ashley Esqueda, and you're tuned into the Mobile Nations
Monday Brief. We are back from the marathon of technology, partying, and general awesome
that was CES, and there were a lot of great products on the show floor. We'll be back
next week with our regularly scheduled programming, but for now, let's talk about who loved
what at CES 2013. First up, Derek from webOS Nation didn't find any webOS at the show
this year, but he was blown away by the 4K TVs on display at the show. He says the jump
from 1080 to 4K is kind of like the same as the transition from SD to HD... once you go
Ultra HD, it's hard to go back to 1080. As for Derek's favorite CES moment, we both
agree that the Qualcomm keynote was so insane and so hilariously bizarre, we were left with
a CES moment we'll never forget. GENERATION M!
Crackberry Kevin was rocking the CES show floor, hob nobbing with tech celebs and showing
off his golden locks in all their pre-BB10 glory. His favorite product? The HAPIfork,
a device that seemed to be a CES darling, captured many a blogger's interest as it's
a simple startup with a lot of potential. The fork vibrates if you're eating too fast
and tracks your progress. It's a singular problem, but it's a great way to help non-active
folks monitor their eating habits. Speaking of which, Mobile Nations Health and Fitness
Month is just around the corner, so get your workout clothes ready! Kevin's favorite
CES moment was pretty cool -- we threw a Mobile Nations CES party to meet our contest winners,
and none other than the CEO of RIM, TOR-sten Heins himself came to say hello! He did not
bring Myol-neer, though. I guess he's saving the hammer of Thor for the BB10 launch events
later this month.
Android Central's Phil Nickinson was crazy busy, running the crew at AC into a tizzy
as Android device after Android device was unveiled at the show! So what was his favorite
device? None other than NVIDIA's Project Shield -- we all knew Tegra 4 was coming,
but this handheld gaming device was a surprise to us. A full handheld console unto itself,
with a fold-out 5-inch retina screen, Google Play Story connectivity, and NVIDIA's brand
new Tegra 4 chip inside, Project Shield is looking to change the way we look at handheld
gaming. Oh, and it can access computer games on your network and throw it to your TV while
you control from the handheld unit. Crazy good. Phil's favorite moment, though, was
getting to meet the contest winners who were flown out to Las Vegas at our Mobile Nations
party on Tuesday night. What a guy!
iMore editor Rene Ritchie was really into next-gen panel technology at the show, checking
out curved and flexible displays. While he may not be dying to unroll a phone, he does
want a better chance it won't shatter when it hits stuff. Of course, this is a perfect
opportunity for an iPhone screen joke, but since I'm tired, I'll just leave that
to you guys at home. It was pretty cool to see Samsung's prototype Android screen wrapped
around the side of the phone, and we're looking forward to what flexible LED screens
will be able to do in the very near future. As for Rene's favorite moment? He loved
talking about user experience with Thorsten Heins at our party... though I'm not sure
there's much to say about icons on a grid. OH SNAP
Lastly, the lovely human being and EiC of WPcentral Daniel Rubino wandered around the
show floor, but his favorite product of CES was the delicious sundaes the Encore Resort
delivered to his room throughout the show. Seriously, though, they were AMAZING. As for
his favorite moment, Danny picked his interview with Chris Weber, Executive Vice President,
Nokia Global Sales and Marketing at Nokia. They're looking to make a big push this
year on AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile with more WinPhone8 devices and more price points for
consumers to choose from. They'll also be focusing really hard on getting our their
message of "great imaging" with their PureView cameras to consumers. Unforutnately,
no news of Sprint getting any Nokia phones, but if my recent service issues are any indication,
you wouldn't be able to take advantage of the Lumia 920's powerful feature set even
if it WAS. Ugh.
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and you can follow me on Twitter @ashleyesqueda. Nations, you have been briefed!