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422. I can't believe you're so unlucky !
That's not possible, your palm's got no luck line !
- Where's the luck line ? - About here.
- Shit, it's cold and windy this morning. - I like it that way.
"Georges Gassot transfered into a mental hospital today."
- After you. - I'm going up.
I'm sorry, sir.
"Detective division headquarters"
You know they are transferring Gassot to Villejuif ?
- Yes, I read about it. - What do you think ?
Nothing, sir, I'm not a doctor.
If the specialists say he's mad, then he must be mad...
Mad but not crazy. You can be sure Gassot's not gonna stay in Villejuif forever.
Specialists are so smart !
Yes... Hold on, he's just arriving.
Good morning, sir. I got Toulouse's crime squad on the phone.
- Robert ? - Yes.
- Answer it. - Yes.
Hello... Good morning, Robert... No, it's Campana.
- Here's the Gassot file, sir. - Thank you, Miss.
- Did he sleep well ? - Very well, sir.
Show me what you did to him.
For tonight, just give him an injection and a barbiturate.
My colleagues report insists of your alcoholic inheritance, tell me more about it.
You killed four times. Do you like killing ?
Please, what time is it, sir ?
I'm gonna put you under electroshock therapy because you're sick.
If you weren't sick, the consequences would be very bad for you.
Do you understand ?
It's a very painful treatment.
Gassot's brother's here. He's got a visiting permission.
- How is he ? - You'll see.
Hi, Georges.
How are you ? - What time is it ?
He's like this day and night.
It's 11 and we're monday.
No, we're thursday. And it's three on the morning.
It's up to you, pal.
You're right: we're thursday and it's three on the morning.
You go to bed now !
- What time is it ? - 30 minutes more than half an hour ago,
it's 3 a.m., go to bed now.
Yeah... Yeah...
Sir, the specialists are categorical: he's sick. We can't chase him with a syringe !
You'll tell me that later.
I understand your reaction, Le Guen. How long did it take you to arrest him ?
- Eight months. - This time, we'll try to make it faster,
I'll give you all the means you need. I count of you.
To return him to the specialists who'll send him back to Villejuif !
- He's really dangerous, right ? - Of course he is.
After his first murder, he was a criminal and could has been jailed for 20 years,
but as he killed three more times, now he's irresponsible. He has a total impunity.
Anyway, I set up roadblocks everywhere... And airports and stations are watched.
A computer is gonna indicate us what Gassot could do. He won't run for long.
Thank you, gentlemen. Please leave me alone with Mr Le Guen.
I'll see you later, Guerin.
My dear Le Guen, during my career I saw several time turn up from nowhere
someone who didn't know anything about the problem I perfectly was aware about.
It's very unpleasant... Be seated.
As it's what happening to you right now with me, I wish to give you my sympathy.
My predecessor was one of yours. Me, I'm just a technocrat who know nothing
about police matters. - I never said that, sir.
Because you're polite, but that's what you think.
What's wrong with my plan ? - I didn't say something was wrong.
No... But now, you're gonna say it.
If you allow me, sir, there's something indeed. Nobody ever get caught in a grid.
Just drive on the left during the rush hour and nobody's gonna arrest you.
I didn't know.
But Gassot knows it. And for the plane... It's not his style, he's too suspicious.
You know, he's like a wild cat. It won't be easy to stick him in a computer.
My dear Le Guen, you have a lot of experience and a great career but it doesn't
mean you're always right... The world is changing.
Police has to change too, that's why I'm here.
I'll maybe be able to convince you.
I'm a Breton, sir.
- So what are you gonna do for Gassot ? - My job.
What can I do for you, sir ?
Mr Alphonse ?
Did you took your pal out of Villejuif ? - What pal ?
- Gassot. - What ? Gassot escaped ?
Don't play that with me, I'm sure your dough financed the escaping.
I heard he gave you a big help so you had to repay him.
I'm not into this anymore. My business is working and that's enough for me.
I hope you got some savings. Did you see how many sex shops
are closing in this moment ? - You wouldn't believe it !
If it's of any help, we can provide you some accommodation.
- I understand, sir, but... - Try to understand faster, I'm in a hurry.
I received Paris orders, I set up the operation now.
Gassot's description has already been distributed. Don't you want one of my guy ?
No, thanks, I don't need it...
I'm still having some acquaintances with Marseilles underworld. See you.
See you soon.
"Organized crime division"
I saw Toussaint, your boat leaves in three days.
- How much does he want ? - Half of what Alphonse gave you.
He won't take the chance for less.
- Did you find a gun ? - I didn't look for it.
And I won't do it.
A gun means dead bodies with you and I don't want it.
Just keep quiet here until the departure.
- Nobody knows me in Marseilles. - How can you be so sure ?
I can' sleep quietly with you. It has been like this for 15 years.
Can't you stop messing around ?
Yes, mum.
I got a surprise for you.
Hey, Louis ! How are you ?
What's bring you here, my friend ?
How's things ? - Pretty well.
- Want to eat with us tonight ? - No, I got a lot of work to do.
Then you'll work here.
- That could be an option. - See ?... Can you leave us for a while ?
Seat down.
Your friend Le Guen is in Marseilles.
Georges ?
- Yes ? - It's Campana.
Come in.
What's up ? - François has been seen in Marseilles.
I'll be informed as soon as he shows up. - Fine.
Gassot's located in a white 404.
He just enters St Féréol street.
It's not him.
"Gun shop"
- Let's go here. - No. I don't like hotels.
- Goodbye. - No !
- You want me to stay a bit more ? - Yes.
I need to talk. Where were you born ?
I was born in Hamburg, in a cellar just after the war.
- What's your name ? - Gerda. But they call me "the Kraut" here.
- How did you end up here ? - I didn't want to do that in my country.
And I've been told there's sun here.
But I only go out at night.
Yet you got a luck line.
I told you not to go out.
I needed some fresh air.
I see.
Le Guen's in Marseilles. - He came quite fast, don't you think ?
I do.
Well... I leave you two alone.
It won't be my fault if they snatch you.
He's my brother. He's always bawling out at me but he never let me down.
Does it scare you ?
A little.
Are you hungry ?
A little.
- Want some ? - What time is it ?
10 a.m. - I have to go.
No, you don't go. I take you with me.
- Are you crazy ? - Yes.
- Why me ? - Because I like you.
We'll go to south America. How do you like it ?
I want to, but my pimp won't let me go.
- What's his name ? - Lucien the "Grenoblois".
Lucien, someone's here to see you.
- That's not your day ! - Don't worry for me.
- Is it him ? - Yes.
Lucien, I want to have word with you.
I'm listening.
- I want to buy your woman back. - Which one ?
- Gerda. - The Kraut ? She's not a good bargain.
- I have better to offer you. - Thanks...
But I want this one.
Got any cash ?
I'm Georges Gassot.
So what ? Want me to give you credit ?
You'll never be broke with a man like this !
You better quickly make some dough, he could use some new shoes !
- Can we take him ? - Yes.
Does the "Grenoblois" had a lot of friends ?
As far as I know, these three heroes over there, and that's about it.
Too bad.
Toussaint is okay to hide us until the departure. I have his van, let's go.
But it's gonna be pricey: 5000 francs more. - What ?
It's all your fault ! If you didn't screw up...
Toussaint ?
No, not with his van !
- In the head, once again. - Who's the witness ?
Me. I saw two guys and a girl going out.
They probably didn't agree on the price of the passing.
Are you gonna tell me he also had no friends ? - That's different for him.
He was called Toussaint Orsini.
Are you France Soir's correspondent in Marseilles ?
I'm superintendent Le Guen.
The specialists saw that clearly: he's a megalomaniac.
What he wants is ruled over the Marseilles underworld. He made no secret of it:
already two murders in two days.
Excuse-me a second, I have to use the phone.
Orsini's murderers had just been arrested: a couple of drug dealers.
- Are you sure ? - I think, yes.
- I prefer proofs to confession. - Getting proofs can take a lot of time.
Ask Firas to tell nobody until tomorrow night. I want Gassot to go back to Paris.
- Are we going by the office ? - No, directly to St-Louis street.
If Gassot has read "France soir", he'll first pay a visit to Alphonse.
See you at Lulu's place.
- What is he gonna do ? - I prefer not think about it.
You must be crazy to stay with him. - So why are you staying ?
- I've got no choice: he's my brother. - I've got no choice neither.
Car 240 speaking, target spotted and going towards the public garden
of the Innocents. We can intercept him. Over.
Intervene only when Gassot will be in the shop. No action in the street, over.
I'll order it for you, but don't expect it before ten days because of the Holidays.
You can still call to check next week. Goodbye.
Beat it, there's cops all over !
- Where to ? - Over there !
Take the stairway.
Watch out !
Missed again. Le Guen is getting old !
I don't know if I'm getting old, but if I was your age, young man,
I'd be already tailing Gassot.
Yes... Yes... Yes, I know. Okay.
The cabinet would like this Gassot case to be solved.
- That's what we want at the squad too. - I'm sure of it.
And precisely, I wanted to have a word with you about your squad.
- Are you happy with it ? - Yes.
- I mean... your staff ? - I picked it myself.
Precisely... I don't understand why you chose such a deputy.
The way inspector Campana is dressing, his long hair... It doesn't bother you ?
I don't mind the way he dresses. I have him with me because he's a fine cop.
When I see him here, I feel like I'm in Pigalle... And with the kind of connections
he has and the money he spends, I'm wondering on which side he is.
I know on which side he is. And I'm the one who imposes him his connections.
And I'm not agree with that. I know you want to use the underworld and
keep your informers but it's outmoded, Le Guen, police now has more
modern and elegant ways to do.
Don't forget you're the head of the Criminal Research Squad. The name is new
and the style must be new too. - You can call us any name you want,
we still be nothing more than cops. Our job ain't elegant, as you can read it
everyday in the newspapers. People despise us and bawl us out, yet they're glad
to have us when they have troubles.
- You don't mind being attacked like this ? - No.
'Cause we're no priests. We can't afford to have any doubt about our mission.
Police mustn't be unpopular any more. That's why I want to change our methods.
That's not because of my methods. The Homicide Bureau isn't involved.
People have nothing against being protected. The problem is with the rest.
What do you mean by "the rest" ?
You know what I mean.
My dear Le Guen, don't you think we're going onto a slippery ground ?
Very slippery.
- Do you like this job ? - I never ask myself this question,
I just do it... That said, to track down criminals all his life, one probably must
be a bit crazy. - I must say I didn't think about it that way,
but that's not a normal life we lead. - That's for sure !
Let's go back to our case. I was thinking about it before...
I read in your report that Gassot is a heavy smoker.
Yes. Two packs a day. Why ?
You wrote he's smoking only Boyard brand, maize paper.
I checked about it. And only two or three packs of Boyard maize paper are sold
per day and per tobacco shop in Paris vicinity.
- We'll need some people ! - We'll find them.
Moreover, the prostitute Gassot brought from Marseilles is German, right ?
- Does she have an accent ? - Probably.
Two pack of Boyard, maize paper.
The boss's idea ain't bad but with all the tobacco shops in Paris vicinity
it could take forever. - So I start going out at night again ?
I'm afraid you have to... But be discreet, because of your hair and costumes
the boss thinks you're a hood ! - He's really too much !
Ok, I'm going.
Guerin, come in my office.
You stay on Gassot. - All right.
Guerin, you come with me. There's been a massacre in Argenteuil,
Four dead including two kids and it's an irresponsible once again.
I've got some news for you... Some guys I met in Algiers need someone.
It's for a job in a factory.
Your cut would be 300 000 francs.
And they can help you and Gerda to leave the country after.
What would you do without me ?
And how many people does he have to blow away ?
Believe it or not but none. The job is pretty well planned. And you can trust me,
they ain't no kids !
And I don't give a shit if I have to blow away someone !
Here we are !
Thanks Lulu, that was a great idea. - Look François, you both helped me
and I won't forget it. But all Orsini's friends are looking for him and that makes a lot
of people. If they find him here, I'm in for it ! - Toussaint has been killed by junkies.
Maybe. But no one believes it.
- For once that's not him ! - Anyway, I've got no choice.
How can I meet your pals ?
Have you been to Bogota ?
- No. - Me neither. But there's sun there.
We'll live like kings with 300 000 francs there.
And fuck them all !
You're sweet...
I was telling myself stories like this when I was a kid in Hamburg.
When I was watching the boats.
But it never happens.
Why shouldn't it happen to us ?
Gassot is on a job. He has been contacted last night.
- Any details ? - Nothing much about the job, just a break-in
in a factory but I've got the names of the two guys he met: the Garcia brothers.
- The Garcia from Algiers ? - Yes.
- Bring them here. - But we can't keep them over the custody,
we've got no charge. - Never mind, I won't keep them for long.
- What Mr Le Guen wants from us ? - Just have a little talk.
He hasn't see you for a while so he's worrying.
We've done nothing, Mr Le Guen, I swear.
Cut it ! You're setting up a job in a factory.
Do I have to remind you the address ? - You're wrong, we keep our noses clean.
Does the name Gassot rings a bell to you ?
And you ?
You'd like to know who squeal on you, right ?
Either it's one of you... Or it's Gassot.
Send them to custody but let them call their family first.
Like the boss says, police has to remain understanding.
That's not very subtle !
I've got no time to loose and I couldn't pass the chance. Now, all the underworld
is gonna be against him and that's what I wanted.
A chewing gum, please... And a pack of Boyard, maize paper.
That's the triumph of scientific police ! I know someone who's gonna crow.
There's no triumph before we nabbed him.
If he doesn't blow us away first.
What's the fuck are the Garcia doing ? They were supposed to be here at 4.
I think they're coming.
It's us, Lulu !
Where's that squealer bitch ?!
François will call tonight. Tell him I'll be at midnight where he knows.
I'm in for it. The triumph is not for now !
- Don't we arrest the two broads ? - They'll be more useful if they stay here.
Now, there's only Gassot's bro able to help him. What's he doing in this moment ?
As usual, his small fake porn film business in Pigalle.
And among those fake porn films, can't we find a couple of real ones ?
- No way, he ain't crazy ! - Contact the vice squad anyway,
if we look carefully, we'll maybe find something.
- The boss is asking you. - I'm going.
Start this while the boss's bawling me out ! - Ok.
Superintendent, you just suffer a defeat.
A bloody defeat, as usual.
I consider it as the definitive condemnation of your methods.
I really hope that's also your point of view.
The worst is that my plan failed because of you.
This time, if Gassot is out it's not thanks to the specialists, it's thanks to you.
And... Why are the Garcia brothers in custody ? What's the point ?
You want to have Gassot killed by the underworld ?
You want hoods to apply the death penalty no court would ever pronounced !
If you weren't five months from retirement, I'd ask for your resignation.
Before to leave, you have to arrest Gassot. Alive and by blameless means.
Thank you, superintendent.
Did you call the vice squad about the porn films ?
- No, I was waiting. - Waiting for what ?
All right, see you later.
Dirty movies.
Dirty movies.
100 francs... Close the door.
We can start now.
Watch out, cops ! This way, quickly !
- Next show in 20 minutes. - What's the hurry today ?
- I've got an appointment at midnight. - This time, it's the real cops.
- Good evening, gentlemen. - Hi, François, can we have a look ?
Please do.
- Is your business working ? - The holidays bring me a lot of clients.
Hey François... What's this: the Venus de Milo ?
- I've never seen this film before ! - You'll tell that to the judge.
With your record, you can be sure he's gonna believe you.
Come on.
You know that's because of this kind of methods people don't like you ?
- Lulu ? - Yes.
- You told François, right ? - Sure.
He didn't come, what the fuck is he doing ?
How could I know ?
Sir, I come to ask you a full support.
Yesterday night, Gassot's brother has been arrested for a porn film case.
- Did the judge sign the warrant ? - Yes. He's locked up right now...
But not for long it's a minor case. - You want to take advantage of the situation ?
Yes. Since yesterday night, Gassot has no one to help him anymore.
So I think that's the moment to use all the means we've got.
- What I suggest since the first day ? - Yes, but the situation was different,
it's time now: checks, roadblocks, searches... The big game.
You already know I fully agree, this case has to be solved. Moreover,
the cabinet is getting worked up. - We all do.
- Don't tell me the boss convert you ? - No, but this operation's gonna bug
Gassot to death. And he's gonna need help. - And we're gonna help him.
Yes, sir !
Ask Guerin to find at the pen a guy not to severely convicted and to have him
transfered in François's cell. - Why Guerin ?
'Cause he doesn't dress like you do, that's all.
I won't be a nuisance for long, I'll be out in eight days.
It's my round. Frédo Barbasch, nabbed in 68. - Marcel, car theft.
The brother.
François is still not here, what's happening ?
- He's in jail. - He got nabbed, they put him in La Santé.
- Georges, what do you want me to do ? - There's nothing to do.
The only thing you can do for him is money, now that François is jailed,
he's gonna need it.
I'm not in the business anymore but I still have some old friends I can call.
You can meet them here if you want.
No, not anymore. I think he won't like it.
You've got to see François. Ask him if he can give you a friend's address.
I can't stay like this anymore.
Mr Guerin, La Santé's warden is on the phone.
I take him in the boss's office.
Come in, you have the authorization to see him.
- Hello François, How are you ? - Im ok.
Georges needs help. He's asking for an address to stay.
A friend's gonna be released in three days. Tell Georges that a guy called Frédo
will be waiting for him next monday at midnight at the usual place.
He'll be riding a red bicycle.
Hi. Don't worry yourself sick for him, he's not gonna stay there for long.
- Not long but how long ? - Don't worry. It's gonna be okay now.
Come on, let's go have a drink.
He wants a comfortable hideout where he can take his girl and draw up the job.
And a car and ammo for a Cobra Colt. - We're going to give you all that.
And better make it snappy because he's gonna shoot me if he suspects anything.
- Pageot. - Yes, sir.
Take him to the back door.
- So ? - Say... Your friend Laurière still owe you a favor ?
- Sure. - Does he still have his tavern ?
- Yes. - Then, we'll send him a client.
Sir, I've got a problem. I just got a first class information: Gassot is planning a job.
- How do you know ? - By a small hood his brother sent him.
But as a youngster, he's afraid to get killed and he came to see
one of my inspectors. - Does he know where Gassot is ?
Yes and no but... The first thing Gassot asked him was to find him a hideout.
So we can take him were we want... Only there's a "but".
We'll have to use methods you're condemning.
So what are we doing ? - What do you think ?
And you ?
I'm going to be frank, Le Guen...
If it was only me, I'd tell you no, as using hoods make me fell sick.
But can we let free someone as dangerous as Gassot when we have the mean
to arrest him ? - That's the question.
- Do it. - Well.
Say... The inspector in contact with that hood, is it Campana ?
No, sir. I'm sorry but that's not him.
You know you're very good, Le Guen ?
- Do you think so ? - I do.
Cool it, I think they're coming.
Are you happy ?
- You're sure they didn't follow her ? - Sure, we've been careful.
Hey, I'm hungry !
Well... There's no time to lose, let's take action now.
If you allow me, I think it's a better to let him cool down a little.
From now on, we'll only stay in places like this.
- You think so ? - Ruff.
We'll be in Bogota in a month. Fully loaded.
King. You win.
What do you say ? 100 francs ?
And me... I follow.
American poker is the meanest. It's also the most beautiful one. You've got to learn.
You still lead... You say... 200 francs.
It hurts me... But I follow.
A pair of ten. It's my turn to talk.
But I assume you've got two Kings.
I say nothing... On the contrary, you say 2000.
I've got to cough up !
But yet... I lost.
I don't understand anything about your poker !
Because I'm always cheating.
I want you to win.
What the fuck are doing your two pals. We've got to see each others.
I don't want to fuck up this job. - Cool it, they've got to get info about the bank.
They're too slow, I'm in a hurry.
We'd like to have our dinner served in the lounge, please.
Leave it to me.
- Hello, gentlemen. - Dr Dumas. I reserved a table for seven,
but we're only six. - Your table is near the fire.
Very good idea.
- Do you want an aperitif ? - Yes... Port-wine for everyone.
Georges !... Georges !...
Go get him.
Like this, you know on which side he is now !
Gassot, give yourself up ! You're surrounded.
Drop your gun and step to the cars.
You're surrounded, Gassot, give yourself up !
Georges ! Georges !
Translation and timing: Aquasantajoe
For Cinemageddon, august 2009