Solavei CEO Update with Ryan Wuerch 10.08.12 | I Am Solavei Tour 2012

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Today's update is about one thing : the I Am tour .
It's incredible to see all
the what is happening with Solavei across
the nation as we're seeing the momentum continue to build.
Just think, we've only been
live commercially now for two
weeks, and we already have
over 30,000 members in Solavei.
As all of you
know we held our
nationwide launch event here
in Seattle on September 21 st
and it really was a fantastic event.
With so many of you coming
to celebrate this momentous occasion with us live and via webcast.
Well, it's time we take that
excitement, vision, and opportunity
to share the movement of Solavei
to tens of thousands of potential
members across the United States.
I'm excited to announce that
the coast to coast I Am
2012 Tour which is going
to be in over eleven cities over
the next two months, starting with
Tulsa, Oklahoma, this Friday,
October 12 at the Green
County Events Center at 6:00 pm.
The I Am Tour is going
to be a great opportunity for you
and I to share the vision,
excitement and sense of
anticipation that's building up around
Solavei since we launched
2 weeks ago and it's a
wonderful way for people to
find out why so many people are joining the movement.
It really is amazing
how many people are seeing the
value in Solavei, are signing
up for the Solavei mobile service,
and are sharing it with their family
and friends if what
happened in Hawaii and the
incredible growth that has happened
since I was there live presenting
the vision in Honolulu last Saturday
the I Am Tour is going
to create momentum for everyone that
has somebody with them when we come to your city.
It's time we ignite the nation
with the opportunity for Solavei and
show how our mobile service
can positively impact the lives of everyone who is involved.
This Friday night I'm going
to present the vision of
Solavei and how big this opportunity is.
And then direct following the presentation,
I along with other key
members in the area are
going to go through an immediate
action plan of how to
build tremendous momentum with your
member. Following that,
the fun is going to begin.
We're going to have a party around
the bus, with entertainment, great music
and food. We're offering three
great incentives for those of
you who help make this event
a great success and get
potential members excited about the
upcoming tour if you've
completed a trio by the
Tulsa event, or if
you bring three non-members -
guests - to the
event, you'll get be
rewarded with complimentary VIP access
and dinner at the bus party,
you and your guests.
The top five members who bring
the most guests to the event
are going to be invited onstage during
the presentation for special recognition
and into the Solavei
tour bus for a special mastermind session with me.
For those of you who have
directly enrolled 12 new
members by completeing your
FAB by the Tulsa event,
are going to get a special invitation
to a private leadership breakfast on
Saturday morning with me and
our top members who are there for the event.
The tour is kicking off in
Tulsa Friday, October 12th.
But it's only going to have just begun.
We're going to be in Tampa Bay
on Friday October 19th and
then on to San Juan to
officially launch Puerto Rico on October the 20th.
And from what I'm hearing
in Puerto Rico, they're already
going crazy waiting for Solavei
to get there We're then
going to be in Miami, Florida, on Sunday, October 21st.
I actually can feel the groundswell beginning
just by talking about it right
now. I couldn't be more excited
than I am about the tour and
getting the vision of Solavei to
everyone we can over the next two months.
As the I Am Tour continues,
we'll surely see hotspots of new
member activations in cities
across the country, so we're
going to be adding additional stops as
the bus moves from city to
city. The entire schedule
is going to be posted on,
the same place we're seeing our
most productive members building their
Solavei organizations through our outreach
manager and getting up-to-date member support.
You can get all the information
about the I Am Tour at We're also
going to be posting updates from each
city with videos, photos, member interviews, and much more.
I'm really looking forward to heading
out this week on the road
for the I Am Tour and you
and your family and friends.
Don't miss out.
Get everyone you can there.
It's going to be incredible.
Have a great day.