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Uploaded by SuperiorBeds on 25.09.2012

Hi there! Alex Read-Brain coming at you from Superior Beds in what is edition 10, I think
of the Travelling Bed Blog. I am in Perth, Western Australia where I am originally from
standing at my mother’s house, and this is a report on this bed which I am sleeping
on in one of their spare rooms. Now, as you can see this is a big, old brass bed, and
it is a really old-school designs, and it is from looking at this version, it’s a
standard double, about 135 cm wide and about 190 cm long. It is a perfect size for me on
my own as I am only 5’8”, so it is a good bed for a spare room, and it’s extremely
comfortable even though it dates back from about the 1800s. It can be quite noisy for
us, but it’s also a bit of, it’s a very good-looking bed, but let’s talk about the
sleeping characteristics of this bed. It’s quite soft, and it’s got a lot of bounce
in it. It’s very comfortable and it provides good support, and this is even given it’s
age, this is due to the quality characteristics of the bed, now, if we have a look at, at
how thick the mattress is, the fibers turns out, and we’ve got a good 20, maybe 25 cm
mattress here. It’s an old-school sprung mattress and even though it’s been around
for a while, it’s worn very well, and what else is interesting is that this bed utilizes
a box spring, or a very old-school spring secondary base mattress which is again about
maybe 15 cm thick providing extremely good support, and very comfortable. I am surprised
it’s lasted this long, but probably due to the fact that it’s been in the stair
room about 10 years and doesn't get too much use, but provides an excellent night’s sleep,
and it provides a lot of the characteristics of the new technology beds that we sell, so
the fact that it’s a sprung mattress, and it has a separate base, so this allows to
provide comfort, um, and bounce-backability, and it also means that it’s extremely dry
and it gets a lot of air through both the very bottom additionally sprung base and through
the current mattress. Now, if I peel this off, I am going to find out who made this
bed. I am not sure who made it, down she goes. Ok, and look at that. You can tell how old
it is. Look at this packing. This mattress must have been made in the 1980s, and it is
not immediately apparent who made it. Nope. It has got no labels at all on this bed even
though it’s been in the family for I don’t know how long, nope. So, there you have it.
My current bed unmarked, it’s probably the sign of a quality label back in probably 1980s
probably when this was purchased. Anyway it’s very comfortable, and I am here for a little
bit longer so I am grateful to be sleeping on such a bed. I look forward to reporting
from the next bed I sleep in wherever that might be. My journey takes me to Disensex
in Australia, so when I get there, I will give you an update. Ok, sleep well!