The Rules & Basics of Soccer : How to Make Indirect Kicks in Soccer

Uploaded by expertvillage on 22.02.2008

Hi, My name is Christopher Howell with Expert Village. Today I'm going to talk to you today
about how to watch soccer and it's basics. Some of the fouls and misconduct that you
will encounter on the field is sometimes the other player will reach over and grab your
shirt. If the ref won't be able to see it unless he's paying close attention when he
grabs your shirt what that does is when you go to take off or go to get the ball it kind
of stops you or jerk you. It's like a holding call. If the ref sees it he'll say holding
right there and he will move the ball to that spot directly on the field. Wherever the ball
is at that point and time he'll stop it and go ahead and give it to the other team to
go ahead and take their indirect kick. He's already warned you, he's not going to give
you a card because it's not that serious. To show you he going to stick to his word
he's being a little bit firm, he will give you an indirect kick. Indirect kick means
you must have one other player's foot touch that ball before it can go into anyone's goal.
I can't kick it straight into the goal. If I were to kick it straight into the goal because
of this indirect kick it doesn't count. You got to redo the kick again. So I need to pass
it to someone first or kick it and hit one of the other players. It must touch somebody
else before I can kick it into that goal.