Inside the Transition: Service

Uploaded by ChangeDotGov on 10.12.2008

How do you take what happened in the field,
what happened in this campaign and bring it inside government
how do you make it a catalyst for civic participation, social innovation
one project we were discussing in that meeting
was focusing on Martin Luther King's birthday and
that has traditionally been a day of service,
often referred to as day on, not a day off
We have a unique opportunity to make a quantum leap
in this arena and to step boldly into the 21st century and
talk about what it really means to be an engaged citizen in America
Dr. Martin Luther King day
has been used by a the last few Presidents as a day of service
and we still think that is an important component,
but almost reclaiming that back
When Martin Luther King said everyone is great because everyone can serve
He led marches, he led protests
He got people engaged in multiple of ways
It's more that just a day of service
It's a new day in America
And, this is what is like, this what is should be like in America
That people not only serve their communities,
serve their family, and those around them
It's a day of action
A day for folks to step forward and commit,
hopefully to something long term,
and hopefully as part of a collective.
To the kind of change they want to see in our country.