Movie 2 - From Canary Islands to Brazil - part 2 (subtitles)

Uploaded by etaomega07 on 16.11.2009

You can see clearly what it looks like when a squall is approaching.
A pitch black cloud, really pitch black.
As the squall develops it's coming closer and closer.
We have to reef the sails. Something serious will be happening soon.
Every ring is a nautical mile so this squall from the left is now...
The squall is right over us, hear the rain and the wind.
The wind speed is 15 m/s.
There's no rain like it.
A real downpour.
That's the Brazilian coastline approaching, on the chart.
I'm sitting in the sunrise, listening to Ulf Lundell.
It's 15th September...
...evening. We've been at sea for 15 and a half days.
What do you say, Heléne? How do you feel?
It feels unreal that we have sailed all the way here.
It doesn't feel like 15 days. It feels like five or six days.
The days and nights just merge together at the moment.
It was a great voyage. One of the best I have had.
It was exciting, varied and...good.
We've reached an idyllic anchorage here on Ihla Grande.
Quiet birdsong.
They say that the old sardine factory there is a restaurant.
I wonder if it's open.
–We should stay a couple of days. –Definitely.
We're going to spend the rest of October sailing in this archipelago–
–before sailing south, probably to Punta del Este...
...round about the end of October.