Wreck-It Ralph Trailer

Uploaded by WorldCinemaNews on 07.06.2012

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Walt Disney made some changes for the release dates of the upcoming movies Thor 2 and The Lone Ranger.
The first one is coming out November 8 2013 and the latter July 3 still in 2013.
Johnny Depp is starring in the Lone Ranger all dressed up as the native American Indian Tonto.
He draw inspiration for the character from a painting by Kirby Sattler.
The painting is quite outstanding, the native has a crow on his head and white and black stripes on his face.
In Thor 2 instead the cast is the same as the first movie: Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth.
What do you think of Johnny Depp's costumes?
He was the creator of the makeup for Captain Sparrow.
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