DBSK making Hitsumabushi

Uploaded by gothchicz on 26.06.2012

Tohoshinki came to Nagoya right
subbed by gothchicz
Let's make Nagoya speciality
That's why let's make it
What is this?
That means they will try to make Hitsumabushi
Oooo why why?
No no..your thumb~
What are you doing?
Is it not sticky?
yup sticky~ <3
seems like it's quite hard to catch the unagi!
it won't cut
please help me
how many fish you cut in a days?
they help the chef to prepare the fish
this doesn't look like your guys first time to do this
we feel praised
next grill the fish
isn't it hot?
it's hot!
after getting used to it, it feel comfortable
as expected pro!
Sensible temperatures of the kitchen are from 40 - 50 degrees
put it up
and turning it
like this?
Fails to turn the unagi
it looks quite difficult
after let the chef handle the cooking
Tohoshinki member preparing to eat
Really difficult!
i'm so sorry to caused you so many troubles
here it comes!
let's open it
it's really different!! really...
it's really delicious
How to eat Nagoya speciality hitsumabushi ?
First you can just enjoy eating it just like that
next put in the seaweed and seasoning
lastly pour hot water to the bowl and enjoy it
You can enjoy 3 kinds of tastes of Nagoya Hitsumabushi
Looks nice~
Ahh <3
Really delicious!!
Delicious TT__TT
Feel like crying right?
Thanks Unagi!
Express the taste in just a single phrase!
Ohh~ Hukhh..Owhh~!!!
This Nagoya Histumabushi is an art of dish !
Yahhhhh!!! *clap hands*
MAIU = UMAI = Delicious!
After eat today's Hitumaboshi, i'll work hard for the tour
Thanks for the food!