[ HD ] Tuvalu Silver Griffin (2013) - VS - Dime

Uploaded by SilverSanctum on 10.01.2013

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Hello everyone.
Today, we're going to review a new release from The Perth Mint.
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This is my very first numis purchase for 2013. First 2013 silver, in fact.
Previous 2013 coins were early releases purchased in late 2012.
(Pause the video if you need to read the CoA or if I'm going too fast.)
As you can see there, this is the first of five coins to complete the Mythical Creatures set.
I like those designs. I've always been a fan of coat-of-arms arts.
Shoutout to SilverCoinNews for the reminder of the release of this coin.
I ordered this coin straight from The Perth Mint's website just minutes off its public release.
Which I think was even an hour earlier than the announced plan. But, I could be mistaken.
However, I still got a high CoA number, just 30 shy from the mintage limit.
Not that I mind, just curious.
They either picked and sent randomly from their stock or they're doing it in reverse order.
Well, for the retail side probably. The wholesalers and distributors may receive the low subsequent numbers first.
The capsule is a bit of suspect. It doesn't look too air-tight.
It doesn't matter though. I've been thinking of vacuum-sealing my collection for storage.
I didn't have to wait long for this coin, only a week, which is great.
So, I'll definitely order straight from their website again.
I'm still waiting for the day when mints finally have the technology to mass-produce colorized coin affordably without the limitation of flat surface relief, however.
I think this series has great potential. I'm eager to see and collect the rest.
I'll give the design for this coin 8/10 and its condition 9.5/10 score.
Cya guys in the next video ...